Almighty Sword Domain

On Azure Phoenix Peak - 青鸾峰上

Chapter 2421 – Come at Me Together!

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Chapter 2421 – Come at Me Together!

One of the ten great physiques!

Initial Emperor hadn’t hesitated to choose Huang Ye mainly because of Huang Ye’s physique.

Besides that, the other reason was that he knew more about the desolate race than the others.

He didn’t know much, but that was enough.

Just like that, the others watched as Initial Emperor left with Huang Ye.

A long period of silence ensued, and then Beichuan Xiu suddenly said, “Farewell.”

He turned around and left.

It didn’t take long for everyone to leave, and only Ye Gou and Elder Qing remained.

Ye Gou said, “They are going to Huang Ye!”

Elder Qing glanced at Ye Gou, “You’re not going too?”

Ye Gou replied indifferently, “Honor is important in life, is it not?”

Elder Qing glanced up into the sky, “Huang Ye is right, we must choose between the desolate race and Eternal Kingdom.”

Ye Gou spoke solemnly, “Has Eternal Kingdom taken any action?”

Elder Qing smiled, “What do you think?”

Ye Gou gazed at Elder Qing, “Elder Qing, which side are you taking?”

Elder Qing glanced at the surroundings and said, “Eternal Border!”

His figure trembled and vanished on the spot.

A long time later, a man suddenly appeared here. Ye Gou bowed slightly when he saw the middle aged man, “Eldest Prince!”

Eldest Prince!

He was the eldest prince of the desolate race, Huang Tianxing.

The man glanced at Ye Gou’s shoulder, and then he appeared by Ye Gou’s side and placed his hand on Ye Gou’s shoulder. An instant later, an arm started to grow slowly from there.

A short while later, Huang Tianxing removed his hand, “Let’s go take a look at that existence in the Abyss World.”

Huang Tianxing walked off into the distance, and Ye Gou hurried after him.

Around 15 minutes later, Huang Tianxing stopped. There was a pitch black hole in s.p.a.ce not too far away from them, and a powerful aura frequently rippled out from it.

Ye Gou spoke softly, “Eldest Prince, is this where the beast of the abyss is sealed?”

Huang Tianxing nodded. He walked forward and raised his right hand slightly before gently pressing it down at the black hole. In an instant, the entire black hole started to tremble.

Some time pa.s.sed before Huang Tianxing spoke softly, “Shatter!”


An explosion resounded from within the black hole, and then a terrifying aura swept out from within.

The powerful aura was like a rising tide that swept at Huang Tianxing and Ye Gou. The latter’s expression changed slightly from the sight of it, and he was about to do something when Huang Tianxing waved his right hand lightly.

Along with that movement of his hand, the pressure instantly vanished without a trace as if it had never been there!

Ye Gou couldn’t help but glance at Huang Tianxing, and there was reverence in his eyes!

Suddenly, a huge pitch black claw stretched out from within the black hole, and it slammed down at Huang Tianxing.

The Four World Realm!

Ye Gou was certain from this attack that the beast within the black hole was at least at the Four World Realm!

Huang Tianxing remained calm as he took a step forward and waved his right hand gently.


The pitch black claw was blasted back into the black hole.

An instant later, Huang Tianxing stretched out his right hand, and a huge ethereal claw shot into the black hole.

A short while later, a shrill cry suddenly resounded from within it.

Meanwhile, Huang Tianxing’s figure entered the black hole.

Around 15 minutes pa.s.sed before he walked out again.

A small pitch black demon beast was behind him. It looked like a pitch black cat with a sharp horn on its head. Black light frequently coiled around the horn.

The small demon beast glanced at Ye Gou with a ferocious look in its eyes.

Ye Gou’s eyes were filled with fear and vigilance.

Huang Tianxing walked over to Ye Gou, patted him lightly on the shoulder, and said, “The Three World Realm is too weak. The Four World Realm barely”

A pure white pearl appeared before Ye Gou.

A World Energy Pill!

Ye Gou’s hands trembled from the sight of it.

Huang Tianxing didn’t say anything and just walked off into the distance.

The pitch black demon beast viciously bared its fangs at Ye Gou when it pa.s.sed him.

Ye Gou clenched his fists slowly. While there was vigilance and caution in his eyes, he wasn’t afraid.

The demon beast didn’t attack and just vanished on the spot.

Outside the Abyss World, Yang Ye stood in s.p.a.ce there.

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He put the Myriad World Diagram away while looking at the abyss below him. Nanli Meng had mentioned the Abyss World to him, so he’d decided to come have a look.

The Initial Emperor glanced at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Suddenly, Yang Ye drew his sword.

A sword howl resounded, and then a ray of light flashed.


Everywhere it pa.s.sed, s.p.a.ce was sliced open before it.

Meanwhile, Jian Xuan suddenly drew his sword, and then sword energy rippled through the surroundings.


As soon as their sword energy collided, the s.p.a.ce in the surroundings instantly exploded apart.

The explosions went on for quite some time before the sky suddenly calmed down, and both of them were still standing in confrontation from afar.

Jian Xuan was looking at Yang Ye, and he just gazed at Yang Ye while his sword trembled violently in his grasp.

As for Yang Ye, his sword was extremely calm, and it wasn’t moving at all.

Yang Ye ignored Jian Xuan and gazed at the Initial Emperor, causing the latter to slowly clench his fists.

Meanwhile, Huang Ye smiled, “Brother Yang, there’s three of us.”

Yang Ye smiled, “You can come at me together!”

“Haha!” Huang Ye roared with laughter, and his laughter rumbled through the surroundings. A short while pa.s.sed before he gazed at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, oh, Yang Ye! I have to say that you’re really arrogant. Looks like recruiting you is impossible. But that’s fine because based on your temper, my eldest cousin and ninth brother won’t be able to recruit you either. It’s fine, we can wear you down slowly. After all, you and that Sprite Progenitor will never be able to escape! Haha!”

He turned around and left with the Initial Emperor and Jian Xuan.

Yang Ye was about to attack when he suddenly looked down. A powerful evil aura had suddenly swept up from below. However, it only took a short while for the aura to shrink back as if it had never appeared.

A short while later, a middle aged man appeared within Yang Ye’s field of vision.

It was Huang Tianxing and Ye Gou!

Huang Tianxing stopped. The completely pitch black demon beast by his side gazed at Snowy. Its eyes were filled with ferocity, killing intent, greed, and a trace of fear.

The Sprite Progenitor!

The demon beast had clearly recognized Snowy, and it revealed greed and killing intent because Snowy wasn’t a true Sprite Progenitor yet. If Snowy became a true Sprite Progenitor, then even if they were enemies, it wouldn’t dare to look directly at Snowy like this!

All those years ago, even the powerful desolate beasts of the desolate race had refused to join the battle! Even if the Desolate Emperor had killed two powerful desolate beasts, the others still didn’t dare to act against the Sprite Progenitor!

Snowy gazed at the demon beast. As soon as she noticed the ferocious glow and killing intent in its eyes, Snowy’s eyes opened wide, and she inhaled lightly. In an instant, the black light on the demon beast’s horn dimmed down slightly.

“Roar!” The demon beast was furious, and it transformed into a ray of black light that shot at Snowy while a powerful aura surged at Snowy like an erupting volcano!

In the Primordial PaG.o.da, Erya was strolling randomly around the Sword Sect when she suddenly stopped. She pulled out the tanghulu in her mouth and looked up into the sky, “Pierce of tras.h.!.+ You’re even trying to attack Snowy? Oxxy, let's kill it and roast it for food!”

She vanished on the spot once she finished speaking.

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