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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 919 - West Wind Extra (29)

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Chapter 919: West Wind Extra (29)

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“Doctor Ye, a patient was just sent here. Doctor Mu is not around…”

The nurse stopped the man that was leaving. She panted heavily while speaking.

The man turned back into the hospital without any hesitation. He asked coldly, “What is the situation?”

The nurse told him about the patient’s situation as she led him in a brief run upstairs.

By the time the man finished his work, it was already midnight. The nervous family of the patient waited outside in the corridor.

“Doctor, doctor, how is my son?”

The man took down his mask and revealed his tired but handsome face. “He is out of critical condition.”

The family members hugged each other in relief.

The man turned and left.

He returned to his office. He sat on his chair and ma.s.saged his eyebrows.

He opened his drawer and took out a picture frame.

The girl in the photo was smiling brightly. There were fireworks behind her.

He touched the girl’s face.

His hands were stable on the operating table, but just now, they were shaking uncontrollably.


Ye West Wind placed the frame back and answered the call.


“Are you still at work?”

“Yes, a patient just got sent in.”

“Come back tomorrow.” Father Ye hung up immediately.

Ye West Wind knew what his father called him back for. He wanted him to go on blind dates.

Ye West Wind looked out the window. It was dark outside.

He sighed softly.

There was no s.p.a.ce in his heart for another person.

The next day, Ye West Wind took leave and went back home.

There were other people in his house. A young lady sat on the sofa. She looked at the floor and seemed shy.

“Father,” Ye West Wind called.

Father Ye didn’t show him a dark expression. That was unexpected. “This is my friend’s daughter. She was a.s.signed to your hospital as an intern. Please take care of her.”

Ye West Wind heaved a sigh of relief secretly.

It was not a blind date.

“Okay.” Ye West Wind nodded.

The young lady raised her head suddenly and then looked down again as though she got a fright. Her voice was soft as she said, “Sorry to trouble you, Uncle Ye and Mister Ye.”

“No worries. Your father and I are old friends. You can just treat this as your own house. Don’t go out and find a place to stay. Just stay here.”

“That will be too troublesome for you. There is no need to…” The young lady shook her head. She insisted that she wanted to find her own place.

Father Ye couldn’t persuade her so she asked Ye West Wind to take her around to find an apartment in case she got bullied.

Ye West Wind had taken leave for the day so he was free.

The young lady was not a local citizen, but her family should be quite wealthy. Hence, Ye West Wind found a small district that had a good environment with security for her.

The young lady didn’t have many things with her. She only had one luggage case.

However, it was not enough.

Ye West Wind went with her to shop for basic necessities.

Ye West Wind just pushed the shopping cart while the young lady chose her items.

Maybe she was shy, but the young lady never spoke to him.

Ye West Wind was in a daze. By the time he regained his senses, the young lady was throwing snacks into the shopping cart.

Ye West Wind looked at her with a puzzled expression.

The young lady felt his gaze and looked over embarra.s.singly. “Did… did I buy too much? Did I scare you?”

Ye West Wind regained his senses. “No.”

He had seen worse.

That person would want to carry all the snacks here home.

The young lady heaved a sigh of relief. She placed two more bags of snacks into the cart before leaving the snacks section unwillingly.

When he was sending the young lady back, Ye West Wind asked for her name automatically.

“Mu Xi.”

Ye West Wind was stunned.

Mu Xi…

Jian Xi…

Ye West Wind remembered the last time he saw her. It was during the turn of the millennium.

The bell signaling the start of the new millennium rang. Fireworks appeared in the air.

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He saw her for the last time then.

There was no rest for the hospital staff even during holidays. However, Ye West Wind would always take leave during this time. No matter what huge issues happened, he would not appear.

His phone would be off and he couldn’t be found anywhere.

“Uncle Ye, where is Mister Ye? Is he not coming back… to have a meal together?”

Father Ye shook his head and sighed.

Mu Xi saw that something amiss with Father Ye’s expression and didn’t probe further.

Since Mu Xi was an apprentice, she was free during the first day of the new year. She asked Father Ye if he knew how to go to the White Cloud Mountain Cemetery.

Father Ye looked at her curiously. “Why are you asking this?”

“Nothing…” Mu Xi didn’t reply to him.

Father Ye thought that she heard someone talking about it so he told her the directions. Then, he sighed and walked away with his cigarette.

Mu Xi scratched her head.

She followed Father Ye’s directions and found White Cloud Mountain Cemetery.

White Cloud Mountain Cemetery was really built on a mountain.

Mu Xi went up from the bottom of the mountain.

When she saw the person standing in front of the tomb, she was stunned.

She remembered the look on Father Ye’s face. She blushed. Did Uncle Ye think that she was here to look for Mister Ye?

The man stood quietly in front of the tomb. His expression was gentle.

This was an expression that Mu Xi never saw before.

Mu Xi walked quietly to Ye West Wind’s side and looked at the person on the tomb. She covered her mouth and gasped.

Ye West Wind frowned and looked at her.

He was unhappy. “What are you doing here?”

Mu Xi was frightened by Ye West Wind and took a step back. The flower in her hand dropped into the ground.

Ye West Wind looked at the flower and softened his expression. He pursed his lips. Isn’t Mu Xi from overseas? Does she know someone here?

Ye West Wind stopped thinking after a while.

He didn’t want to talk.

He didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone, either.

He turned his head and continued looking at the tomb. He hoped that Mu Xi would be aware of the situation and leave by herself.

Mu Xi took the flower up carefully and placed it on the tomb in front of him.

The young lady asked him carefully, “Mister Ye, did you know Sister Jian Xi too?”

Ye West Wind felt his mind exploding.

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