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Chapter 1212

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Chapter 1212: Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe’s Ultimate Technique, How Could I Not Turn It Upside Down?

A figure in white flashed into Lou Hou Ancestral Land.

“I heard the Celestial Demon Tribe cultivators found another Demonic Crystal mine. Their luck is unbelievable.”

“Found? You mean, raided? I heard they s.n.a.t.c.hed the mine from the Yin Underworld Tribe.”

“Tsk, tsk. What can we do? The Celestial Demon Tribe is the strongest faction among the Demonic Dao.”

Several demonic cultivators were chatting.

Then, one of them noticed something and looked straight ahead with a cautious look. “Who’s there?”

A figure in white slowly emerged.

The person wore white robes, had long black hair, and had handsome facial features. He neither smiled nor said anything to the demonic cultivators. Instead, he simply stared at them.

“There’s no demonic qi on you. Who are you?”

The leader of the group wore a grim look as he questioned the person.

He could sense no demonic qi on Chu Kuangren at all. In other words, Chu Kuangren was not someone from the Demonic Dao.

The Lou Hou Ancestral Land was under the Demonic Dao’s rule, and having someone without demonic qi set foot in the place raised alarms.

“Demonic qi?”

Chu Kuangren raised his hand and released a strand of energy through his finger. It was demonic qi!

Ever since he cultivated the Invincible Self-empowerment Dao, his Dao became a combination of countless Dao that allowed him to transform one into another at will. Demonic Dao was one of them.

The Single Qi Three Clarity Transformation he cultivated also allowed him to easily deduce Demonic Dao techniques.

On top of that, Chu Kuangren had absorbed the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng’s successor’s memories. If he ever decided to walk the path of Demonic Dao, he would probably rise to be the strongest demonic cultivator.

“How is this possible?!” The demonic cultivator was stunned.

Then, the energy that Chu Kuangren released from his fingers started to change and transform into a formless thread that surrounded all the demonic cultivators.

“This is the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe’s Soul-Controlling Hand!”

“Soul-Vanquisher Tribe, why are you doing this to us?!”

The small group of cultivators was horrified. They tried to dodge the formless thread, but their cultivation level was far weaker than Chu Kuangren. Even if Chu Kuangren used only thirty percent of his strength, they were no match for him.

A moment later, having been constricted by the formless thread, all the demonic cultivators present froze on the spot like a soulless puppets.

Chu Kuangren moved his finger.

One of the cultivators then drew his sword from his waist and cut off another cultivator’s head.

“This Soul-Controlling Hand is quite useful.” Chu Kuangren curled his lips into a smug smile.

Soul-Controlling Hand was the Soul-Vanquisher Tribe’s ultimate technique that allowed its user to enslave other people’s souls as long as the target’s soul and cultivation base were weaker than its user.

“Take me to the Demonic Crystal mine you mentioned just now.”

The demonic cultivator showed a hint of resistance in his eyes, but he could not defy the Soul-Controlling Hand. Hence, he lowered his head for a nod and said, “Yes.”

A Demonic Crystal mine was the demonic counterpart of the Immortal Crystal mine.

However, the mine produced Demonic Crystals that would only benefit a demonic cultivator’s cultivation. It was quite popular among the demonic cultivators.

The Lou Hou Ancestral Land was home to many Demonic Crystal mines.

Soon, the demonic cultivator led Chu Kuangren to one of the mines.

There were quite some demonic cultivators on guard outside the entrance.

“Oh, you guys are back? How’s the harvest?”

The demonic cultivators that Chu Kuangren controlled were explorers of the Chiyou Tribe, so someone from the mine guards greeted them when they came back.

However, before the person could react to the situation, a long sword perforated his chest.


The demonic cultivator stared at the sword embedded in his chest in disbelief. Until the last moment of his life, he still failed to understand why his fellow Chiyou Tribe cultivator killed him.

“What are you doing? Have you lost your mind?”

The other Chiyou Tribe cultivators came over immediately.

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The question was answered by blade rays and blasts of demonic qi.

The man was a sky-pride from the Chiyou Tribe and was at the Great Perfected Ninth-grade Earthen Immortal Realm.

He attacked with no mercy, casting every Chiyou Tribe’s ultimate technique, one after another.

Chu Kuangren did not hold back either. He raised his palm and unleashed endless demonic qi that transformed into countless hideous and terrifying images of lost souls.


A loud explosion later, the man in black’s techniques were all shattered with a single blast, and he was sent flying backward with blood spurting out of his mouth. His face was as pale as paper.

“This is the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe’s Soul-Gathering Palm!”

The use of the Soul-Gathering Palm made the man believe that Chu Kuangren was indeed one of the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe.

Both the Soul-Controlling Hand and Soul-Gathering Palm were secret techniques pa.s.sed down only to their direct successor.

Judging from Chu Kuangren’s proficiency in the techniques, he must have cultivated them for years. If he was not from the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe, who could he possibly be?

“This can’t happen. The Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe is trying to s.n.a.t.c.h Chiyou Tribe’s resources! I must tell the others to warn them about this atrocity!”

The man in black took a deep breath. Then, the unique violet demonic patterns of the Chiyou Tribe shone across his body and amplified his energy.

“Black Dragon Slas.h.!.+”

The man in black used his palm as a blade and performed a forward chop with all his strength.

Chu Kuangren simply blocked it with a raise of his hand.

It was then that the man transformed into a black ray of light and zipped away.

Chu Kuangren did not chase after the man, and his lips under the spiritual veil curled into a grin. “Ten Demonic Dao Sects, I shall have a little fun with you people.”

He let the man escape on purpose. He even exposed his own presence on purpose earlier.

Otherwise, given his strength, the man would not have noticed him or escaped him at all.

He did that because he wanted to use the man to deliver the message that the Soul-Vanquis.h.i.+ng Tribe was s.n.a.t.c.hing the Demonic Crystal mine from the Chiyou Tribe.

It was to cause conflict among the Ten Demonic Dao Sects.

Since they offended him, he ought to turn their sects upside down!

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