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Chapter 96 - The Royal Princess (2)

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Chapter 96: The Royal Princess (2)

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Cheng Jinxiu had never left the silly prince and they experienced a lot together. Finally, the silly prince accepted Cheng Jinxiu and regarded her as the most precious gift.

The silly prince was naturally the lead male protagonist this world.

And Cheng Jinyun, the fake female protagonist, was affected by the Cheng family when they chose the wrong side. When the family was punished, the sc.u.m man immediately disowned the Cheng family.

As the kind female protagonist, Cheng Jinxiu pleaded for her family with the silly prince, and thus Cheng family thus wasn’t sentenced to death. But it was still degraded to the status of ordinary people, and since then the Cheng family had been on the decline.

The Cheng family blamed all of this on Cheng Jinyun. Every family member thought it was because Cheng Jinyun didn’t marry the silly prince, which had put the whole family into that condition. Cheng Jinyun was treated harshly by the Cheng family, and she transferred her hatred to Cheng Jinxiu, thinking that it was she who had taken everything away from her.

But she could do nothing about it. She couldn’t even feed herself.

Finally, Cheng Jinyun found she was pregnant. Driven to desperation, she went to that sc.u.m. And finally, she got herself and her unborn baby killed by that man’s new lover. Cheng Jinxiu buried her in the end.

After that, Cheng Jinyun was reborn full of hatred.

She was reborn at the time the “former” her was going to ask Cheng Jinxiu to marry the silly prince for her. Although it was Cheng Jinxiu who buried her, she didn’t feel any grat.i.tude because of it. Instead, her hatred for Cheng Jinxiu got stronger and stronger. She thought it was all Cheng Jinxiu’s fault, and her kindness was totally an act.

This time she didn’t let Cheng Jinxiu marry for her, and she herself married the silly prince. Step by step, she carried out her scheming revenge against the sc.u.m man, tortured Cheng Jinxiu, and finally killed the silly prince, controlling the country’s affairs with her child still young. Ultimately, she simply began to rule the country using her own name and became an empress in history.

What an amazing plot reversal.

Aside from the story prior to the rebirth, it was an inspirational drama about a true queen.

If you p.i.s.sed off a woman, well, prepare to sacrifice the whole world to save yourself.

The Host was called Shen Ci.

These events were happening in the time of the Wushang Dynasty. The Heavenly Temple was created by the Wushang Dynasty’s first emperor, who was especially interested in recruiting the world’s most extraordinary talents for special abilities for the royal family.

It could be said that the Wushang Dynasty had lasted for hundreds of years in prosperity, to which the Heavenly Temple made indispensable contributions.

And in the Heavenly Temple, there was one kind of person who was especially respected by the; even the master of the temple had to treat him with courtesy.

That was the Prophet.

The Host was a Prophet.

She was the youngest of the Heavenly Temple, but her status was the n.o.blest. However, the life of the Host was not easy, for she had to learn as much knowledge as she could, whether it was about verses, ditties, odes and songs (the four forms of poetry), or astronomy and geography.

Without knowing why, the Host was capable of almost anything except martial arts. She was like a canary kept in a cage, delicate and fragile, and others could only be allowed a distant appreciation but no close violation.

Not only her, but every Prophet was good at everything except martial arts. This meant that it required countless people to protect them.

It was not because the emperor feared being challenged and so prevented prophets from learning martial arts, it was that their physical condition didn’t allow them to practice martial arts.

Prophets could predict the future, and they may change the destiny of others, at the cost of life. In such a case, how could they not be vulnerable?

In order to appreciate the contributions of Prophets to the Wushang Dynasty, generations of emperors enn.o.bled female Prophets as royal princesses and the male ones as royal kings, their status only below that of the emperor.

But of course, they had no real power.

The relationship between the Host and the silly prince was good.

The Host was a kind girl. When she saw someone in the palace bullying the silly prince, she often stood up for him. Gradually, the silly prince grew closer to the Host and often stayed in the Heavenly Temple. The Host welcomed him as well. Sometimes they would just sit for an entire afternoon. The Host was learning while the silly prince was entranced.

Cheng Jinyun found out that the silly prince seemed to like the Host. Since her plan was to become the most distinguished member of the Wushang Dynasty, she wouldn’t allow any accident to change that. Therefore, she schemed many different ways to weaken the Host more and more.

The last straw that drove Cheng Jinyun to kill the Host came from the latter’s prediction, which was that Cheng Jinyun would bring bad luck to the Wushang Dynasty and destroy it.

Upon Cheng Jinyun learning of this prediction, she went to the Host earlier than anyone else, trying to persuade her to close her mouth. The Host refused. Then, during their dispute, Cheng Jinyun killed the Host by accident.

Cheng Jinyun might not have meant to kill the Host at that time, but since it had happened, she later managed to dispose of the Host’s body calmly. She imitated the Host’s handwriting and left a letter, saying that the Host had left the Heavenly Temple according to her own will.

Since then the Host had disappeared. The Heavenly Temple searched the entire city and nothing was found. No one had seen her since.

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Right now should be around the time the Host traveled with the emperor to the Guining Temple to pray for the country’s future. On the way back, she was attacked by these

[… Well, I’ll try to get rid of them next time.] The Harmony System sincerely accepted the complaint from Ming Shu.

Ming Shu was suddenly tempered.

She’d better keep herself away from this abnormal system.

Ming Shu comforted herself inside. It was hard to meet this kind of system, one that offered advice and played videos. If it could offer food like a magician… that would be perfect.

[As long as the Guest strives to earn Hatred Points, the System store has free snacks of all worlds to offer. Come on.] The Harmony System started advertising spontaneously.



And as many as I need!

Ming Shu suddenly came alive. Those one million Hatred Points didn’t seem so high.

Work work work.

But Ming Shu, who was full of pa.s.sion just now, withered all of a sudden in the next second. “Can I overdraw some snacks first?”

[Food is outside.] Why else would I work hard to wake her up? the Harmony System thought.


Ming Shu blinked her eyes open, then she reached out to push the half-covered door. The carriage had stopped on gra.s.s, and at this time outside the carriage was—

All these d.a.m.n wolves?

The horse pulling the carriage had disappeared. The who’d been left alive last night was being eaten by several wolves. The scene was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y.

Ming Shu was so hungry at this time, she really wanted to eat herself, but she couldn’t take any interest in eating something that consumed human flesh.

And, she really wouldn’t eat people.

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