Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 918 - The 90s (28)

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Chapter 918: The 90s (28)

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Two months later…

Jian Shu arranged for Ming Shu to go overseas. A donor from overseas had been found so she could proceed with her surgery now.

Han Ying’s Hatred Points were maxed out when he was receiving his sentence in court.

Thus, Ming Shu agreed to go overseas.

Ming Shu asked Jian Shu to keep this secret from Ye West Wind. Even if Ye West Wind didn’t say anything to her, she still felt bad for him.

It might be heartless and cruel of her to do this.

But she already had someone in her heart. There was no way she would like another person.

Jian Shu had settled everything for her after she went overseas.

“How long can I live?” Let me eat more snacks when I still have the time.

[One year.] Since the task was completed, the Harmony System was friendlier.

One year?

Was the surgery a success?

[Jian Shu decided to give his heart to you.]


“Xixi, what happened?”

Jian Shu rushed over from the kitchen worriedly.

Ming Shu shook her head. “I choked.”

“Eat slowly.” Jian Shu took two serviettes for her. “No one is going to s.n.a.t.c.h your food.”

Ming Shu nodded hurriedly. “I will go and sleep for a while in my room.”

“…” Jian Shu stared at her for a few seconds. “I will call you when it’s time to eat.”


Ming Shu grabbed her things and went up to her room.

The moment she closed the door, she let out a deep sigh.

“You mean that even if Jian Shu gave his heart to me, I can only live for one year?”

[This is the lifespan of this body. Even if you have a healthy heart, accidents will still happen.] The Harmony System didn’t hide anything from Ming Shu since her task was finished.

“Is Jian Shu crazy?”

The matching rate between siblings was high.

“In the original storyline, Jian Shu didn’t do this…”

Jian Shu is the male protagonist.

The heart is not the kidney.

There is no way he will have two hearts.

[I am not sure about this. Your existence will have an impact on the storyline. However, there is no need for you to worry about it. Your task is complete.]

Ming Shu: “…”

Harmony System, is it okay for you to be so heartless?

Are you sure that you are a decent system?


It was never a decent system.

“So if I don’t change hearts, I will not die, either, right?”

[Yes. But you will suffer.]

“I will feel better after eating.”

[…] Eating snacks to cure the heart? Amazing, my Guest, the heart disease experts will kill you.

She didn’t notice it before but after talking to the Harmony System, Ming Shu realized that Jian Shu would do a checkup whenever he brought her to the hospital.

A heart transplant surgery was a serious surgery. Both parties needed to undergo numerous checkups to make sure that their bodies were in their best state.

Does Father Jian and Du Wanyu knew about this?

When she came overseas, Jian Shu only told them that he was taking her for a holiday. Du Wanyu didn’t know what was going on…

“What are you thinking about?” Jian Shu reached out his hand and waved it in front of Ming Shu. “Why are you hugging so many snacks? You can’t have them all. Put them back.”

“Brother, I am going to…” Die soon. Ming Shu smiled. “I am going to take them all!”

Jian Shu placed his hands on his hips. He wanted to scold her but he couldn’t bear to.

A few foreigners walked over and gasped when they saw Jian Shu. Some bold ladies even blocked Jian Shu.

If foreigners found a person handsome, then this person must be really handsome.

Ming Shu took the opportunity when Jian Shu was being attacked by these ladies and dumped all the snacks into the shopping cart. Then, she pushed the shopping cart and ran.

“Jian Xi!” Jian Shu shouted angrily at the back. “Slow down!”

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In the end, Jian Shu paid for the snacks.

“Isn’t she preparing for the surgery?” Jian Shu was changing his clothes when the nurse came to find him. He sprang up. “She was still there when I left.”

“She’s gone. We can’t find her anywhere.”

Jian Shu pushed the nurse away and ran to the ward.

The ward was empty. There was no one inside.

She must have gone to eat secretly.

Jian Shu looked at all the places Ming Shu liked to go, but he didn’t find her anywhere.

She was gone!

Jian Shu was in a daze. Why did she suddenly disappear?

Jian Shu drove back to the apartment. It looked the same as before. A thin layer of dust had settled on the furniture as they hadn’t been there for a few days. They were staying at the hospital.

Jian Shu went to Ming Shu’s room.

Half her clothes were gone. Her luggage was gone too.

There was a letter on the table.

Jian Shu’s hands shook as he opened the letter.

Brother, I don’t want to die in surgery. I want to travel the world and eat all the good food. I will leave Father and Mother in your care.


A drop of tear fell on the letter.

Jian Shu put the letter in his pocket in a flurry and rushed to the airport in his car.

He looked at all the entrances with flights leaving this city.

The place was filled with people.

But they were all strangers.

Along the way, Jian Shu tried his best to stay calm and thought of all the ways she could leave this city.

However, he suddenly lost his energy at this time.

The lamps along the road lit up. Night had arrived.

Jian Shu looked at a store filled with exquisite snacks.

Every time they walked past here, she would run over.

He wanted to smile.

Tears fell down his face as he smiled.

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