A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Tang Yu - 唐玉

Chapter 1074

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Chapter 1074 Pretending They Hadn’t Seen the PDA

Shen Yuechuan didn’t know why he was so nervous.

The wedding was indeed planned by him.

He had long known that this day would come.

However, when the door of the church was pushed open… when the Wedding March really sounded… when Xiao Yunyun slowly walked over linking arms with her father—

He still had a feeling that something had stuck in his throat, and his heart was beating wildly.

The only thing that Shen Yuechuan could felicitate himself on was that he and Lu Boyan had worked together for so many years and they had more or less experienced some thrilling moments. He could quickly adjust his state.

When his heartbeat and breathing returned to normal, Xiao Yunyun was getting closer and closer. Through the well-sewn white veil, he could see Xiao Yunyun’s every move and expression.

At this moment, Shen Yuechuan suddenly found that his bride was so beautiful and charming. He didn’t even know how to cherish her.

An indescribable emotion welled up in his heart. Shen Yuechuan felt there was a thin layer of mist spreading in his eyes.

Strangely, as tears welled up in his eyes, Shen Yuechuan felt a kind of real happiness.

In other words, he felt for the first time that life and happiness were so real and were worth celebrating…

Su Jian’an was sitting in the first row. She was looking at Shen Yuechuan and naturally did not miss any subtle changes in his expression.

Because of her major, she knew a man’s psychology behind his every expression.

Looking at the mist in Shen Yuechuan’s eyes, Su Jian’an suddenly remembered that there was a collection of pictures on the Internet. When some grooms saw their girlfriends wearing wedding dresses, the former suddenly cried with their hands covering their faces.

Because they loved their girlfriends too much, the former could not believe it. They also felt extremely happy.

At that moment, Su Jian’an knew that Yuechuan would cherish Yunyun for the rest of his life.

Whether it was Yunyun’s biological parents or Xiao Guoshan and Su Yunjin, they could rest a.s.sured to hand Yunyun over to Yuechuan.

When Su Jian’an thought of this, Xiao Guoshan who was linking arms with Xiao Yunyun stopped in front of Shen Yuechuan.

Xiao Yunyun just smiled and looked at Shen Yuechuan through the veil. Her eyes seemed to be shining with the noon sunlight so that she looked quite resplendent.

Shen Yuechuan also looked into Xiao Yunyun’s eyes. The corners of his mouth were slowly raised, and the tenderness in his eyes was almost overflowing, covering the entire church.

The small church had been divided into two worlds.

One was the world of others, and anyone could enter and leave freely.

The other was Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun’s small world. They seemed to have built a vacuum between them. No one could integrate into their world, and there was no need for them to come out.

Xiao Guoshan suddenly felt that he seemed to be redundant.

Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun were releasing a kind of tenderness and sweetness which were enveloping them. Being excluded, Xiao Guoshan was like an insignificant bystander.

In the young people’s words, he was in face of their PDA.

In this case, the wisest choice was to hand Yunyun over to Yuechuan as soon as possible.

“Yuechuan.” Xiao Guoshan forced a smile. He took Shen Yuechuan’s hand and handed Xiao Yunyun over to him. But he didn’t let go of their hands for a long time. Instead, he continued, “From today on, I will hand Yunyun over to you. Yunyun is my only daughter. I see her as a treasure. After you get married, I hope you can make her happier. If you bully her, I’ll take her back despite that I’ve handed her over to you. Do you understand what I mean?”

Su Yunjin was sitting next to Su Jian’an. Before Shen Yuechuan could say anything, Su Yunjin’s eyes turned red.

After listening to Xiao Guoshan’s words, Su Yunjin gently wiped the corners of her eyes and smiled helplessly. “How could he say that at our daughter’s wedding?”

Shen Yuechuan had never held a wedding, so he didn’t know what a father-in-law would say at the wedding.

He only knew that from this moment on, Xiao Yunyun’s father would be his father.

He had to listen to their father.

Shen Yuechuan nodded without hesitation, and his tone was full of certainty. “Dad, don’t worry. I will take good care of Yunyun.”

Xiao Yunyun was a little surprised—

She didn’t expect Shen Yuechuan to call her father “Dad” so easily.

It seemed that he would soon call her mother “Mom”.

At that time, her mother must be very happy!

Hearing Shen Yuechuan calling him “Dad”, Xiao Guoshan instantly regarded Shen Yuechuan as a member of his family.

No matter whether Xiao Guoshan was willing to accept it or not, everything in front of him was the fact.

Thinking of this, Xiao Guoshan’s reluctance and complicated feeling in his heart had been eased a lot. He nodded and patted Shen Yuechuan’s hand, indicating that the latter should hold Xiao Yunyun’s hand.

He meant that he would hand Yunyun over to Shen Yuechuan.

Xiao Yunyun smiled at Xiao Guoshan and whispered, “Dad, please don’t worry.”

She didn’t know what would happen between her and Shen Yuechuan after they got married.

The only thing she could guarantee was that no matter what happened, she would face it with a positive att.i.tude.

No matter what, she would make herself live happily.

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She had grown up. Her parents, who had raised her up, no longer needed to worry about her.

Xiao Yunyun grabbed Shen Yuechuan’s waist subconsciously and vaguely remembered a sentence—

An affectionate kiss and ten thousand years in love.

The host smiled faintly and picked up the microphone for the last time. He said loudly, “I announce that Mr. Shen Yuechuan and Miss Xiao Yunyun are officially married. I wish you two a happy life forever!”

Shen Yuechuan had intended to let go of Xiao Yunyun, but when he heard this, he suddenly tightened his grip and kissed Xiao Yunyun harder.

There were not many people sitting under the stage. They didn’t know who took the lead, but there was a burst of applause full of blessings despite that it was not very loud.

Tang Yulan had lost control of her tears and could not help crying.

On the day she met Shen Yuechuan, she knew that he was a decent child.

Later, Lu Boyan told her that Shen Yuechuan was an orphan. Lu Boyan told her not to ask about Yuechuan’s parents.

Tang Yulan once felt that it was a great pity—how could such a decent child like Yuechuan not grow up in a complete family?

Now, she no longer needed to feel sorry for Shen Yuechuan.

Yuechuan not only found his mother but also had a complete family.

He now had the greatest happiness in a man’s life.

After a long while, Shen Yuechuan let go of Xiao Yunyun. His forehead was pressed against hers, and the two of them were extremely intimate.

In fact, the wedding was just a ceremony, and all weddings were similar.

Even so, people still needed such a ceremony.

No matter how the wedding procedure remained unchanged, the touched feeling brought by the groom kissing the bride was still more beautiful than everything in the world.

Shen Yuechuan believed that the wedding ceremony could not only tell the world on behalf of him and Xiao Yunyun that they were married but also collect blessings from all their relatives and friends, just like the applause just now.

Xiao Yunyun’s veil fell on her and Shen Yuechuan’s heads, which had added a touch of intimacy to them.

They had no intention of separating at all.

The host looked at the situation and coughed. He reminded them “indirectly”. “The groom and bride, we should go to the hotel now. The other people… should be very hungry.”

It was not until then that Xiao Yunyun realized that she and Shen Yuechuan had totally forgotten the existence of other people. She pursed her lips and smiled shyly. Shen Yuechuan also let go of her and looked at the others under the stage—

The others were very calm and tacitly pretended that they hadn’t seen the PDA.

Su Jian’an was the best at acting. She smiled and asked, “Can we set off now?”

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