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Chapter 663  Window

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Chapter 663  Window

Guests arrived a few minutes after Khan, Monica, and Anastasia took their seats. Alonso returned with a couple of faces Khan had only seen on the network, but that wasn't the end of it.

The table held twenty seats, and representatives of the Solodrey family soon occupied most of them. Francis and Master Amelia were also there since they had finally reached the estate.

Moreover, the event saw the return of a few figures from the joint meeting with the Alstair family. Even Tobias showed his face, though his behavior had completely changed since the last time.

"I think a toast is in order," Tobias announced, standing up once everyone filled their and plates. "To Captain Khan and Miss Monica. You are the envy of the entire Global Army." rose into the air as eyes fell on the couple. Monica took Khan's hand before both toasted with the guests. Monica also mustered a smile, but Khan remained as stern as before.

Khan's reaction threatened to create awkwardness, but Tobias simply smiled and returned to his seat. The other guests also ignored the issue. The internal conflict felt palpable, but no one dared to investigate it.

"We were talking about your ship earlier," Alonso intervened. "How are you finding it?"

"It's perfect," Khan praised. "Monica truly outdid herself."

"Obviously," Anastasia commented. "My dear daughter might not have a license, but we educated her on the ways of pilots."

"My Khan deserves far more than those old things from the Harbor," Monica replied.

"He does," Anastasia confirmed. "I hope Captain Khan showed enough grat.i.tude."

"He did that very day," Monica responded. "I'm sure Master Amelia updated you on that."

Anastasia glanced at Master Amelia, and she cleared her throat before giving a summary. "The Captain has taken out Miss Monica multiple times afterward."

The tension between mother and daughter didn't help with the general awkwardness, but the people at the table knew how to handle it.

"A single ship doesn't really cover for what Captain Khan earned," Alonso said. "The deal on Neuria must be quite remunerative."

"You won't get any details from my daughter," Anastasia declared. "She knows better than to share private information."

"I was simply praising the Captain," Alonso shook his head. "He also took it upon himself to train the young Francis, who showed results in no time."

The guests' attention fell on Francis. He didn't feel good about that widespread lie, but his allegiance with Khan forced him to play his part.

"I was lucky with the bomb," Francis revealed. "However, following Captain Khan closely did prompt me to try. I don't know if I would have had the guts otherwise."

"Truly an inspiring figure," Alonso exclaimed. "The Captain will make an incredible addition to the family."

"Are you worried, Alonso?" Anastasia asked. "Should we expect a similar move? Dennis is at age."

"We are holding back on Dennis for now," Alonso calmly replied. "I believe his value can still increase, and the market isn't exactly food right now."

Khan found the topic sickening, and Dennis' compliant smiles worsened that feeling. The descendant was entirely in agreement with being treated as mere currency. He even did his best to look happy about it, and his mana confirmed that emotion.

Moreover, the comment about the market was a jab directed at Khan and Monica. She was the most sought and beautiful descendant of the Solodrey family, and Khan had broken any conceivable record. Their relationship had raised the bar, especially due to its popularity, so everyone else's value had decreased.

Still, as sour as the conversation was, Khan focused on eating. He never missed the chance to fill his stomach after experiencing life in the Slums, and that meeting wasn't an exception.

Political jabs flew left and right, especially between Anastasia and Alonso. Occasionally, Tobias and Cyrus intervened to voice random comments or compliments toward the young figures sitting at the table. Yet, everything felt meaningless. Those wealthy figures were talking just to kill time.

Of course, Khan didn't expect anything different. He had gotten used to those political situations, and the internal conflicts prevented serious talks. His presence there was the only relevant message, and those figures understood that.

Eventually, food and drinks stopped coming, ending the meeting. A series of formal salutes and more compliments unfolded before the group split into multiple teams.

Cyrus, Alonso, and their sons joined the other representatives to disappear somewhere inside the estate. Andrew reached Francis and let Master Amelia lead them toward their rooms. As for Monica and Khan, they remained with Anastasia.

"You could have both interacted a bit more," Anastasia commented as she led the couple deeper into the estate. "These opportunities can't happen too often."

"I didn't feel like it when you used my s.e.xual exploits to introduce me," Monica stated.

"Don't use those words," Anastasia scoffed. "You had developed such good manners before meeting the Captain."

"You should see what manners I developed after meeting Khan," Monica responded. "I'm not sure you have the guts to hear them, Mother."

"We won't share our private activities with your mother," Khan scolded.

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"Pity," Monica giggled, tightly holding Khan's arm. "I wanted to see her reaction."

Khan stepped forward, leaving Monica behind as he crossed the living hall and reached the window. The darkness of the universe and its distant stars filled it, and touching the gla.s.s opened menus that could enhance that scenery.

The window didn't replace the entire wall but was by no means small. It started from Khan's waist and stretched to the tall ceiling, expanding in both directions to share its beauty with the bathroom and bedroom. The menus obviously gave the option to darken it, but few would take it.

"This is a royal suite," Monica commented as she reached Khan's right and leaned her head on his shoulder. "My parents are trying to bribe us."

The couple held hands while the beauty of s.p.a.ce claimed their gazes. Khan and Monica stood silently before the window, enjoying the scenery and themselves. Part of them wanted that moment to last forever, but they had problems to address first.

"What happened with my father?" Monica asked without moving from Khan's shoulder.

"He tried to have a say in when and how we'll have children," Khan summarized. "I blew up his office's door and left."

Monica left Khan's shoulder to stare at his face. She had learned to expect anything from him, but that development still shocked her.

"And my mother decided to let us spend the night here afterward," Monica exclaimed.

"Apparently," Khan voiced, his eyes still lost on the window.

"Are the previous comments?" Monica questioned.

"If I had to guess," Khan replied, "They are planning our engagement."

Monica felt the urge to step back, but her hand continued to hold Khan's. She knew that moment would arrive. She desired it from the bottom of her heart. Yet, now that things were truly getting serious, she felt light-headed due to her bursting emotions.

Khan shared Monica's mental state but had a better time enduring it. Part of him feared that important step, but his love was undeniable. Even if it were too early, he would gladly welcome that moment.

Monica let Khan go and inspected her hand. Her ring was still there, and thinking about giving it an official meaning put a bright smile on her face. Still, seeing that Khan had yet to turn toward her created some annoyance.

A change in the symphony forced Khan to turn, and his pupils widened with l.u.s.t when he found Monica on her knees. Her smile had turned playful as she reached for the edge of Khan's pants, and the gesture alone was enough to trigger the desired reaction.

"Since we are in my family's estate," Monica teased, "I should do everything in my power to bring some shame on myself. Do you agree?"

Khan didn't reply. His fingers dug into Monica's curls as his underwear went down, and the pleasure that followed made him forget about the window for many hours.

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