Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1250 1250. Departure

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Chapter 1250 1250. Departure

The powerhouses turned toward Noah, and the memories that he shared with all of them resurfaced in his mind when he looked at them.

Noah still recalled that Elder Julia and Elder Austin were the first rank 5 Elders to join the new continent's colonization. Those secret missions had laid the foundation of the current power of the Hive.

Elder Austin had died during Ravaging Demon's sudden attack, but Elder Julia had continued to improve until she became one of the Hive pillars.

She was Chasing Demon's true heir. He had taught her how to control the Copying Technique, and she had been in charge of managing the Hive ever since his sacrifice.

Skully was nothing more than a consciousness and a pile of bones when Noah first met her. The Kesier Apes had taken control of the hidden world, and she was in charge of the rebellious faction.

Noah had prolonged her lifespan by fusing her with a Kesier Ape, and he had freed her underlings when he destroyed the hidden world.

Upon returning to the Hive, Skully had decided to manage the hybrid armies. Those troops had flourished under her rule, and only a few of them lost control of their mental capabilities during those years.

Dreaming Demon and Flying Demon were lifelong friends. Noah had found them in Divine Architect's separate dimension and saved them from certain death.

That event started a long series of adventures that saw the trio spreading chaos throughout the world. The raids on the Utra nation and the many tunnels in the separate dimension also came from their collaboration.

The Demons had even helped Noah getting his revenge against his family. They had been on the frontlines in every war or battle after they revealed themselves to the world.

They also carried Divine Demon's original mindset. Dreaming Demon and Flying Demon were existences that truly embodied the will of the defeated Demon Sects.

The memories with Daniel went way back in the past. Noah didn't care about him when he was in the Royal Academy, but he didn't forget the events in the Bare Dungeon.

Daniel was nothing more than a promising n.o.ble back then, but his life turned upside down after meeting Noah. The events with the Cause and the migration of the Udye family ultimately led him to become another pillar of the Hive.

In the end, Noah looked at June, and countless memories surged inside his mind.

Noah had met June on the air-s.h.i.+p leading to the Royal Academy, and they had fought on that same vehicle. That signed the beginning of a relations.h.i.+p that didn't fade through the years.

The battles inside the Royal Inheritance had strengthened their friends.h.i.+p and led them to live together for a while. The gift of Eccentric Thunder's inheritance had created a bond that they couldn't ignore even when they belonged to different organizations.

Then, the reunion during the winged beasts' crisis signed the beginning of their relations.h.i.+p. Their feelings had survived the many separations and the constant hindrance placed by the world around them.

Noah didn't know what to say when the powerhouses looked at him. He couldn't help but recall countless memories featuring them. Yet, he felt at peace when he thought about that separation.

'I have shared many lives with them,' Noah thought as he recalled what kind of man he was before his transmigration. 'To think that my life would be so full.'

The man who saw no value in life had ended up experiencing far more than the average cultivator. Noah had survived where many would have fallen, and he didn't neglect his desires along the way.

"Why isn't he just sending us off?" Flying Demon pretended to whisper as he turned toward her lover.

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"We won't see him until we reach the Immortal Lands," Dreaming Demon replied in a normal tone. "It's normal to go through your life's experiences after such a big separation."

His questioning gaze went on June, but she shook her head before opening her mouth to speak. "Don't look at me. They figured it out on their own. I guess they know you quite well."

Noah's eyes widened, and he moved his questioning gaze to the other powerhouses. Yet, they all nodded while wearing smiles.

"I even wondered whether I had to make a speech," Noah said before heaving a sigh. "Well, there is no point since all of you are aware of my intentions."

Noah stopped speaking to look the powerhouses in their eyes again. Then, he resumed. "I won't be leaving with you. The current state of the world is too beneficial to my cultivation method to give up on it so easily."

"Don't worry about us," Dreaming Demon said. "The Hive will remain one of the stronger organizations in the world, even without you. You have raised it well."

"We will be fine," Flying Demon continued. "I was growing bored of being the strongest organization anyway. Some struggles can only benefit us."

Skully flew toward Noah at that point, and she kowtowed in front of him before he could say anything.

She remained in that position for a while before standing up and heading for the dimensional portal. Her figure disappeared as soon as she crossed that vortex.

Noah couldn't help but think that he would never see Skully again. He didn't manage to make her a dantian in the end, but she would continue to fulfill the promises made with Danielle and the Ape G.o.d.

The hybrids would grow strong and without mental instabilities due to the training method polished through the years. Thirty-seven could create replicas of Noah's spherical runes, so the future of those creatures would be bright.

The Kesier Apes would also be free to thrive among the other creatures in the Hive's ranks. The Ape G.o.d would obtain what it had always wanted. Its species won't see another slaughter as long as the Hive remained in power.

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