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Chapter 1215

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Chapter 1215: She’s Under My Protection, You Can’t Touch Her, My Friends Are Here

You Young understood he might not be s.h.i.+ Tianxuan’s match, so he chose to keep quiet.

At the same time, Chi Zhong of the Chiyou Tribe suddenly received an update on the situation. “Someone who is not a demonic cultivator has been spotted in Luo Hou Ancestral Land.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up at his update. “Could it be the mastermind?”

“I don’t know.”

“It shouldn’t be. The mastermind has been concealing himself perfectly. Neither of us can locate him, so this must be someone else,” s.h.i.+ Tianxuan retracted his demonic qi as he explained calmly.

“Regardless, it’s an important clue for us. Let’s go have a look.”


Meanwhile, at the Luo Hou Ancestral Land, a certain cave was surrounded by some heavy restriction seals.

Inside the cave was a woman in black, with long black hair that reached her waist, sitting with her legs crossed.

The woman possessed exquisite beauty, p.r.o.nounced facial features, and fair, soft skin. She also carried a frosty presence as if she was an ice statue.

“This land is filled with demonic cultivators, but they are in some kind of war among themselves. Let’s hope that b*stard isn’t looking for me here,” the woman mumbled with a hint of frostiness in her eyes.

She was the Yin Fusang Spirit that Zhuo Donglai was searching for, named Fu Yin.


Explosions came from outside the cave.

The restriction seals that she set up at the entrance were under attack.

“D*mn it. He’s here.” Fu Yin responded with a bitter look.

Outside the cave, Zhuo Donglai was attacking the restriction seals Fu Yin had set up.

“Yin Fusang, you can’t escape me. Just surrender and let me absorb your energy!” Zhuo Donglai sneered as he continued his attacks on the restriction seals.

He was determined to get the Yin Fusang Spirit.

Further away, Chu Kuangren was watching the cave with a strange look in his eyes.

He could sense the Yin Fusang Spirit inside the cave resonating with him.

“The Fusang tree is divided into Yin and Yang branches. Since this clone of mine was created using the Yang Fusang branch, it makes sense for it to resonate with the Yin Fusang,” Chu Kuangren thought.

Zhuo Donglai was almost done tearing down the restriction seals in front of the cave when a feminine figure in black dashed out from the cave and tried to flee the place.

However, Zhuo Donglai came prepared for the encounter. He pulled a ma.s.sive web out and spread it across the field to block all possible escape routes for Fu Yin.

“D*mn it!” Fu Yin’s face sank.

“You can’t escape!” Without further ado, Zhuo Donglai channeled his Immortal’s Core and reached out to grab Fu Yin.

The vast Immortal’s Core energy transformed into a sparkling golden hand covered in Immortal Sparks, and its terrifying aura locked onto Fu Yin.

“Trying to catch me without a fight? You can dream on!”

Fu Yin pushed her hands forward and unleashed an icy-cold Yin qi at the golden hand.

The collision caused a powerful blast into the void, and Fu Yin was pushed back more than a hundred meters backward.

“You’re just a Seventh-grade Heavenly Immortal. You are no match for me!” Zhuo Donglai said with a grin.

His cultivation base was already at the Ninth-grade Heavenly Immortal Realm, which was two realms higher than Fu Yin. There was no way Fu Yin could escape his pursuit.

Further away, Chu Kuangren rubbed his chin. “So this is Zhuo Donglai’s real strength? With the Ninth-grade Heavenly Immortal Realm, the Primordial Sun Immortal Physique, and the Eastern King School’s ultimate techniques, his combat strength far exceeds his peers. Moreover, he’s only a step shy from reaching Great Perfected Ninth-grade.”


Inside the webbing enchanted boundary that Zhuo Donglai cast, he fought Fu Yin in an attempt to apprehend her. Each attack he unleashed carried a peerless might and brilliant Immortal Sparks that made him look like he was the Immortal King.

Fu Yin might be powerful, but she was no match for Zhuo Donglai. After struggling to match his strength, she found herself in a disadvantageous position.

“D*mn. Is this it?” Fu Yin slowly plunged into a state of despair.


Zhuo Donglai channeled his Immortal’s Core energy, activated his Primordial Sun Immortal Physique, and threw out a punch that carried the power of a colossal sun.

The might of his punch was far beyond what Fu Yin could withstand.

If she was. .h.i.t, she ought to be severely injured, and Zhuo Donglai could do whatever he wanted with her.

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It was then that a surge of terrifying demonic qi erupted.

“This is the Luo Hou Ancestral Land, which means this is Demonic Dao territory. You have already offended us by coming here uninvited. I believe killing you is the right thing to do, and even the Eastern King School won’t say anything about it.”

“How audacious of you!”

Zhuo Donglai wore a grim look. He did not expect such audacity from the strange demonic cultivator.

Was he not afraid of inciting a war between the Demonic Dao and Easter King School?

Before he could wrap his head around the situation, Chu Kuangren made his move.

“Black Dragon Slas.h.!.+” Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign into the air and swung it down to release a ferocious dragon.

Zhuo Donglai responded with a scorching punch that crushed the dragon into pieces.

“This technique… You’re from the Chiyou Tribe!”

“Oh? How about this?”

Chu Kuangren pointed his finger forward and released boundless demonic qi that formed a ma.s.sive finger with countless Daoist patterns swirling around it.

“Yin Underworld Pierce? The Yin Underworld Tribe?”

Zhuo Donglai managed to dodge the attack again.

After using the Yin Underworld Pierce, Chu Kuangren switched to another technique. He pointed his sword hand sign forward and released a pitch-black sword shadow into the air.

Then, it swung down at Zhuo Donglai.

“The technique from Sword Demon Tribe?”

Zhuo Donglai was horrified, and the sword shadow pushed him back more than a hundred meters away.

He stared at Chu Kuangren in disbelief.

Chiyou, Yin Underworld, and now the Sword Demon? Chu Kuangren had used three different techniques of the Demonic Dao Sects, and judging from the looks of it, he might have mastered more than just three techniques.

‘What kind of demonic cultivator is he?’ Zhuo Donglai thought.

“Demonic Chiyou Apparition!” Chu Kuangren channeled his demonic qi and wanted to use the Chiyou Tribe’s technique. However, all of a sudden, he sensed something coming closer.

Hence, he retracted his demonic qi and then grabbed Fu Yin by the waist before turning to Zhuo Donglai. “My friends are here. I’ll let them deal with you.”

With that, he disappeared into a stream of light and escaped with Fu Yin.

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