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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 92 - Gorgeous Doctor (39)

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Chapter 92: Gorgeous Doctor (39)

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Ming Shu’s clothes were heavily blood-stained. Even her inner clothes were bright red. When they went down the mountain, Hui Xue was shocked by the scary scene and felt very worried.

Later, after she confirmed that Ming Shu was not injured, the big stone pressing on her heart was slowly moved aside.

Ming Shu put on the clean clothes prepared by Hui Xue ahead of time, and then she dragged Xiao Rufeng toward the group of spirit beasts, throwing her into them.

Under such dangerous circ.u.mstances, Xiao Rufeng, perhaps still being protected by the aura of the protagonist, could always perfectly avoid the attack from spirit beasts, fortunately saving her own life.

But unfortunately, each time she escaped from the encirclement, Ming Shu would step up to her, regardless of Xiao Rufeng’s angry and resentful eyes—Ming Shu changed to another spirit beast group and again threw her into them.

After repeating this several times, Ming Shu finally heard the Harmony System telling her that she had enough Hatred Points.

Task completed! Ming Shu happily turned around in no time, leaving Xiao Rufeng behind without any hesitation. Great, now let’s take the patient to look for food.

Oh, that’s not right, it’s look for the dragon.

It was too difficult to find a dragon. Ming Shu searched almost the entirety Mountain of Dragon Bones yet found nothing related to a dragon. But she did taste everything that could be eaten around the area.

Qing Chen desperately wanted to kill her and just gave up the task.

Xiao Rufeng didn’t die.

Her inner cultivation still worked, but without knowing why, her cultivation level degraded over time, and finally she again became the loser who just pa.s.sed through into this world.

As to the taming between her and the dragon-snake, it disappeared out of nowhere when she became trash again.

She tried to find the dragon-snake, but the Windy Mountain Range of Demons was too big and was full of spirit beasts. She had now become a completely normal person, and it was impossible for her to find anyone in the Windy Mountain Range of Demons. It sounded rather contrived.

Xiao Rufeng also tried all means available to leave the Windy Mountain Range of Demons, and she succeeded. But she ran into Xiao Rufei and Feng Cheng upon stepping back into the outside world.

Xiao Rufei didn’t seem to know what had happened in the Windy Mountain Range of Demons. She insisted on taking Xiao Rufeng back to the Xiao family regardless of her rejection. Feng Cheng failed to stop Xiao Rufei because of the latter’s coquetries. In the end, he sent Xiao Rufeng back to the Xiao family with a dark face.

On the way, Xiao Rufeng escaped several times but was found and stopped by Xiao Rufei out of kindness.

The Xiao family was safe harbor for Xiao Rufei, but it was her h.e.l.l.

With no strength, no defenders, no matter how strong Xiao Rufeng’s will was, she would collapse in the long run. Not to mention that there was a Xiao Rufei front of everyone, appearing as the perfect model for comparison.

The time it took for a powerful person to be destroyed was only a moment.

At the beginning, Xiao Rufei may have spoken for her and protected her using the ident.i.ty of elder sister. But later, because Xiao Rufei and Feng Cheng had more and more things to do, they didn’t stay in Xiling as often. No one paid attention to Xiao Rufeng or cared about her.

Xiao Rufeng was married off to someone as a concubine by the Xiao family, playing the role of a marriage tool.

When Xiao Rufei was told about the marriage, Xiao Rufeng had already moved out of the Xiao family. She went to see her, but at that time, Xiao Rufeng had begun to behave abnormally. She almost injured Xiao Rufei.

Feng Cheng was very furious. If it wasn’t for Xiao Rufei’s pleading, Xiao Rufeng would already have been executed by Feng Cheng.

Since that night, Xiao Rufeng was locked away.

On the day of Xiao Rufei and Feng Cheng’s wedding, Xiao Rufeng somehow managed to run out and made a scene at the wedding. But because it’s an ill omen to kill at weddings, Xiao Rufeng saved her life one more time. Yet after that, she could only be locked in a small room, accompanied by a chain for the rest of her life.


The unkempt woman looked at the ground. She was biting her finger and smirked from time to time.

“It’s mine. Mine… Hehe, mine, it’s all mine, all mine, hahahahahaha…”

A maid pa.s.sing by heard the sounds coming from inside and hurried to leave.

As for the Bai family, because they chose the wrong side and the wrong person, finally they were broken up by Feng Cheng. Bai Ruran was living a life even worse than Xiao Rufeng, and she was sent to the borderlands.

Ming Shu and Qing Chen continued to fight in jest or for fun. They never seemed to tire of teasing and tricking each other. On the whole, their lives could be considered as happy and lively.

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In the beginning, they were not pleasing to each other. But gradually, when Qing Chen was in a good mood, he would take the initiative to find food for Ming Shu. Although they still argued with each other from time to time, Ming Shu obviously didn’t contradict him like before.

“…” Ming Shu hesitated for a while. Finally she went and followed Qing Chen to the mountain on the other side.

The mountain was not high, but it was already very upright and steep for the Windy Mountain Range of Demons. It was also difficult to climb due to cragginess.

“Zhi Po, let’s see who will reach the summit first?” Qing Chen got a little excited.

“Why? What’s the stupid race for?” Ming Shu was not very interested. Her eyes constantly searched around, obviously looking for something to eat.

“It’s boring anyway, let’s do it.” Qing Chen winked at Ming Shu. “Or, you’re frightened? Are you afraid to lose?”

“It’s useless to provoke me.” Am I the kind of person who will be motivated so easily?

“If you win, I will pick the rootless fruits for you.”


Ming Shu flew up and grabbed the vines on the cliff. Within the blink of an eye she had moved up a dozen meters.


Got excited when food’s on the table? This woman!

Did she starve to death in her previous life?

Qing Chen was totally speechless. He had to catch up with Ming Shu quickly.

On the top of the mountain, in addition to trees and stones, there was nothing else around.

Ming Shu almost kicked Qing Chen down.

“Don’t be so rude, look, the scenery here is quite brilliant!” Qing Chen pointed at the mountain range in the distance. Viewing the Windy Mountain Range of Demons from this height really presented a beautiful picture.

“Well, perhaps you’d like to settle down here?” Ming Shu chuckled as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“…” Settle down in this wilderness? I knew she was a nut. “Miss Zhi Po, if you want to be with me, it might be not bad to settle here. Miss Zhi Po, what do you think… Hey, wait! Miss Zhi Po…”

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