In This Life, I Will Be The Lord

Kim Ro Ah

Chapter 313

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Chapter 313

Shan and Gallahan held hands and entered the house.

The cute kitchen and living room that can be seen at a glance greeted the two of them.

Since it was a new house, the morning sun was filling the empty s.p.a.ce without any significant items.

Gallahan, who was watching Shan's gaze all over the house, spoke in a slightly impatient voice.

"Is it a bit narrow? Then there is a villa on the outskirts..."

"No, I love this house, Gallahan."

"Thank G.o.d..."

Gallahan swept away his chest.

"I don't have a lot of stuff to prepare in a hurry. So, from now on, please fill it with things that Shan likes..."

As he barely said those words, Gallahan blushed again as his heart fluttered again.

"Originally, I didn't intend to give out the house key like this out of nowhere. I was planning to propose properly after preparing well so that Shan would not be uncomfortable... Oh!"

Recalling something he had forgotten while he was speaking, Gallahan began frantically searching through the bag he had left on the floor.

It must have been put here.

A small, soft box was caught in his hurried fingertips.

"I found it."

"What's that?"

"It's nothing special but..."

What came out of the box was a thin gold ring studded with purple gems.

Gallahan slowly put it on Shan's fourth finger.

The ring fits perfectly, neither too big nor too small.


Shan, who never expected to receive the ring, gleamed like a child.

Seeing that, Gallahan rubbed the top of the ring silently.

"Next time, I'll buy you a prettier ring, Shan."

When he saw Shan received the gift and she liked it, he became greedy.

He wanted to give more of something better.

"No matter what kind of ring Gallahan gives me in the future, I'll cherish this ring the most."

Shan shook her head and said.

"The nervousness when Gallahan proposed to me, and the warmth when I first entered this house. Every time I see this ring, I'll think of it."

Shan looked around the inside of the house once more.

And her gaze stayed long on the armchair by the window.

"The first day I came to this house was in this ring."


With a small call, a gentle hand turned her head.

Before she could even realize that she was in Gallahan's arms, her lips touched.

It came up suddenly and it was surprisingly hot.

After touching it thoroughly, giving it a little gap, and then digging into it.


Like a fire spreading through dry gra.s.s, Shan exhaled a heavy breath from the heat that had transferred to her in an instant, but Gallahan took it all away.

A strong arm greedily wrapped her arms around her, who was trembling for a short time as her legs lost strength.

A little more, a little bit more.

She was intoxicated with the mixing breath, and she was full of thoughts of wanting to get closer to him.

Thump, thump.

When the sound of each other's heart is transmitted from the body touching.

Gallahan said with lips that couldn't fall apart.

"Yes, Shan. This is our home now."

With a face as red as her full breath, Shan nodded her head.

Everything that his arms conveyed was good.

The overwhelming feeling of happiness wetted her eyes again, which were barely drying up.

But before it could flow, Gallahan's tender touch wiped away the tears.

"I love you, Shan."

At the beginning of a long kiss that seemed to never fall again, Gallahan whispered softly.


The happy times pa.s.sed quickly.

Shan and Gallahan spent their first winter in their new home.

And now, in the midday sunlight, it's time to feel the energy of early spring.

The emperor's obituary was delivered.

At that time, a white handkerchief was hung from house to house to signify mourning.

There was a slightly different atmosphere in the red roof house.

Gallahan, with a puzzled expression on his face, touched the black envelope that the person in the Imperial Palace had given him a while ago.

The letter that can be recognized without even having to open it was an obituary sent by Jovanes, the crown prince and soon-to-be emperor of the empire.

He had not publicly isolated himself from Lombardi, so he expected to receive an obituary letter.

What puzzled Gallahan was the name of the recipient on the outside of the letter.

Gallahan Lombardi and his wife.

Since receiving a formal obituary, Shan was obligated to attend the emperor's funeral.

"What should I do?"

Gallahan stroked his forehead with a puzzled look.

However, Shan was rather calm.

"I have to go. I can't help but go."


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"If you're worried about me, it's okay, Gally. It's just a matter of attending the funeral for a while and then coming back."

With a small sound, bomnia seeds were scattered in the garden of Poirak Palace.

Shan, who had a bottle containing bomnia seeds in her bag, turned around without hesitation.

She felt relieved as if she had finished the most important homework.

When she returned to the carriage with a light step, Gallahan, who had already returned, was looking for her with contemplation.

"Shan! Where did you go? I was worried."

"I felt like I was getting carriage sickness, so I walked for a while. Are you done, Gally?"

"Yes. I've showed my face to His Highness Yovanes, so I can go back now."

While answering the question, there was still concern in the hand that removed the fallen leaves from the hem of her black dress.

"Come on, let's go."

After putting Shan in the carriage first, he also sat next to her.

"When we get home, you take a bath in warm water and change into comfortable clothes. I will be making the milk tea that Shan likes."

"You need a lot of honey, Gally."

"Do you think I don't know Shan's taste? And if you drink some tea, I'll ma.s.sage your feet. You had a lot of trouble wearing uncomfortable shoes today."

"My neck and shoulders, too."

At the words of Shan's grumbling, Gallahan's face quickly turned into worry.

"A- are you in a lot of pain? Should I call a doctor as soon as I get home?"

"No, it's not that bad..."

Shan, who shook her head and laughed, held Gallahan's hand and said.

"I think I need Gally's love."

"Sha- Shan..."

He thought he'll get used to it now.

Gallahan was helplessly embarra.s.sed by his wife's cuteness.

Then he knocked his fist against the wall on the side where the coachman was sitting.

It was a signal to hurry up.


In the end, Shan burst into laughter.

Gallahan's face turned even redder, but his hands intertwined like pods were so hard.


She sighed and rested her head on her husband's shoulder.

"Hurry up and go to our home."

May the happiest time of our lives be contained in our home.

Shan gently closed her eyes with a smile.

Translator's Note:

I heard that this chapter is the end of season 1 of the side story, so I made time to translate it as soon as I can.

The author is going on hiatus for a while, and will come up with season 2. The date of season 2 has not been announced yet.

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