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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 97 - The Royal Princess (3)

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Chapter 97: The Royal Princess (3)

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Ming Shu retracted herself into the carriage with her arms around her legs, shivering.

I’m starving!

With such a weak body, how is it possible for me to fight those wolves outside?

A highly difficult task with an especially weak body, are you kidding me?


Ming Shu pulled aside the curtain and peeked out. The wolves might have seen her, as they were advancing in her direction. Several pairs of creepy green eyes stared at Ming Shu, which was very scary.

“Princess… Princess.”

The little girl woke up and got up with sore arms. She nervously looked at Ming Shu, who was leaning against the window right then. “Your Highness, are you…”

“Shush.” Ming Shu put a finger to her lips.

The little girl closed her mouth all at once. She followed Ming Shu’s line of sight. The scene outside immediately caused her face to pale, and all she could remember was to scream aloud. But fortunately, she thought of Ming Shu’s “Shush,” so she timely reached out to cover her mouth, preventing herself from making any sound.

Wolves… there are so many wolves.

How is this happening?

The little girl moved closer to Ming Shu, clutching Ming Shu’s arm tightly, and her voice trembled: “Princess, what should we do?”

Surrounded by so many wolves, how can we escape?

“Wait for a hero to save the beauty.”This was a common story. But considering she was not the protagonist, it was unknown whether there would be someone to save her.

“Ah?” What hero will come to save the beauty? Shouldn’t the princess be too scared?

The little girl gritted her teeth with tearful eyes. “Your Highness, let me go lead the wolves away, you take the opportunity to run and don’t look back. His Majesty will send guards to find you, don’t be afraid.”

Now she could only think of this way to save the royal princess.

Ming Shu stopped the little girl. “No, no, that won’t work.”

“Your Highness…” The little girl’s tears fell even more fiercely. “It’s all my fault, I didn’t protect you well…”

“Do you have any food?” I need to gain some physical strength!

“Ah?” The little girl was still coming up with words, and upon hearing this sudden question from Ming Shu, she was stunned for a while. Then she began nodding her head hesitantly. “Y-yes.”

“Give it to me.”

The little girl opened a box behind her quickly and took a few parcels from inside. There were some easy-to-carry dry food in the parcels.

Ming Shu became even more excited than upon seeing her loved ones.

After eating more than half of the dry food, Ming Shu was still hungry, but not so hungry as to die.

” Aowuuu —”

The wolves outside were howling with deep voices. Then, all of a sudden, the carriage rocked heavily, and some wolves jumped up onto the cover of the carriage. The little girl was frightened into screaming aloud, which made the wolves outside become even more excited. They started to jump onto the carriage one after another.

But Ming Shu was as calm as a log. She stared at the door while shoving the dry food into her mouth. Then she picked up the sword used by the last night, quite conveniently. “Remember, later you run from the back, and run as far as you can.”

“Your Highness…” The little girl shivered.

Ming Shu curled her lips into a smile. “Do as I say, or you will be eaten by the wolves.”

Ming Shu ate up all the dry food; meanwhile the wolves outside were about to break open the door. She pushed the little girl aside, then opened the door. The wolves suddenly became excited and began to roar.

Then the door was closed quickly again, and the little girl only got the chance to see a flash of cold light from Ming Shu’s sword.

Then, stepping to the tempo of the wolves’ howls, she stumblingly ran far away.

Somewhere near the bottom of a mountain…

A young girl was struggling to hold onto a tree trunk and pick up the green fruit hanging on the branch. She failed several times because of her height. After resting for a while, she continued to reach for the green fruit.

Her fingertips were getting closer and closer to the fruit, closer and closer…

Then, with a quick forward movement, she successfully grasped the green fruit, but then she slipped and her whole body crashed to the ground.


The ground was covered with gra.s.s, so actually it didn’t hurt that much. Ming Shu patted her b.u.t.t and then sat up, rubbing the fruit clean and stuffing it into her mouth.

Ming Shu looked up at the other green fruits, mouth watering, but she couldn’t reach them.

So angry!

Wait a minute… What was the ability of the Host?

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“Lord, it seems to be the royal princess.” The guard behind him took several steps forward and reported respectfully, “The news said the emperor’s team was attacked while travelling a few days ago, and the royal princess was lost. His Majesty is now sending people out to find her. Should I bring her over?”

“No.” The man looked over with a blank expression.

“Lord, if we take the royal princess back safe and sound right now, it may save us many troubles. It’s good for us.” The royal princess was a great trump card.

“No need.”

The lord said this in a cold voice and prepared to leave.

“Uncle, can you give me a ride?” Free ride, lucky me! I don’t want to run around in the wild for food, this weak body is so frustrating!

A melodic voice rang from behind him, and the little girl who was just now sitting under the tree now stood not far away with a few fruits in her arms, looking at him with a smile.

The man frowned slightly. How come she’s so fast?

“You’re speaking to the wrong person.”

“…” The wrong person? Impossible. The sign of King Huai’s house was so striking, and she was not blind.

But Ming Shu didn’t argue with him. She held the fruit and turned around, leaving.

No free ride, she had to accept the trials and hardships and walk back.

“Lord, we will meet again when we enter the city. I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to say that,” the guard whispered into the man’s ear. “You haven’t returned home for many years, but the royal princess could still recognize you, she is not stupid. Lord, we have to be careful not to get caught on the wrong side. And it is not good to offend her.”

She was the beloved “baby” of the Heavenly Temple.

If they didn’t run into each other, it might make sense. But now the royal princess was aware of them. And she greeted them. If they ignored her, and something bad happened to her in the end, then lots of people would take the chance to pour dirty water on the lord.

The man seemed to be impatient and said with a black face, “You send her back.”

“Yes, my lord.”

The guard breathed a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that the lord would disagree.

The lord jumped onto his horse, patting it; then the horse rushed out. Ming Shu was walking on the side of the road, and the horse pa.s.sed by with a gust of wind. She only saw the man’s figure disappearing after a very short time.

“…” Such an arrogant lord. Does your elder brother know about that?

Who was his elder brother?

Well, his elder brother was the country’s emperor.

Therefore, the Host called him Uncle in respect.

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