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Chapter 1230 - Her Fears Side

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Chapter 1230 - Her Fears Side

Doctor Hao, Ming Rusheng's doctor in charge, finally asked, "Doctor Du, the patient you are talking about is….."

"The only son of this hospital director," doctor Du informed.

Jiang Yang sighed, "The life of the director's son is more important, is that what doctor Du is trying to say?"

"You are taking it wrong doctor Yang," doctor Du countered, "Every patient is the same for me. I have been treating him for the past one year and I know how critical these few hours for his life could be."

"Past one year?" Jiang Yang scoffed, "He is the director's son. Was it that difficult to get a heart for him in the past one year that you suddenly came here with this emergency instead of taking action earlier?

This time, doctor Du sighed and looked at the other two doctors from his own hospital. Jiang Yang noticed it, "What's the matter?"

Doctor Hao replied instead of doctor Du, "When doctors decided to do a heart transplant for him, he could have got a heart available but the patient himself is a doctor and maintains his morals. He decided to go according to the list of patients already waiting to get a heart transplant and it took this much time to clear all the patients before him."

Jiang Yang felt speechless and heard doctor Du again sadly, "When his turn finally came, there was no donor. Not like I wish to sacrifice someone else for him but when I went through the file of this patient and we all can see there can't be any hope, I just don't want us to lose one more patient."

"One and half hours still left till doctors make the final decision," Jiang Yang said.

Doctor Du Nodded, "I was also about to contact you regarding this surgery, doctor Yang."

"Me? I know Doctor Du himself is one of the skilled surgeons in the city."

"The surgery would be critical and you are the only one with the highest number of surgeries and hundred percent success records. I don't wish to take any chance with this patient who has already suffered a lot while fighting for his life. If you don't mind, I would like you to visit the patient and say your opinion after going through the reports."

As a doctor, Jiang Yang could only agree to it, "Fine."

Doctor Du stood up and led Jiang Yang's way out.

Once the two left, doctor Hao leaned back in his chair, "What a bad day. The two who are on the verge of death are both someone we know."

"I hope at least one of them survives," the other doctor said.

"I hope both of them will survive," doctor Hao added.

"We can only hang on to false hopes."

"That's the worse part."


Jiang Yang left with doctor Du and reached one VIP room that was in the area of the same floor as Ming Rusheng but on the other side.

Jiang Yang entered the room as doctor Du handed him a patient file.

Jiang Yang looked at the patient as he accepted the file and thought, 'Why does he look so familiar?'

Jiang Yang went through the file and I could understand how serious the condition was and how important it is to get a heart transplant as soon as possible.

"We are in contact with other hospitals too and praying to get a positive response."

"Our prayers to save one person can cost the life of some other person," Jiang Yang said and it was the truth.

Doctor Du nodded, "A cruel fact."

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Jiang Yang closed the file and said, "If you get the donor, I will surely perform this surgery."

"Being the more experienced doctor, he must think there can be hope," Jiang Yang countered.

"You know the medical facts really well doctor Yang. I am just afraid we will lose some other life too while waiting for his chance."

Before Jiang Yang could say a word, Lu Lian interrupted him, "Doctor, if you are thinking of declaring him brain dead, then I won't allow you. For me, he is still alive as long as he is breathing. If you are too bothered to keep him here, I will take him to another hospital but don't you dare make any decision. Even if you do, I won't accept it. And if you stop, I will sue your entire hospital and you will face the worst."

The fear of losing Ming Rusheng brought the worst out of her. She was weak and exhausted physically but more emotionally but it didn't stop her from showing her protective determinations towards him.

Seeing her like this, everyone was shocked. She was not the usual calm Lian but someone so fears. Ming Lan and her mother arrived there and saw everything. If not for Lu Lian, they had said the same thing to the doctor but she did it already and they could only feel glad about it. Jiang Yuyan could almost see herself in her.

Everyone could see what she felt for Ming Rusheng and could cry even more. All were just helpless in front of the situation.

They all heard her again, "Do you understand me, doctor? He is my family and if you dare do anything, I won't leave any of you."

Jiang Yang immediately held her by surrounding his hand to her shoulder to calm her and he could see she would faint any moment. They were the last bits of energy left in her.

"Calm down Lian," Jiang Yang said and Wen Zac and Jiang Yuyan too held her.

She mumbled in a weak voice which was clear to everyone in that silent place, "I heard the nurse talking about someone needing a heart when I was changing that suit. Don't...Don't let them do it or I will kill the person who takes his heart."

"I won't. Just calm down," Jiang Yang a.s.sured as he felt worried for her.

Her eyes felt heavy and she mumbled, "Don't let me sleep, brother Yang...just do something…It's... his…." she was not in a condition to be conscious at all and fainted right away.

The nearby nurses brought a stretcher for her and took her back to her room.

Lu Feng and Lu Lijun who had returned after getting the news had finally arrived there and were shocked to see their sister in such a condition.. Lu Feng could expect it but it was a great shock for Lu Lijun.

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