Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1251 1251. Immortal Lands

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Chapter 1251 1251. Immortal Lands

Daniel stepped forward after Skully left. He neared Noah and lowered his head to speak. However, Noah gave him an answer before he could say anything. "I don't care whether your relations.h.i.+p with Faith has political value or not. Chasing Demon has supported June and me even if our feelings could start a war. I don't see why I should be against you two."

Daniel remained speechless for a second before nodding. He then raised his head to focus on Noah's reptilian pupils, and memories also began to rise inside his mind.

Noah had been an unreachable rival for most of his life, but Daniel had started to bloom as a cultivator only after he had given up on that rivalry.

Still, Noah had been crucial in Daniel's growth. He had shown him how limited his mindset was, and his many achievements had worked as an inspiration.

Daniel couldn't express how grateful he was for all the chances that the Hive had given him. He was nothing more than a n.o.ble without a nation after the Elbas family forced everyone to migrate, but he had found a new home that he wished to protect with his life.

The Hive had given him far more than a home. Daniel could grow both as a person and a cultivator among the Elders.

Nothing similar would have happened without Noah. Their adventure in the Bare Dungeon when they were only human cultivators had been the start of his real journey.

"Let's meet again in the Immortal Lands," Daniel eventually said as he suppressed his memories. "I'm sure Faith won't get over the fact that you didn't say goodbye to her otherwise."

Noah nodded, and Daniel turned to leave. He flew directly inside the dimensional portal and disappeared from the world.

Elder Julia flew toward Noah at that point, and she bowed before he could say anything. However, she began to peek at him when she saw that he remained silent.

"I don't think there is an Elder who loves the Hive more than you," Noah eventually said. "Only you can be my successor. I'm sure you will be a great Matriarch."

Elder Julia smiled, and she straightened herself before bowing again. She felt delighted that Noah had acknowledged her value, but there was something else that she wanted to settle before leaving.

"I need a second in command in case something happens to me," Elder Julia said after she straightened herself again.

"That is up to you," Noah replied. "You are the leader of the Hive now."

That line wasn't enough to satisfy Elder Julia, who continued to give voice to her request. "That won't do it. I want you to take part in this decision. This is an order."

Noah's eyebrows arched at those words, but a smile appeared on his face when he saw Elder Julia's serious expression. A few names appeared in his mind, but he soon made a decision.

"Daniel Udye," Noah said. "He is the best candidate for that role."

Elder Julia smiled too at that point, and she bowed one last time before turning to fly toward the dimensional portal. Her figure disappeared in a blink.

"Imagine how awkward these goodbyes would have been if the Elbas family didn't improve the portal," Flying Demon commented as he looked toward the vortex. "We would have to wait for the powerhouse to reach the other world before sending the rest. It's quite convenient now."

"I think I will miss these jokes," Noah said as he shook his head. "Be sure not to remain trapped in a separate dimension this time around. I won't be there to save you."

"Don't worry!" Flying Demon replied as he flew toward Noah. "I will wait until I reach the Immortal Lands to fall into some trap. You should be able to save me at that point. Maybe you can even use that spectacular technique."

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Flying Demon pretended to wield something extremely heavy and swing it around. It was clear that he wanted to recall the battles when Noah had used magical beasts' corpses as weapons.

When her figure disappeared inside the dimensional portal, Noah flew toward that dark vortex and stared at the pa.s.sage.

There was a lofty life in front of him. Noah was the strongest existence among the three organizations, and his last battle against G.o.d's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana had revealed that he belonged to a superior league.

He could even aim to conquer the world if he abandoned the old one. Virtually no one could oppose him there. He could even unite the three organizations into a ma.s.sive force with the power that he wielded.

However, Noah had never desired a throne nor underlings to command. Being a leader was a burden that he didn't want to endure.

Noah liked freedom. He desired to have no limitations during his pursuit of power. His goals had always been the stars high in the sky, and it had never changed until that moment.

'Heaven in front of me,' Noah thought as he turned to stare at the main world, 'h.e.l.l behind my back.'

The cries of the Eternal Snakes filled the sky. Noah could sense some powerful specimens in the distance, near the mountain chain that had previously acted as a danger zone.

His smile slowly vanished as an expressionless face replaced it. A dense coldness came out of his reptilian eyes when he thought about the many specimens he had to kill to save the world.

The dimensional portal was still active, but it would lose its power in one year. Noah could always change idea, but he moved before even considering migrating.

Noah flew back to his cave on the seabed. Countless hunts waited for him, but he had to prepare one last a.s.set before he could feel confident in approaching the many packs that had formed in the world.

It was time to improve Snore.

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