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Chapter 1213

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Chapter 1213: Fueled The Flames, Chaos Between The Demonic Dao In Luo Hou Ancestral Land

After the gruesome battle, broken limbs, broken torsos, and severed heads were scattered all over the place.

It was a horrible scene, but Chu Kuangren turned a blind eye to all the blood and gore. As he moved all ten of his fingers, the ten demonic cultivators he controlled raised their swords to their necks and cut their heads off.

In the blink of an eye, ten more heads fell to the ground.

Chu Kuangren stared blankly at the ground, expressionless.

In his hands, he toyed with the black crystal that he just acquired from one of the dead bodies. It was Demonic Crystal, a raw mineral that contained the purest demonic qi.

With that, he scoured the place and gathered all the Demonic Crystals.

His true self was already at the Great Perfected Ninth-grade Heavenly Immortal Realm and was on the brink of breaking through to a True Immortal. As such, he required a ma.s.sive amount of energy to aid his cultivation.

The Demonic Crystals he gathered might not even be close to what he needed, but it was better than nothing.

Besides, the Luo Hou Ancestral Land had an abundance of Demonic Crystals.

Other than Demonic Crystals, Chu Kuangren also obtained several True Immortal Techniques from the dead Chiyou Tribe cultivators. They were all the ultimate techniques of the Chiyou Tribe.

“Maybe the techniques might be useful somewhere.”

Chu Kuangren spent a little time mastering all the techniques he acquired. Given his level of cognizance, he could master even an Arch-Gilded Immortal Technique, let alone a True Immortal Technique.

A while later, the news of a Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe’s cultivator s.n.a.t.c.hing the Chiyou Tribe’s Demonic Crystal mine spread all across Luo Hou Ancestral Land.

The tension between the two tribes rose to a new high, and conflicts broke out in almost every corner of the Luo Hou Ancestral Land.

Deep inside Luo Hou Ancestral Land’s palace, the sky-prides and Heavenly Immortals of the Ten Demonic Dao Sects gathered for a discussion after the news broke out.

“Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe, you better give us an explanation,” said one of the Chiyou Tribe sky-prides to a Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe cultivator in a frosty tone.

The man possessed a towering figure and was equipped with a set of black armor. He was only second to the late Chi Zhan in the Chiyou Tribe, named Chi Zhong.

Beside him were other members of the Chiyou Tribe, who also stared at the representative of the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe with hostility.

“I’ve given the order to forbid everyone in the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe from s.n.a.t.c.hing other tribe’s resources. As for the one who started this, I’m already investigating it. I ask for the Chiyou Tribe’s patience. Let’s not start a civil war,” Sima Han, the sky-pride of Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe, said.

He was a calm and logical man who knew fighting with the Chiyou Tribe would do no good to the tribe. Hence, he took the initiative and showed compliance.

However, deep down in his heart, he already cursed the one who started the fight a hundred times.

He swore that if he found out who started the fight, he would make the person pay for the consequences using the most gruesome punishment he knew of.

“You better,” Chi Zhong sneered.

Then, he also gave the order to stop all the Chiyou Tribe cultivators across Luo Hou Ancestral Land from fighting the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe.

Only then did the tension between the two tribes finally calm down a little.

Meanwhile, in a certain corner of Luo Hou Ancestral Land, a strange grin hung on Chu Kuangren’s mouth. “That’s it? Are you guys going to stop just like that? I won’t let you.”

He then made his way to one of the encampments of the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe.

“Who goes there?” asked one of the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe cultivators as soon as he saw Chu Kuangren.

“I’m here to avenge the Chiyou Tribe’s cultivators who died in vain!” Chu Kuangren said coldly.

After that, he released his powerful demonic qi and unleashed a slash that carried the projection of a black dragon.

It was the Chiyou Tribe’s ultimate technique, the Black Dragon Slas.h.!.+

Life was destroyed and land crumbled in the wake of the black dragon’s trail.

The Soul-Vanquisher Tribe’s cultivators could not stop a single attack before the black dragon tore them apart into clouds of b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

“It’s the Black Dragon Slas.h.!.+ He’s from the Chiyou Tribe!”

“Stop it! The sky-pride and Heavenly Champions have given the order to cease all internal conflicts at once! The Chiyou Tribe should’ve also received the same order! What you’re doing now is defying the order of the Heavenly Champion!”

The cultivators started to condemn Chu Kuangren’s action, but Chu Kuangren did not care.

“Hmph! The others may be scared of you Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe, but not me!”

He attacked again using all kinds of powerful Chiyou Tribe techniques.

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“Black Dragon Slas.h.!.+”

The Yin Underworld Tribe cultivators could not tolerate being treated like a fool, so they joined the battle and went after the Chiyou Tribe specifically.

In fact, not only the Yin Underworld Tribe, but even the Corpse-Refining Tribe, Sword Demon Tribe, and Sky Demon Tribe were attacked. Each of their encampment was attacked by someone using Demonic Dao techniques, so it was almost certain that the attacker was from the Demonic Dao Sects.

The culprit even claimed it was to avenge the fallen.

Chaos broke out as all the tribes were swept into a civil war.

The whole Luo Hou Ancestral Land was in a mess.

“Chaos! This is chaos! What’s going on?”

“Us Corpse-Refining Tribe has never offended the others, yet we were attacked? I cannot tolerate this!”

“You want a war? In that case, you’ll get one! I’m not afraid of you people!”

“Chiyou Tribe! Us Yin Underworld Tribe refused to be pushed around!”

War broke loose among the Demonic Dao Sect in the Luo Hou Ancestral Land.

All the sky-prides and Heavenly Champions, who were exploring the place, were baffled by the strange civil war.

What was going on?

Why were all the tribes fighting each other without any solid reason?

It was too much of a surprise.

In less than a month, the whole Luo Hou Ancestral Land plunged into utter chaos. All the tribes were fighting each other, and the mortality rate was on the rise.

The sky-prides and Heavenly Champions tried to stop the war, but their efforts were not enough.

Something, or someone, was fueling the conflicts from the dark.

“Who is it? Who is behind all this? Is he trying to tear the Demonic Dao Sects apart?”

“I thought the Demonic Dao Sects were already separated!”

“The culprit best wish I don’t find him, or I’ll cut the b*stard into a million pieces!”

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