You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 324 - Auction is about to begin

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Chapter 324 – Auction is about to begin

“Mommy Qing, daddy already has so many underlings, and yet, Ah Li only has uncle green and uncle red…” Donghuang Li said while stammering.

Take a look, just take a look at this, Ah Li is only this small and she has already been brought astray by that father of hers! She is only this small, and yet, she is already thinking about taking in underlings!

Qing Ya almost fainted from anger.

In the future, along with Donghuang Baizhi, we have to properly watch after Ah Li, we mustn’t allow Ah Li to continue being brought astray by Ye Hua!

However, Qing Yutong thought differently.

As expected of brother-in-law’s child, Ah Li is currently only three years old, and she already knows to begin taking in underlings. When Ah Li grows up, she is definitely going to soar through the sky.

What Ah Li just said was heard by some people at the scene.

This little fellow’s father has a lot of underlings! This is a very important clue, I have to make sure to remember this.

More importantly, this little fellow actually has two underlings. Isn’t that absurd? I reckon that it is just two adults playing around with her.

However, this was what they were wrong about. The green and red brothers were buried love family’s left and right protectors, and Donghuang Li was buried love family’s boss. In the future, Donghuang Li was going to bring buried love family to great heights.

Qing Ya began guiding Ah Li with a tender voice, “Ah Li, it isn’t right for a child to take in underlings.”

“Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Ah Li wants underlings~ Ah Li wants underlings~ Ah Li wants underlings…” Donghuang Li straightforwardly began throwing a tantrum, and this caused Qing Ya to have a headache.

If Donghuang Baizhi were here, Donghuang Li wouldn’t dare to throw a tantrum. After all, Donghuang Li was rather afraid of her mother.

However, since only Qing Ya was here, Donghuang Li dared to throw a tantrum.

Donghuang Li knew that Qing Ya wouldn’t really scold her if she threw a tantrum, and even more, Qing Ya would most likely come to a compromise and allow her to take in underlings.

Humph, don’t look down on Ah Li, Ah Li is very smart!

“That is out of the question!” Qing Ya didn’t know how to coax Ah Li. After all, Ah Li has always been very obedient.

“Boohoo~ Boohoo~ Ah Li wants daddy~” Donghuang Li straightforwardly unleashed her ultimate attack, causing Qing Ya to become at a complete loss on what to do.

Not knowing what to do, Qing Ya looked towards her sister for help.

“Don’t look at me.” Qing Yutong said as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Lady, you should stop holding back the child and let the child fly on her own.” Chu Bo said with a slight smile.

Qing Ya looked coldly at Chu Bo and shouted out, “Shut up!”

Faced against Donghuang Li who was bawling, Qing Ya let out a light sigh, “Don’t cry anymore.”

“Mommy Qing, have you agreed to let Ah Li take in underlings?” With her watery big eyes, Donghuang Li asked while looking pitifully at Qing Ya.

This was the first time that Qing Ya felt that it was really hard to look after a child.

“Mommy Qing will allow it if you are able to get your daddy’s approval.” Qing Ya had no other choice but to kick the ball to Ye Hua.


If daddy knows that I have taken in another underling, he would definitely be happy about it.

“Uncle, quickly come over, my Mommy Qing has already agreed to allow me to take in underlings.” Donghuang Li beckoned Chu Bo to come over.

Chu Bo immediately walked over.

“Uncle, lower your head.” Right now, Donghuang Li was still being carried by Qing Ya. And while being carried by Qing Ya, Donghuang Li said with a smile to Chu Bo.

As an underling, it was only natural that Chu Bo had to listen to Donghuang Li’s words.

After rubbing her hands, Donghuang Li placed her hands in the middle of Chu Bo’s forehead, then pulled Chu Bo’s hair to the sides.

Chu Bo who had his head lowered immediately knew what Donghuang Li was trying to do, and he had a helpless look on his face.

This Little Ah Li sure is mischievous…

“Uncle looks much more handsome looking like this.” Donghuang Li was very satisfied with her masterpiece.

It must be said, center parting hairstyle fits Chu Bo rather well, the center parting hairstyle gave Chu Bo a slight unyielding look to him.

“Ah Li has uncle’s thanks.” While speaking, Chu Bo took a look at Qing Ya and Qing Yutong.

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It must be said, after taking a close look at them, they are truly beautiful to the point that I don’t even dare to have any thoughts toward them.

Chu Bo didn’t follow along with his father, and instead, he was currently following along with Donghuang Li.

As an underling, it is only natural that I have to follow along with my boss, and it is also my duty to protect the boss and those two beautiful women.

Yuanlinglong’s existence was solely for the auction that happened once every year, thus, asides from being opened during the yearly auction, Yuanlinglong was rarely opened.

Of course, whatever that Yuanlinglong was used for, it all depends on Ye Xiao. After all, Yuanlinglong was Ye Family’s territory.

After pa.s.sing through the main hall, everyone arrived at a s.p.a.cious venue. The middle of the venue was cleaned up neatly, and the floor tiles that were made with jades were currently emitting out spiritual energy. Evidently, the jades that were used to make the floor tiles weren’t any ordinary jades and were evidently spiritual jades. Ye Family truly doesn’t hold back on spending money!

The seats have already been arranged, and the seats were split into three layers, upper layer, middle layer, and lower layer. The seats revolved around the middle of the venue, and the tables that were made with sapphires and redwoods looked impressive.

Fruits and desserts were arranged on the tables for the guests to enjoy, and on each table, there was even a servant girl standing by the side and waiting to serve upon the table’s guests. Although the servant girls weren’t exceptional beauties, they could still be counted as beauties.

The table that was on the platform was naturally where Ye Xiao was going to be seated.

A seat could be seen to have been set up right beside Ye Xiao’s seat, and from the looks of it, that seat must be Chu He’s seat.

Every seat had a name written on it, and even more, the locations of the guests’ seats have already been marked on the guests’ invitations cards.

While referring to their invitation cards, the guests began looking for their seats.

Although the seats were separated into three layers, it didn’t mean that the higher one’s seat was situated, the bigger one’s ident.i.ty was. Instead, the closer one was seated to Ye Xiao, the bigger the person’s ident.i.ty was.

Take for example, Xiao Yi, Tang Wushuang, and Bai Cixin, they were all outstanding family heads, and they were seated very close to Ye Xiao.

However, Song Huang was seated much closer to Ye Xiao compared to Xiao Yi and the others, and this allowed Song Huang to gain a lot of face.

This caused Song Huang’s gloomy mood to turn into a good mood.

It feels the best when everyone looks at me with a look of envy on their face!

Meanwhile, while carrying Donghuang Li, Qing Ya stood at the entrance and observed what was going on.

This seems to be different from what I had imagined, the seats are all marked with names.

“Big sister, we have been played by that Song Huang!” Qing Yutong looked at Song Huang who was currently already seated in his seat and said while panting with rage.

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