Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 284 - 284. Blades

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A month slowly pa.s.sed.

Noah was successfully moved to a reinforced room, the cultivators in the Odrea country couldn't perform inscriptions so their inscribed rooms were mostly empty.

The only occupied rooms were the ones with a higher density of "Breath" but Noah had no use for them.

Explosions rang out continuously in Noah's new habitation, the people there became used to that noise after some time.

Yet, the explosions suddenly stopped right a week before the next battle with the Empire.

Logan had placed a few soldiers next to Noah's room to keep an eye on him and they promptly reported that change of behavior, he couldn't help but worry at that silent conduct.

However, more days pa.s.sed in silence, the date of the battle was nearing and Noah had still to exit the room.

'I should take a look.'

Logan thought two days before the battle.

He had seen Noah's state after he blew up his previous flat, there was the possibility that he had died in his experiments.

Yet, the scene that welcomed him as soon as he entered Noah's room was quite far from his expectations.

Logan directly opened the door, he didn't knock nor did he announce himself, he was Noah's captain after all, he could act freely there.

What he saw was Noah seriously staring at a black saber.

Its shape was uneven and it was quite thick, it didn't even have a handle.

Nevertheless, it had a sharp side and the amount of danger that it radiated made even Logan hesitate at that moment.

"Tell me, do you have the confidence of blocking an attack with this?"

Noah spoke without moving his gaze from the sword, he was fervently inspecting every detail of his creation.


Logan honestly answered.

He was a cultivator in the solid stage of the second rank of the dantian, his sheer power was one step above Noah.

However, at the sight of that weapon, even his confidence wavered.

It couldn't be helped, the sword radiated an ominous aura, its thick body exuded a sharp feeling that was completely inconsistent with its form.

'What is that thing?'

Together with that sharpness, Logan also felt an innate destructiveness, that weapon seemed created with the sole purpose of destroying everything in its path!


Noah plainly answered and stored the sword in his s.p.a.ce-ring.

He didn't move though, he stood still with his mind focused on the device that was keeping the blade.

'It doesn't affect the ring, I can store it.'

Noah heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the floor of the separate dimension was unaffected by the destructiveness of the sword.

"What is it?"

He asked, he could finally focus on the soldier.

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"The battle is in two days, we need to prepare."

The inscribed blades were heavier than his previous sabers and each of their attacks released a destructive aura that made the inscriptions in the room flicker to no end.

Then, Noah directly performed the Second Form of the Ashura while entering the partial Demonic form.

Six fuming sabers became one as he slashed vertically on the wall of the room.

The inscriptions of the room shone with blinding light to prevent any damage on the wall and they ultimately won against Noah's destructive blow.

Yet, a small dent still appeared on the wall, the defensive inscriptions couldn't completely block that attack.

'This room was meant for rank 3 cultivators and my most powerful attack can barely scratch its surface. My battle prowess is at the peak of the second rank, that's the best I can obtain for now.'

Noah had decided to forge the Demonic swords before reaching the third rank of the sea of consciousness because he wanted to have some kind of insurance during the war.

He was simply too weak, he would just be stomped by rank 3 cultivators.

However, having finally created his weapons put him at the peak of the second rank, giving him some confidence in the imminent battle.

'The conditions for my release will most likely concern the number of killings that I do in the battles, these weapons should catch a few cultivators by surprise.'

He had finally used the Elemental forging method to improve his strength, he felt as if his constant effort had ultimately been repaid.

'These are prototypes, there is large room for improvements but I should still wait to become a rank 3 mage before attempting in other forgings. Right now, I should be happy that I finally have weapons unaffected by my Demonic form.'

The black smoke from before didn't affect the blades at all, they actually resonated with his spell, increasing the amount of smoke.

'I actually can't wait to test them in battle, I wonder what Ivor would say at their sight.'

It was in that mood that he went to rest, he wanted to be at his peak condition before the war.

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