The Beautiful Idol's Secret


253 Not Everything Should Be Depended On A Man

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Lu Yi Feng furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "So... it means that something must have happened to Xiao Xi Xi around the time she has been staying here?" Lu Yi Feng asked quietly.

Feng Xiao Qing nodded her head and answered hesitantly, "I believe so..." However, who would dare to do that under Lu Yi Feng's protection? Wasn't it a suicide mission?

Lu Yi Feng frowned and said, "Let me check on what happened to her! When exactly this started to happen? I mean, the nightmare." He wanted to note the time so it would be easier for Lin San to check on this matter.

"After you bought a toy for her..." Feng Xiao Qing honestly said.

"Toy? Which one?" Lu Yi Feng asked. He had bought a lot of toys for Xiao Xi Xi, so he didn't really remember everything one by one.

Feng Xiao Qing answered, "The pretty doll... The one that looks so expensive." Feng Xiao Qing didn't know where Lu Yi Feng bought the doll, but judging from the quality, it must have been a really expensive doll.

Lu Yi Feng remembered about the woman at the doll shop whose name was already forgotten by him. Was that woman the trigger? Didn't that woman bully Xiao Xi Xi at that time? Did it mean that once Xiao Xi Xi was bullied... the nightmare would start?

He needed to cross-check this matter to Tang Yi Jun as well. The latter was the expert in this case --- maybe he would know something if Lu Yi Feng gave him a brief description of Xiao Xi Xi's problem.

"Does Feng Xiao Qing remember about the nightmare the next day?" Lu Yi Feng asked.

Feng Xiao Qing shook heard and sighed once more. "That is the funny thing... she didn't remember anything at all!" This what confused her the most. She asked Lu Yi Feng, "Is it because the hypnotist still working until now?"

Both of them didn't understand it for one bit --- after all, one was an idol and the other one was a businessman. How could they know anything about hypnotist ah~?

Lu Yi Feng shrugged both of his shoulders helplessly. "I don't know..." He truly didn't know ah~! However, it was indeed a possibility. "I will ask around," Lu Yi Feng made a promise.

Feng Xiao Qing quickly agreed... she believed in Lu Yi Feng's promise --- he would find out a way to help Xiao Xi Xi. She could finally sigh in relief --- this matter had been confusing her for a long time and she wouldn't tell Lu Yi Feng if he didn't find it out by chance.

Lu Yi Feng didn't want to overstep his boundary about Xiao Xi Xi's matter, thus, he asked carefully, "So... what do you plan to do?"

Feng Xiao Qing sighed and answered honestly, "I have no idea. It seems like I have to find a new physiatrist for her because if this continues on, I'm afraid that this will affect her in the long run..."

Feng Xiao Qing didn't tell him that in order to do that, she wanted to.... no, no, no, it should be said that she 'needed' to earn a lot of money. That was the reason why she was so focused on her lessons --- she needed to be successful on her debut, so she would be able to find a good doctor for Xiao Xi Xi above all things. After becoming a diva, no matter how expensive the best doctor was --- she could afford it.

Not everything should be depended on a man.

There was a good Chinese idiom --- qiúrén bùrú qiújǐ --- which meant that it was better to do something yourself than asked someone else for help. Depend on yourself!

If she could do it, she would do it by herself.

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However, she wasn't arrogant enough to reject Lu Yi Feng's offer when Xiao Xi Xi was in dire need of help... At least, she would know the answer why Xiao Xi Xi was like this and prevent this kind of thing from happening once again. She didn't want to ask much from him... Just this tiny little help! She knew that with his ability, this should be an easy matter.

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