A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Tang Yu - 唐玉

Chapter 1073

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Chapter 1073 There Would Be No Regrets in Life

“So many people want to go after me. If you marry me, you will have no regrets in your life!”

Xiao Yunyun sounded very serious.

Shen Yuechuan also became serious. He stared at Xiao Yunyun for a while and nodded in agreement. “Miss Xiao, what you said makes sense. I can’t refute it.”

Xiao Yunyun didn’t expect Shen Yuechuan to be so cooperative. She couldn’t help laughing out loud. She held her chin with both hands and looked at Shen Yuechuan with shining eyes. “Actually… Miss Xiao was just joking.”

Shen Yuechuan raised his eyebrows. His voice was low but not serious. However, he sounded extremely earnest. “Yunyun, I’m serious.”

“He was… serious?”

Xiao Yunyun was caught off guard. She was stunned and looked at Shen Yuechuan in confusion. After a long while, she said, “Oh?”

Shen Yuechuan did not speak. He just patted Xiao Yunyun’s head helplessly and let her understand it by herself.

He was indeed serious.

He grew up in an orphanage, so his living environment was not as simple as Xiao Yunyun’s. Her living environment was far superior.

He didn’t even know who his parents were.

After graduation, he went back to City A with Lu Boyan. In Lu Enterprises, his position was only lower than Lu Boyan’s. The latter even wanted him to become the vice president.

Generally speaking, his career was a successful one.

In the eyes of outsiders, he was obviously a young talent who was riding on the crest of success.

Only Shen Yuechuan knew that there were always regrets in his life.

He didn’t want to describe what kind of regrets they were.

He only knew that his life would never be as perfect as Lu Boyan’s.

His life didn’t change until he met Xiao Yunyun.

It hadn’t become better but had become strange—

When he was with Xiao Yunyun, he could temporarily forget that he was an orphan and have fun with her.

However, once he was separated from Xiao Yunyun, he would mind his ident.i.ty as an orphan.

Later, he saw a sentence—

If you really fell in love with someone, your shortcomings would look bigger in your eyes. Even if a shortcoming was not a problem and did not make you less outstanding, you would still feel very bad about it.

He couldn’t say that he was outstanding, but his ident.i.ty as an orphan… was really something terrible.

He didn’t even know who his parents were. How could he match Xiao Yunyun, who was so energetic and lively?

It wasn’t until the mist was dissipated and his and Xiao Yunyun’s backgrounds were revealed that Shen Yuechuan felt that the regrets in his life were being made up little by little.

It was also because of Xiao Yunyun that he was lucky enough to have a complete family.

Therefore, he seriously believed that if he married Xiao Yunyun, he would have no regrets in his life.

When Xiao Yunyun heard Shen Yuechuan’s words, she was confused. But slowly, she finally realized what he meant.

She was just joking, but Shen Yuechuan was more serious than ever.

It was out of Xiao Yunyun’s expectation, but she was quite moved.

Before she met Shen Yuechuan, she only wanted to be an excellent surgeon in cardiac surgery to save people’s lives and treat their illnesses.

After meeting Shen Yuechuan, she had another wish which was not very ambitious—she hoped to be his wife and stay with him forever.

For a period of time, Xiao Yunyun even secretly believed that the greatest happiness in her life was to be cherished by Shen Yuechuan.

Now she seemed to be… the happiest person in the world.

There seemed to be nothing else she wanted to ask for in her life.

Thinking of this, the smile on Xiao Yunyun’s lips became gentler. She tilted her head and leaned it on Shen Yuechuan’s shoulder. She looked so dependent on him.

Shen Yuechuan wrapped his arm around Xiao Yunyun’s waist, took her into his arms, and kissed the top of her head. He inadvertently saw the road ahead—

It wasn’t far from the church.

It seemed that he was now not far away from happiness.

The cars behind the wedding car were full of bodyguards. Lu Boyan, Su Yicheng, and their wives were sitting in the last two cars without decorations.

Lu Boyan had just arrived to pick Su Jian’an up. She was sitting beside him and kept looking at the road ahead.

Although she couldn’t see Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun, Su Jian’an could feel their happiness.

Su Jian’an thought for a while and thought of something. There was a faint smile on her lips, but she did not say anything. She just breathed a long sigh of relief.

Lu Boyan habitually touched Su Jian’an’s head and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Su Jian’an leaned her head on Lu Boyan’s shoulder and rubbed it with her head intimately. “I just feel that Yuechuan and Yunyun are doing very well.”

Yuechuan and Yunyun looked very happy now. It was certainly very good.

However, after today, they all had to face the fact that Yuechuan still needed to have an operation.

It was certainly not suitable to mention something heavy at such a happy moment.

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Lu Boyan turned his head and kissed the top of Su Jian’an’s head. “They will be better in the future.”

At present, they were only waiting for the wedding to begin.

The host gave his a.s.sistant a look, and the latter immediately ran out from the back door and told Xiao Guoshan that everything was ready inside the church.

Almost at the same time, the Wedding March sounded in the church.

Xiao Yunyun knew that this moment had finally come.

She took Xiao Guoshan’s hand and walked slowly to the church.

After a few steps, Xiao Yunyun subconsciously held her breath and looked straight ahead. She was walking a bit stiffly.

Xiao Guoshan noticed Xiao Yunyun’s abnormal state at once. He smiled and asked, “Yunyun, are you nervous?”

Xiao Yunyun took a deep breath and tried to stabilize her trembling voice. “Yeah, I seem to be a little…”

“I can understand.” Xiao Guoshan laughed and patted Xiao Yunyun’s hand. “Let me tell you a secret.”

Xiao Yunyun’s attention was suddenly diverted halfway. She looked at Xiao Guoshan curiously and asked, “Dad, what secret are you hiding from me?”

“This secret is actually about Yuechuan.” Xiao Guoshan said word by word, “Let me tell you, now Yuechuan must be much more nervous than you!”

“Oh? Really?” Xiao Yunyun widened her eyes in surprise. “Why?”

“Of course, it’s true!” Xiao Guoshan said firmly, “How could I lie to you? As for the reason… after the wedding, you can ask Yuechuan.”

Xiao Yunyun was still very curious, but before she could say anything else, the door of the church was pushed open—

She instinctively held Xiao Guoshan’s hand tightly. Suddenly, her breathing seemed to be stuck in her throat, and her whole body became a little stiff.

Then, when she saw Shen Yuechuan, her breathing became smooth. She unconsciously walked in his direction.

Shen Yuechuan also saw Xiao Yunyun. He fixed his eyes on her and an indescribable feeling welled up in his heart.

At this moment, if he was asked to say anything, he wouldn’t be able to utter a word.

He just felt very excited.

Xiao Yunyun clearly saw that Shen Yuechuan’s Adam’s apple moved slightly.

She knew Shen Yuechuan too well. This was his usual petty action when he was nervous.

Xiao Yunyun remembered that Xiao Guoshan had just said that Yuechuan must be more nervous than her.

She didn’t expect that her father really didn’t lie to her. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

She was very curious. The wedding had been prepared by Shen Yuechuan. He should know this moment would come a long time ago—

But why was he still nervous?

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