Nightmare's Call

Get Lost - Gun Kai - 滚开

Chapter 579

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Chapter 579 Summoning: Part 1“The Deathbloom…” Lin Sheng frowned.If this Deathbloom, was a type of Annihilatus and was at a level of a demiG.o.d, then his current strength was far from capable of being able to resist the Blacktide's incursion.

The pressure of the Blacktide was like an invisible mountain that constantly pressed against his chest, leaving him a little breathless.

“ horrifying… no wonder the G.o.ds would fall within it…”

Lin Sheng fell silent for a long while before sighing.

“What do you plan to do?” Nurgana asked calmly.

“The next level of divinity, the demiG.o.ds, is something I have no clue of. Plus i had broken through a little too fast, and I've not even understood the levels of divinity yet.” Lin Sheng shook his head.

“The Blacktide would not bother if you are prepared or not.” Nurgana was a divine being herself, and naturally understood the dilemma he faced. “So…” “So.”

A cold glint flashed pa.s.sed Nurgana's eyes.

“Search for the Source then. The Source could strengthen the world's resistance and its ability to fight against the Blacktide. This way, we could delay the coming of the Deathbloom Annihilatus.”

Lin Sheng stroked the armest as he fell into silence.

“Are you hesitating?” Nurgana asked aloud.

“No… I'm just… too afraid of failure.” Lin Sheng said calmly. “The fate of the world, the fate of countless of people, all pinned on my shoulders alone. This feeling…”

“This is what a G.o.d is.” Nurgana interrupted him.

“G.o.ds, are such an existence. Bearing the hopes of everyone, bearing the wishes of everyone. G.o.ds, are the manifestation of the strength of countless of people. They could be born out of desire, and represent the will of countless, they could transform nature, and change the world.” Nurgana said flatly.

Lin Sheng kept silent.

Another world.

Between the rolling green mountains was a gray wall that extended from one of the mountain to another.

The monutain winds roared and at every set distance were illuminated stone pillars with bright yellow glows.

The center of the wall had long been transformed into a tourist route as groups of tourists gathered together in pairs of two and threes.

Pei Lin had followed a few cla.s.smates and friends as she strolled quietly on the wall, looking at the surrounding scenery.

She had not planned to come, but she could not decline her best friend's constant pestering.

Now that she had continued her training from Holy Light, that gave her some a.s.surance and allowed her to relax somewhat.

After monitoring the situation here, Pei Lin relented and came along with her friends, and planned to use this time to give herself a half day break.

Of course, after all Lin Sheng had suggested that she rest a little before continuing her training.

That was because after receiving her physical data, Lin Sheng had keenly discovered that her body had been injured due to over-training.

This was to show that training could not be rushed, and must be paced.

As she pulled back her thoughts, Pei Lin slowly listened to her best friend chatting as she followed the rest of her companions.

The group of two boys and three girls was her best friends and cla.s.smates.

And Orphis beside her was her best friend since elementary school.

She was a beauty with long, supple blue hair, and her style was at two end of the extremes.

Orphis was essentially a very gentle person. Gentle as she may be, she would be very firm if the situation demands.

In order to relax in tihs trip, Pei Lin had purposely changed into a white floral dress that she did not like all that much. She wore a pair of thick black silk stockings under her skirt to prevent accidentally exposing herself.

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On the other hand, the usually gentle and pretty Orphis, had changed into a pair of slim, fitting overalls to aid with the mountain climb, looking smart and somewhat boyish.

“You guys want to leave me standing alone huh?” He complained.

Orphis tipped her toes and pecked Pei Lin's face.

“Linlin's my hubby, no one told you to not find a girlfriend yourself no?”

Pei Lin smiled. She was five feet ten, and was considered tall among girls. Orphis was only five feet two in height, and was lile a little girl before her.

At school, her popularity is far inferior compared to Orphis.

There were many boys pursuing Orphis, but no one dared to pursue her.

Although she was also beautiful in her own right, even the president of the boxing club could only defeat her after a long bout. There were far too little boys that are taller than her, with high martial ability, and having the guts to pursue her. So few that she did not even noticed any.

“Alright, one bottle each. Don't need to thank me. I've added ice as well.” Master Zheng tossed a bottle of cold drink over, totally ignoring everyone's request.

Pei Lin took two bottles speechlessly before handing one to Orphis, and just as she was about to drink she noticed a bloated middle-aged woman in the ground not too far away.

The lady's expression was gloomy, as she trudged along with the flow of the crowd.

While she may seemed like a normal traveler on the surface, but as Pei Lin looekd closely, and felt that the latter's eyes was like as if she was looking at the surrounding travelers like prey.

“Another Corpsedemon?” She grimaced.

While this Corpsedemon did not look that strong, but it was not something an ordinary person like her could fight against.

Thinking of this, she quickly activated her Spectral Light chat room, and using her thoughts to take a photo of the middle-aged woman before her, and sent it to her master, Holy Light.

“Master, I've ran into a Corpsedemon along my way, what should I do?” — Giving Hope.

“If there's a crowd, ignore here. Treat her as if she does not exist.” — Holy Light Shines Upon You.

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