Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao

Flying Alone - 孤单地飞

Chapter 2844 - 2844 Mending the Fourteenth Seal

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Chapter 2844 - 2844 Mending the Fourteenth Seal

2844 Mending the Fourteenth Seal

Since there was no one else to fight, Ling Han could only leave “helplessly.”

Rong Yang expressed much grat.i.tude towards him for resolving a great problem like Meng Dong. From now onwards, the grudge between Rong Clan and Ling Han, and Ling City, was considered settled.

Ling Han knew that this was because his potential was too terrifying, so the Rong Clan was willing to give him some face.

Of course, if it were not for the fact that he had the Lin Clan backing him up, they would definitely have just directly crushed him into the dust.


Because they could not kill him now, and were also wary of his future strength, it would be better to settle things peacefully, and turn an enemy into a friend.

Ling Han was fine with this. In any case, the main culprits, Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate and Rong Xinkuan, had already been killed, so if they wanted to become friends instead of enemies with him, then so be it.

“When there are other fights in the future, remember to invite me,” Ling Han said laughingly.

Rong Yang’s expression involuntarily darkened. If he really brought Ling Han to more fights in the future, he would definitely be cursed out by the others, just like how Meng Dong had been. Just how many people would he bring to ruin?

“Hehe, of course, of course!” Rong Yang said half-heartedly, but he had already made his decision. He definitely could not take Ling Han to partic.i.p.ate in this kind of event in future.

Ling Han did not give up. “I might be busy sometimes, so my wife could go as well.”

Rong Yang’s expression was even darker. It was not that he had never fought the Empress before. Though she was a Second Tier, she was strong enough to match a Third Tier. She, too, was a super freak.

Rong Yang sent off Ling Han like he was sending off a bringer of misfortune. It would be best for him not to have too much contact with this kind of cunning guy,

Just like this, Ling Han returned to Ling City.

On the surface, he was all smiles and cheery. He had obtained 20 Heavenly Venerable Seals on this trip, which could be considered to be great profit. However, there was a hidden worry lying at the depths of his heart.

…Just what was going on with his body?

He did not tell anyone about this matter.

He began seclusion, digesting those 20 Heavenly Venerable Seals, but after refining them, he discovered that three of these seals were duplicates. Thus, he immediately severed them again, and transmitted them to the Empress.

In this manner, the number of Heavenly Venerable Seals he now possessed was as many as 35, but the newly obtained seals were all ninth-grade seals.

“Bunch of cheapskates!”

However, after piecing them together, those five combination seals had actually increased to nine. If they were channeled simultaneously, the boost to his power would reach as much as 26 times, and this was considered seventh grade.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Ling Han nodded. Ninth-grade seals would have the advantage of ninth-grade seals well, and that was that everyone did not value them too much. They were also the most common ones, and it was possible that they would become the first combination seals that he would successfully piece back together.

Just think about it. Nine seals would boost his battle prowess by 26 times; then when 110 of them were all collected? Just how many times would they boost his battle prowess?

1,000? 10,000?

Ling Han couldn’t help but feel expectant, but it was not clear just how long it would take before this day came. No one was an idiot. If he battled and won repeatedly, who would still come to fight him?

‘It is no wonder that so many have started to walk the path of robbery and murder. There is no need for rules, and one would be able to take possession of the seals that others have earnestly comprehended through much difficulty for themselves. It is indeed the fastest way to improve oneself.

‘At present, I can refine other Heavenly Venerates, and s.n.a.t.c.h all of their cultivation level and seals. For me, this is a ma.s.sive temptation, and even I can’t help but be tempted to take this shortcut.

‘However, would this kind of forceful robbery of others’ cultivation level really help me to climb to the pinnacle?’

Ling Han thought that this was too uncertain. What one robbed was ultimately not what they had obtained through their own cultivation. Perhaps, for a short while, there would be a visible soaring of cultivation level and strength, but after a long period of time, the hidden problem of having unstable foundations would be exposed.

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‘It would be better to take it one step at a time.’

Heavenly Venerable Seals were superior to Regulations. They were means that a Heavenly Venerate used to communicate with the fundamental power of the Genesis World in the first place, so it was natural that they could be mended with the six great fundamental powers.

Ling Han couldn’t help but feel rueful. If he attained the Seventh Tier, he would be able to extract the six elements at the same time with just a wave of his hand, so the efficiency of mending a Heavenly Venerable Seal would definitely increase a great many times over.

700,000,000 years pa.s.sed, and the repair of this seal was halfway done. It could provide a boost up to 32 times. Another two billion years later, the repair had reached three quarters of completion, providing a boost of 39 times.

Merely this was already equal to the Four Directions Seals, and this was just a single seal.

This was astonis.h.i.+ng!

Ling Han couldn’t help but feel expectant. If he advanced to the Third Tier, would an even more powerful seal appear automatically before him?

Another four billion years later, the Fourteenth Seal was finally fully mended, providing a boost that leapt straight to 47 times.

This was a fifth-grade seal!

If Ling Han could obtain even more fifth-grade seals, what kind of astonis.h.i.+ng effects would combining them bring?

He really wanted to fight higher-level Heavenly Venerates.

Ling Han felt rueful. However, his present battle prowess could just barely match peak-stage Fourth Tier. Should he encounter a Fifth Tier, he would definitely be done for, so it would be best that he did not go and “deliver gifts.”

He came out of seclusion, and discovered that Hu Niu had already broken through to the Third Tier. Meanwhile, the Empress had also refined the three Heavenly Venerable Seals he had given to her, and what was even more pleasantly surprising to him was that his daughter had actually returned.


In the past, he had spent a whole epoch to finally complete extracting the Power of Dimension of 999 dimensions, which was as far as he could go. Afterwards, he shattered his core of power, and only then did he manage to take another step forward, turning his body itself into a model of the Genesis World, and cutting out an even wider path for himself.

Why had Ling Xi already reached the limit after cultivating for around 10 billion years only?

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