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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 94 - Gorgeous Doctor (Complete)

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Chapter 94: Gorgeous Doctor (Complete)

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“Hui Xue?” Qing Chen was a little surprised. She and that psychopath were inseparable. How could she come find him?

“Why is she here? Where is she?”

“Miss Hui Xue seems to have been injured. I placed her in the west wing of the house. And I tried to treat her first, but she insisted on seeing you.”

Qing Chen moved away his quilt and got his feet on the ground ” Cough … Let’s go.”

“Master, you…” The guard swallowed his following words. He put the clothes on Qing Chen and escorted him out.

Hui Xue was lying in bed, with her face covered in blood, rendering her almost unrecognizable.

Qing Chen walked to the bed and was a little shocked. “How is it…” What’s wrong?

Was that psychopath okay?

Hui Xue tried hard to see clearly who was standing in front of her. Then she searched through her clothes to take out a little porcelain bottle, pa.s.sing it toward Qing Chen while saying in a faint voice, “Miss told me to give you this. Miss said, she has done what she promised you, and you don’t owe each other anything now.”

The porcelain bottle was translucent; inside a red liquid gleamed weakly in the light. Qing Chen stared at the porcelain bottle for a few seconds. “Where is she?”

Hui Xue shook her head and got up, holding onto her weak body, and said heavily, “Master Qing Chen, take care of yourself.”

“Where is she?” Qing Chen pressed Hui Xue back; there was a bit of imperceptible uneasiness in his tone. “What happened?”

That psychopath was so powerful, she couldn’t be hurt.

But why do I have a bed feeling…

Hui Xue had used up her strength, letting herself be stopped by Qing Chen.

Her eyes were getting red. “Miss…”

After Qing Chen left, Ming Shu seemed to search for food aimlessly in the Windy Mountain Range of Demons, but actually she was getting closer to where the dragons lay. Hui Xue only remembered the weather was beautiful when Ming Shu pa.s.sed through the border. She smiled as she told her and Liu Feng to roast the meat and wait for her return.


They only got a bottle of dragon blood and a letter written in blood, sent by the little beastie.

Later even the little beastie disappeared.

Ming Shu asked Hui Xue to send the dragon blood to Qing Chen, and that sentence…

She also said she was leaving and would not come back. Ming Shu asked them not to look for her. They should go back to Death Valley, and someone would contact them, help them clear the traitors, retake Death Valley.

Hui Xue couldn’t accept it. She broke into the dragons’ lair alone.

However, the dragon lair was not that kind. The injuries on her body were from that time. Later, she chose to send the dragon blood to Qing Chen first, because her time was not enough, and she couldn’t let Miss down, couldn’t waste the Miss’s kind feelings.

Liu Feng was still back there. She had to go back and find the Miss.

She believed that Miss must be fine.

Overtaxed, Hui Xue fainted. Qing Chen held the porcelain bottle and said to the guard after pondering for a long time, “Treat Miss Hui Xue and don’t let her leave.”


Qing Chen left the room. Outside, it was snowing heavily, with the ground being covered in a thick layer of white carpet. The snow fell on his face, his nose tip, his lips… He felt so cold, to the bones.


[Lord Nine, your mission will be completed after drinking the dragon’s blood. The mission this time is very strange. There must be something wrong. But fortunately, the mission is to be completed, and we can leave.]

Qing Chen tipped his head down to look at the dragon blood in his hand. That woman risked her life to send him the bottle of dragon blood, but she was doing it because of her promise, nothing else.

He should be happy since he got the dragon blood and could finish the mission.

But why… did he always feel a little uncomfortable in his heart?

[Lord Nine, don’t hesitate, she’s no more than an object in the mission.] The voice in his mind was still shouting.

“Don’t you think she is a little different?” Qing Chen stood in the snow. His clear and melodious voice pa.s.sed through the falling snow, and became as cold as that same snow.

[Yes… she’s indeed a little different. But the world itself has some faults, and it is not surprising that the characters inside have changed.]

Not surprising?

That woman was so strange.

I always feel that something was wrong.

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Maybe… he really was thinking too much.

The time seemed to speed by, and the picture turned to the Windy Mountain Range of Demons.

Qing Chen had taken off the robe and was now wearing gorgeous clothes, slowly marching through the forest. He was the most eye-catching splash of color in the green ocean.

Finally, Qing Chen stopped at the place where Ming Shu entered the dragons’ lair. Hui Xue and Liu Feng were still in the same place. They seemed to have been staying here for a long time.

“Master Qing Chen, you…?” Hui Xue came back here after her wounds were healed. She and Liu Feng tried every method to find the entrance, but they didn’t make any progress.

“She got in through here?” Qing Chen asked.

“Yes…” Hui Xue nodded, while Liu Feng looked at Qing Chen expressionlessly.

Qing Chen circled around the place for a while. “You didn’t find a way to get in?”

Hui Xue shook her head helplessly. “The pa.s.sage was opened by Miss. But we don’t know how the Miss opened it…”

They knew that the pa.s.sage was in front of them, but they just couldn’t open it.

They tried to break through it forcibly, but only got heavily injured by the self-defense shielding of the pa.s.sage.

Qing Chen didn’t know what to do in the beginning either. He stayed outside for a long time. In order to save time, the screen flashed again, directly to the scene where Qing Chen managed to open the pa.s.sage.

Hui Xue and Liu Feng intended to follow him in, but he refused.

Qing Chen stepped into the pa.s.sage.

The screen was suddenly swallowed by darkness. Then, after a while, it cleared with a magnificent scene of mountains and rivers. In the high sky, there were all kinds of dragons.

Ming Shu held her chin and looked at the scene for a while. Her eyes went gloomy for a few seconds. Then she waved her hand. “Okay, turn it off.”

The Harmony System directly shut down the screen without asking any questions. Then the information about Ming Shu showed up in the air.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 14000

Additional Task: Completed

This world earned me only six thousand hatred points! I knew it! To open the System store is nothing but a daydream.

Fine, go go go, let’s go to the next restaurant!

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