My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots


Chapter 263

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Chapter 263: Loony

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“Chi Yang, you're the commander-in-chief's subordinate and are directly under the control of the commander-in-chief, but I, w.a.n.g Gangyi, am still your commanding officer. Do you speak to your commanding officers with such insolence?”

In the face of such a situation, ordinary people would lessen their imposing manner and give their superiors an out.

However, this was Chi Yang.

He was only in Jiang District because he had a mission to carry out. If he was in Emperor District, he would not even bother to acknowledge such a person.

“It is because Deputy Commander-in-chief w.a.n.g is the military base's deputy commander-in-chief that I'm sitting here talking to you. It is only because you are my commanding officer. If it were someone else, just your act of slandering my fiancée indiscriminately would be enough for me to sue you.”

w.a.n.g Gangyi thought, ‘…Sh*t! I don't think I can continue this conversation any longer.'

He had long heard that apart from the commander-in-chief, Chi Yang had no respect for anyone else. The other two deputy commander-in-chiefs had already suffered this fate.

Originally, he paid no heed to it, but at this moment, not only was he being verbally attacked, the other party was acting as though he should feel honored for having received the verbal a.s.sault. Neither w.a.n.g Gangyi nor the people at the table knew how to respond to Chi Yang.

It took a while for w.a.n.g Gangyi to return to his senses. Anger instantly arose from this heart, and he grabbed a teacup from the table. He originally wanted to throw it directly at Chi Yang, but he also knew that this one smashed cup would not stop things from escalating in the future. The key point was that he was afraid Chi Yang would complain about him in front of the commander-in-chief.

Therefore, despite how angry he felt, w.a.n.g Gangyi simply placed the teacup heavily on the table. The tea splashed all over the place, showing his anger at the moment.

Even so, w.a.n.g Gangyi's anger was not even a fart to Chi Yang.

“Deputy Commander-in-chief w.a.n.g, you seem to be angry?”

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w.a.n.g Gangyi sneered and thought, ‘Oh, so you still know how to observe other's expressions!'

If he did not have someone backing him, with his temperament, if he were in the administrative office or military base, he would have been gnawed to the bone a long time ago.

A person with Chi Yang's temper was only suitable to be a soldier to execute missions, but not to be an official. However, he was able to sit on the rank of director-general at just the age of 26.

Hence, not only was Ou Chenghe not angry, his att.i.tude became increasingly cautious.

After all, a new round of presidential elections would be held soon, and it was a sensitive period. He was not willing to make another strong enemy because of such trivial matters.

Thus, Ou Chenghe took the teapot and prepared w.a.n.g Gangyi's tea, then got up, walked over to Chi Yang's side and personally offered him a cup of tea.

However, Chi Yang was not having any of it.

“Deputy Governor Ou, I remember my fiancée saying that Ou Mingxi was a cla.s.smate of her cousin, Jiang Hongyang? At any rate, she's in her 20s this year, and has full capability for civil conduct, but you still treat her like a child. Can I a.s.sume that Ou Mingxi and her cousin to be a little loony?”

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