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Chapter 1232 - Is She In Pain?

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Chapter 1232 - Is She In Pain?

Lu Lian was ready to go to Ming Rusheng. Jiang Yang changed into his normal clothes from the doctor's uniform for the surgery room. He came to take Lu Lian to Ming Rusheng and waited for her outside her room as Lu Feng and Lu Lijun accompanied them.

"Are you fine?" Lu Feng asked.

Jiang Yang sighed, "How do you expect me to be after long surgery?"

"You know what I mean?" Lu Feng countered.

"You think too much. Why would it affect me? It was an obvious reaction from her given her condition," Jiang Yang replied.

Lu Lijun understood what they were referring to.

Just then, the door opened and Jiang Yuyan brought Lu Lian outside the room. Jiang Yang took her to Ming Rusheng who was still in the ICU.

On the way, Jiang Yang explained to her. "The head doctor, your father's friend who had given more time to decide on his situation, was hopeful that something would happen. He had seen one such case before where one man showed some signs even after such a situation but ended up losing his life so he didn't wish to give false hopes to everyone but preferred to give some more time and be quiet."

Lu Lian quietly heard him and he continued, "After you left, the doctor came to check on him after those two hours were over. He must have found something and decided to wait for some more time. He didn't tell anyone why he was prolonging time but as he must have expected, finally Rusheng showed signs and he conducted a few more tests. There is still hope that he will be fine and will come out of it. He is not brain dead. We just need to be patient for the next results."

Though Lu Lian said nothing as she first wishes to see him, inside she was happy and had no words to express it.

Zhang Jei and Ming Lan were still there sitting in the chairs as no one wished to leave Ming Rusheng alone.

Ming Lan, who was sitting next to her mother with her head lowered with her eyes closed, felt someone standing in front of her and opened her eyes to see who it was and looked up.

"Lanlan," Lu Lian said and Ming Lan stood up as she hugged Lu Lian tightly. Lu Lian did the same and said, "He would be fine. He can never leave us. We will never allow him to."

Ming Lan just nodded and continued to shed tears.

"I will go see him," Lu Lian said and Ming Lan let her go.

Lu Lain went to the changing room where she had to wear the protective suit over her clothes. She entered the room and sat on the stool next to the bed where Ming Rusheng was lying in his unconscious state, not knowing how many people around were worried and praying for him.

"Thank you so much for fighting and coming back to us," she said while caressing the back of his palm as the tears found their way out. "Now I will never let you go and as I said, even if you push me away, I will never go away."

Lu Lian continued to say various things to him as if he could hear her while Jiang Yang and Lu Feng were looking at her and Lu Lijun accompanied Jiang Yuyan as she was standing away at a distance.

She looked calm and had no such expressions that showed what she felt but Lu Lijun could see she was worried.

Jiang Yuyan excused herself. "Where are you going?"

"Have to make a call," she said and left while Lu Lijun thought to go to where Lu Feng and Jiang Yang were talking.

They were looking at Lu Lian and Lu Feng asked, "You were scared, right?"

Jiang Yang nodded, "Scared to see the same thing again."

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"It's a relief it didn't happen or I didn't know how we would have handled Lian," Lu Feng added.

She came to where Jiang Yang and Lu Feng were standing. She was relieved to see Ming Rusheng was fine but then looked apologetic when she looked at Jiang Yang.

"Brother Yang, I am sorry," she apologized as she knew how rude she was with him.

Jiang Yang smiled lightly, "No need. In fact, I am happy that my cousin has such a strong and dangerous woman beside him."

Lu Feng looked at him, "Are you jealous, doctor Yang."

"Of course I am," he agreed and looked back at Lu Lian, "I am sad that I missed a chance to date such a lady. Why didn't I think about it before?"

Lu Lian smiled lightly, "If you have a chance, will you even give it a try?"

"Well, maybe the next lifetime," Jiang Yang replied.

"Yeah, because you have dedicated this life to someone else," Lu Feng commented and Lu Lian agreed to it.

"You Lu siblings are always so noisy. I need to rest now and take follow-up on my patient later." Saying Jiang Yang left while Lu Lian and Lu Feng sighed. They knew he can never forget Nicky.

Lu Lian realized something and asked, "Brother, whose heart that man got?"

"From some other person," Lu Feng replied and Lu Lian didn't ask further. As long as Ming Rusheng was fine, she cared nothing and she didn't mind being selfish for his sake.. He was the only one who mattered to her and not the other people who she didn't even know.

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