Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 283 - 283. Room

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'Mental tremor spell, up to rank 4, limited to the darkness element. Focus your mental energy into a shockwave to destabilize or destroy the opponent's mind. The shockwave shoots from the eyes so an excessive use will stress that organ.'

'This can be extremely useful in battles against humans, I don't know its effectiveness against magical beasts though.'

As soon as he read the effects of the spell, Noah could already identify its strong points and weaknesses.

'It should be pretty effective against cultivators with a weaker sea of consciousness than mine while it should at least disorient those that are on my lever. Its strongest quality is that it's hard to defend against mental attacks while its weakness it's the necessity of looking at my enemy's head. Overall, it should be a pretty reliable spell.'

Noah was satisfied with the spell, he wasn't expecting less from something limited to the darkness element.

'I should learn this first before resuming my forging, I don't know how much damage I will cause after all.'

Noah looked at the frail-looking room that was his habitation in apprehension.

'It's a miracle if it will last one explosion.'

He knew the consequences of a failure in the forging process and, at that time, the energy infused in his items would be far greater compared to his previous experiments.

'I guess they will give me a reinforced room after this one blows up.'

Noah put those thoughts in the back of his mind and focused on learning the new spell.

He had only one month and a half of time to prepare for the war, he couldn't waste time thinking about the consequences of his inscriptions.

A week pa.s.sed before he was able to completely memorize the diagram of the Mental tremor spell, his mental sphere had greatly enlarged after all, that diagram didn't pose that much of a challenge.

Noah tested the spell immediately, a large quant.i.ty of mental energy was expended as the diagram was formed in his mind.

Then, the walls of his mental sphere began to tremble and emitted a humming sound that was redirected toward Noah's eyes.

There was a simple-looking vase in front of him which Noah had put there as a target.

His vision blurred for an instant before it returned to its normal state, Noah felt his eyes burning for a few seconds before the regenerative proprieties of his body acted to heal any damage.

'That hurt! The aftermath on my eyes is strong too! Well, my body should be able to negate any negative effect in its empowered form.'

The empowered form was simply the moment when the liquid "Breath" around his heart was injected in his circulatory system.

His injuries would heal much faster in that state, it was obvious to think that the negative effects of the spell would be greatly reduced in that form.

Noah ma.s.saged his temples before inspecting the vase that had endured his mental attack.

There were slight cracks all over its figure, Noah couldn't help but nod in satisfaction at that sight.

'An attack with mental energy was able to affect the material world to this extent, I can't wait to test its power to a real cultivator.'

He was really excited about that new attack which seemed not to hinder in the slightest his fighting style.

'The matter with the spell is set, now it's time to forge.'




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One day after Noah memorized his new spell, Logan was hurriedly walking toward the outskirts of the city.

Noah couldn't hide his excitement as he spoke.

He had clearly failed a forging but the energy released by the explosion eve surpa.s.sed his prediction!

The explosion directly blew up the walls of the room and it took all his concentration to control the black cloud that was created after that.

'I can't wait to concentrate all this power in a sword! My power would increase by an entire stage!'

Logan watched incredulously the young man requesting for a better room with a smile on his face.

'Is he crazy? He has just destroyed a house!'

Then, his attention moved toward Noah's clothes.

They were torn in many parts and there was some red stain on his burned sleeves, the explosion wasn't completely harmless to him.

"Are you sure you won't kill yourself? A reinforced room would contain the explosion, you would have to endure most of its power."

Noah immediately stood up and bowed, he was aware of the dangers involved with the Elemental forging method, there wasn't any reason to refuse the offer.

"Very well, we have some empty chambers for you, I just have to notify the Lord about it."

Logan spoke and was about to turn when Noah interrupted him.

"Ehm, I suggest you give me something that can handle rank 3 cultivators, I believe that those made for rank 2 cultivators won't last an entire month."

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