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Chapter 1214

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Chapter 1214: Zhuo Donglai’s Whereabouts, Yin Fusang’s Spirit

All the Demonic Dao Sects in Luo Hou Ancestral Land were in a mess. The tribes were fighting each other, and people screaming and dying could be heard everywhere.

A certain battle between the Chiyou Tribe and Yin Underworld Tribe left behind bones and bodies scattered everywhere.

One of the fortunate demonic cultivators who survived stared blankly at the blood and gore.

Why did he fight with the Yin Underworld Tribe?

It started as an act of vengeance, but after a while, he started to lose focus, not knowing who he was avenging. After all, he did not know the Yin Underworld Tribe cultivators he was killing.

However, as the fight went on, who or what did not matter anymore.

The others continued the slaughter, and he simply followed. It was as if a magical force was driving him forward with vengeance.

“What have we done?”

He stared at the bodies and blood on the ground in disbelief as to what just happened.

It was then a figure in white walked over. The person had a layer of spiritual veil on his face that s.h.i.+elded his true looks, but each move from him felt transcendental.

He may be standing in the center of blood and bodies, but none of the gore could stain his pure presence.

“How is there someone with such pure air to him in the Demonic Dao?” the demonic cultivator wondered.

He had seen most of the cultivators from all Ten Demonic Dao Sects, and none shared a similar presence. A presence like that should not come from a demonic cultivator.

“You’re…” He wanted answers to his question.

However, a sword qi expanded before his sight and enveloped him whole.


A cloud of blood mist exploded, and the demonic cultivator could no longer ask for answers to his questions.

Chu Kuangren put his sword hand sign away and clicked his tongue in amazement as he scanned over the dead bodies on the ground. “This is even more effective than I thought.”

He started off by killing some demonic cultivators using the Demonic Dao techniques, and with a little push from the dark, the whole Luo Hou Ancestral Land plunged into chaos.

Tribes were fighting each other for reasons even they did not know of, tension rose to a new high, and the war between tribes spread across the land.

The lower-level demonic cultivators could not even stand up against the fierceness of the battle. Some of them could only perish and become a part of the collateral casualty.

As for the higher-leveled sky-prides and Heavenly Champions, they might be able to maintain their cool, but they were driven by bloodl.u.s.t. By then, things had already gotten out of hand.

Chu Kuangren did not even do anything for the past few days. He simply stood back and watched the demonic cultivators kill each other while he harvested the spoils.

Over the past few days, the sky-prides and Heavenly Champions started to realize that maybe someone was trying to incite them to go against each other. They tried searching for the culprit, which was Chu Kuangren, but it was useless.

Chu Kuangren had mastered almost all the Demonic Dao’s ultimate techniques, his Single Qi Three Clarity Transformation could deduce Demonic Dao techniques, while his Invincible Self-empowerment Dao could transform his other Dao into Demonic Dao.

In other words, he had mastered the ways of the Demonic Dao better than any of the demonic cultivators. If he mingled with the crowd, no one would be able to locate him at all.

He could be a cultivator from Yin Underworld Tribe, a cultivator from Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe, Chiyou Tribe, and so on.

After Chu Kuangren scoured the place for all the resources he could get, he was about to leave when he spotted a familiar figure flying across the sky further away.

“Oh, that’s Zhuo Donglai.”

Zhuo Donglai’s appearance piqued Chu Kuangren’s interest.

“What is he doing here? Interesting…”

Intrigued, his figure flashed and trailed the person of interest.

“Hm. I’m sure the Fusang Spirit escaped in direction, but where could it be?” Zhuo Donglai said with a frown.

His trip to Luo Hou Ancestral Land was to power up his Primordial Sun Immortal Physique and upgrade it into the Duality Rites Immortal Physique so that he could rival Chu Kuangren.

However, in order to upgrade his Primordial Sun Immortal Physique into the Duality Rites Immortal Physique, he had to acquire an item that possessed the strongest Yin energy.

The Eastern King School just happened to discover the appearance of Fusang Spirit in the Immortal World recently.

Fusang, one of the ancient Immortal divine trees, possessed the properties of Yin and Yang. Both Yin and Yang energy complemented each other in harmony, hence its name.

However, after the Immortal World split up, the divine tree broke into different branches of Yin and Yang.

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The Fusang Spirit that the Eastern King School discovered was the Yin part of the Fusang branch but in the form of an Immortal Spirit, and it contained the strongest Yin energy in the world.

He was furious because they were toyed with by this mysterious culprit, and things were getting out of their control.


“How did it happen?”

“All the resources from the eighty-one encampments are gone? Were they taken by other demonic cultivators?”

The news shocked the others.

The sky-prides and Heavenly Champions thought that, with the civil war between the tribes that caused the demonic cultivators to kill each other, their resources were taken by their opponent.

Yet now, s.h.i.+ Tianxuan informed them that the resources had disappeared into thin air.

“In other words, while we were fighting each other, this mastermind who started it all was having a harvest of resources,” said one of the cultivators with a pale face.


“s.h.i.+ Tianxuan, you’re the leader of this expedition into Luo Hou Ancestral Land. Now that the Demonic Dao Sects are facing losses, you will have to bear the responsibilities,” the pale-faced cultivator said.

s.h.i.+ Tianxuan went quiet for a moment before he said, “You’re You Ying, the new successor of Yin Underworld Tribe. Am I right?”

“What about that?”

“If I’m correct, you possess the Primordial Yin Demonic Physique, the strongest of the Yin Underworld Tribe.”

“So what?”

You Ying looked proud.

Primordial Yin Demonic Physique was a top-tier Supreme Physique second only to the top Ten Honorable Supreme Immortal Physiques. That made him one of the most gifted successors in Yin Underworld Tribe’s history.

“Believe me when I say I can kill you with one move!” s.h.i.+ Tianxuan’s tone was cold, with peerless killing intents seething from his eyes.

Then, his figure flashed and reappeared before You Ying, where a surge of demonic qi erupted.

The eruption of demonic qi struck chills into You Ying’s heart and caused him to tremble in fear.

Was that the aura of the strongest successor of Sky Demon Tribe?

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