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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 95 - The Royal Princess (1)

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Chapter 95: The Royal Princess (1)

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#Headlines of the Royal Palace: Shen Ci uses the prophecy skill to find food#


The bean-sized raindrops. .h.i.t the window of the horse-drawn carriage, the sound of which was like a song of war. Outside the window, screams and sounds of fighting were piercing through the rainy night. The smell of blood spread, with bright red rainwater streaming everywhere.

“Princess, Princess…” The faint voice sounded in Ming Shu’s ears.

Ming Shu’s consciousness was erratic, and it took a while to settle.

“Princess, are you okay?” The voice trembled, mixed with a bit of despair in the noisy rain.

Ming Shu felt soreness all over. She tried to sit up, but before she could sit properly, an abrupt imbalance made her pitch forward and onto the cold wood.

It hurts!

Are you serious? This world doesn’t have to give such a big greeting gift, okay?

“Princess!” The exclamation of the little girl rang.

Then Ming Shu was supported with a pair of trembling hands, the palms covered in cold sweat, showing that the owner of the hands was very scared at this time. Ming Shu looked up but only saw a thin and weak silhouette.

Ming Shu touched the skin that had collided with the wood just now. She sat still by holding onto the wall and leaned over to listen outside.

In addition to the sound of rain, there were cluttered footsteps and the sound of weapons colliding.

The minute I got here I encountered a fight. What an exciting thing.

“Take the princess away, quickly.”

An unknown voice suddenly screamed outside, then the carriage abruptly jostled, shaking Ming Shu to the back. This wild running in the rain was definitely more eventful than riding a bouncy car.

Ming Shu’s whole body was almost shattered. She grabbed onto every object that could be used as a support, barely stabilizing her body.

s.h.i.t. d.a.m.n it.

What kind of road killer is driving this carriage? Your license will be revoked, do you know that!

The carriage progressed b.u.mpily for a long time, and other than the sound of rain, there was no fighting. Then the b.u.mps gradually smoothed out, and they seemed to have reached the high road. The carriage stopped after running for a long time again.

There was only the roar of rain from outside. No one opened the door, and no one spoke.

The little girl with Ming Shu had long fainted, and it was impossible to count on her. Ming Shu had to try to push the door open by herself. She was weak and pale now, and almost had no strength.

It took her quite a long time to push the door open. Upon opening the door, the rain poured in, and half of her body was soaked. Ming Shu reached out to block the strong wind and rain, pushing open the jammed carriage door and bent over to get out.

Her entire person was soaked in the heavy rain. The wet, heavy clothes molded to her body, making her uncomfortable.

Surrounded by boundless darkness, vision blocked by curtains of rain, Ming Shu could see nothing but the shadows of some trees and the outlines of the mountains. It was impossible to tell where she was.

So tired… and hungry—I need to find something to eat first.

Ming Shu turned around and prepared to go back to the carriage. Suddenly a sword, gleaming coldly, appeared in the darkness and blocked her way. A voice dripping with sarcasm penetrated the rain. “Your Highness, where do you want to go?”

“Go back to sleep, do you believe that?” MingShu didn’t look back, answering the question with a light tone.

The owner of the voice kept silent for a few seconds. After a moment, the sword flashed to Ming Shu’s front, completely blocking her way back to the carriage. “Your Highness, why don’t you come with me to sleep somewhere else? I’m sure that no one will bother Your Highness there.”

“You want to kill me?” Ming Shu calmly turned around. She was standing high on the carriage, taller than the other, and condescended to lower her sight to the man in black. The latter was entirely wrapped in cloth, leaving only his eyes visible. The corner of Ming Shu’s lips lifted. “Who gave you the order?”

The man in black sneered. “Your Highness, blame yourself for not living at a good time. You blocked the way.”

Blocked the way?

Of whom?

For G.o.d’s sake, couldn’t he give me some time to learn the plot? We can discuss this later after I eat something…

Obviously, the opposite party didn’t agree.

The man jumped up in a single bound. Mixed with the wind and rain, the sharp blade cut the air with imposing momentum, directly attacking Ming Shu.

d.a.m.n, I’m over.

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I’m so hungry and have no strength to fight.

[… Guest, your life-saving skill is very special. ] The Harmony System wanted to say this earlier in the last world, but the Guest seemed to be a bit perfunctory and arrogant when it came to this topic.

No wonder she was fearless and unafraid of death.

At first, the System only felt that the Guest was very powerful and capable of causing and dealing with troubles. This was in line with its recruitment guidelines.

But after getting along with her these days, the Harmony System noticed more and more questionable (shining) points about the Guest.

“Maybe a little… It’s a pa.s.sive skill.” Ming Shu sounded slightly pitiful. “Who will commit suicide for nothing?!”

… Although she had done it before, now she was no longer a naive fool.

[…] Didn’t you commit suicide before? [A pa.s.sive skill? How many times can you use it?]

This was almost equivalent to getting an infinite resurrection buff in a game. Committing suicide was the key to starting a powerful slaughter, causing the level of violence to rise sharply. It would be very easy to pa.s.s all missions.

“Why should I tell you, shut up, you.” In addition to giving bad ideas, what else can you do? Useless system.

Ming Shu didn’t answer the Harmony System. Mainly because speaking consumed too much energy, and also because she was too hungry.


Ming Shu covered her chest, leaning against the window and gasping. She searched for a moment in the carriage and touched a paper bag that appeared to hold food. Ming Shu opened it and took a sniff. Great, it was indeed food. She decided to eat it, ignoring whether it was delicious or poisonous.

But the snack she found was not even enough for Ming Shu to sate her hunger. The last of her strength had been used to kill the man in black. She only wanted to find a place to eat quietly now.

Let me die with my snacks.

Don’t stop me.

Ming Shu was too hungry to even receive the plot, but the plot had begun to pour into her brain uncontrollably.

This was the setting of an ancient romance.

Cheng Jinyun, the fake female protagonist, was reluctant to marry a silly prince because she loved someone else. At the time before she was reborn, she planned to make her younger sister Cheng Jinxiu, the righteous female protagonist, marry for her. The two shared the same father but had different mothers.

As a result, the man Cheng Jinyun loved was total sc.u.m who only took a fancy to the authority of the Cheng family. With the help of the Cheng family, the sc.u.m achieved his goal of gaining an ident.i.ty and status. He began to indulge in depraved pastimes, and his original vows and promises became a joke.

At this time, the situation in the Imperial Court suddenly changed, and it turned out the silly prince would become emperor. The news shocked the whole world. No one imagined that the grand winner would be him.

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