Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao

Flying Alone - 孤单地飞

Chapter 2967 - 2967 Training the heart

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Chapter 2967 - 2967 Training the heart

2967 Training the heart

The Profound Negative Realm was huge.

After devouring the other nine high-level dimensions and upgrading into a transcendent dimension, the territory of the Profound Negative Realm had increased by at least 10 times. Even with Ling Han’s Sixth-Tier strength, wanting to find his descendants in this vast sea of people was still doomed to be difficult.

This was not about just roaming the Profound Negative Realm, but searching through each region one by one. Even if Ling Han used his bloodline connection to filter out most of it, it was still a huge project.

He still had to teach Ling Duanyun, and he didn’t have so much time to waste, either.

Ling Han thought about it, and decided to just peacefully teach Ling Duanyun for the moment. When this guy achieved some results, the former would then leave to look for his descendants.


In fact, the simplest thing was to advance to the Fifth Tier and become invincible in the world. Then, the Ling Clan could be reestablished in the world, and then ascend to the top, and his descendants would of course run to him of their own volition, but there would surely be many impostors among them, and he would need to use his blood to identify them. However, relatively speaking, the workload would be much smaller.

After making up his mind, Ling Han settled down here peacefully, and lived like an ordinary person.

At the end of the first day, Ling Duanyun came to find him.

The kid was full of excitement, and said, “Ancestor, the stupid dog completely forgot what happened yesterday, and he wanted to cause me trouble again. In the end, I defeated his subordinates with just three or two blows. You should have seen how colorful his expression at the time was.”

Ling Han smiled faintly. “So interesting? Then I’ll join in the fun tomorrow.”

“Ah?” Ling Duanyun was stunned for a moment. ‘You are already a Heavenly Venerate, and you still want to go to the martial academy? Are you planning to show off?’

Ling Han didn’t explain. He didn’t need to cultivate his body now; what he needed to temper was his spirit so he could complete a sublimation, push away the shackles in one fell swoop, and sense the fourth fundamental power.

This kind of mental cultivation was not limited to formalities. He could move freely and let nature take its course.

“Come on, continue your cultivation.”

Ling Han grabbed Ling Duanyun. Previously, Ling Duanyun was just re-cultivating his cultivation level, and the process was not difficult, but from today onwards, Ling Han would let this kid know what it meant for cultivation to be difficult.

…If he didn’t suffer, how would he survive life-and-death situations?

Ling Duanyun began his painful journey of cultivation. It looked like he had only spent one night, but in reality, he had spent more than 100 years being trained like a dog by Ling Han, which made him cry and scream miserably.

The next morning, he looked at Ling Han with a bitter and hateful gaze, as if they were mortal enemies.

However, his cultivation level had advanced with incomparably stable and solid steps to the peak stage of the Heavenly Body Tier. With just a little stabilization, he would be able to advance to the Eternal River Tier.

“Let’s go to the martial academy.”

Ling Han impulsively headed to the martial academy with Ling Duanyun to change his mindset and set aside all thoughts of utilitarianism. Perhaps this would allow him to gain enlightenment.

It couldn’t be helped. Firstly, Severing Mundane Tier disciples could be called elders, and secondly, there were only a handful of Severing Mundane Tier disciples in the academy, so there was absolutely no need to teach them every day.

After the two of them arrived at the martial academy, Ling Duanyun asked Ling Han to register.

To enter the Jia Nan Branch, one did not need any outstanding apt.i.tude in cultivation. They only needed to pay.

Of course, the payment was in Star Stones.

Ling Han casually tossed out a pile of Star Stones, causing everyone in the admissions office to stare at him as if he was a monster.

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This guy was so rich.

Ling Han nodded. The main purpose of going up the mountain was to meet Cheng Sisi. What kind of person was she?

He handed over a Star Stone. This would allow him to cultivate on the mountain for 10 days. He could choose to stay for 10 days in a single stroke, or he could come and register every time he came.

“Stop right there!” Just as the two of them were about to take a step forward, they were stopped again.

“Ninth Brother, are you trying to get some extra money again?” Ling Duanyun looked at the guard. The latter was a veteran from the Martial Academy who would often use some tricks to extort money from the students.

The guard chuckled. “I’ve always strictly followed the rules of the martial academy. Don’t falsely accuse me.”

“Then why are you stopping us?” Ling Duanyun asked.

“Not you guys, but only you.” The guard pointed at Ling Duanyun.

“Me?” Ling Duanyun was surprised. “Why are you stopping me?”

“Because I just received a notice from the martial academy this morning that your qualifications as a key disciple have been revoked. So, if you want to go up the mountain, pay up!” the guard said in a casual tone. His eyes glanced sideways at Ling Duanyun, and his tone was filled with disdain.

Ling Duanyun was stunned at first, and then he flew into a rage. “Why should I be disqualified as a key disciple? What rules have I broken in the martial academy?”

“I don’t know about that. I’m just following orders. If you have any dissatisfaction, report it to the martial academy yourself,” the guard said with a chuckle.

“Stupid dog, it must be him!” Ling Duanyun immediately said.

Ling Han threw a Star Stone at the guard, and then said to Ling Duanyun, “Come, let’s go up the mountain.”

“Alright!” Ling Duanyun nodded. This Gou Li was really sinister because Cheng Sisi had to be cultivating on the mountain. He wanted to separate the two of them.

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