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108 Maidens of Destiny

108 Maidens of Destiny

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Author: 她酷像冰 (She’s Cold As Ice)

Genres: Action - Adventure - Fantasy - Harem - Romance - Supernatural - Xuanhuan

Status: Ongoing


108 Maidens of Destiny summary: “Your servant is Majestic Star ‘Panther Head’ Lin Chong, from this day forward I am your woman!”

When the beautiful and heroic young girl in front of him shouted those heaven shattering words, Shu Jing was overwhelmed with shock.

And so the tale of the 108 maidens of destiny from legends begins.

In Liangshan Continent, a genius is defined as a Star Master who is capable of signing the Star Duel Covenant contract with two Star Maidens. This was truly the limit.

But right now Shu Jing’s dilemma is how to convince the “Strength Star” Lu Junyi to become his eighth Star Knight. And this is just the beginning…

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