Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 915 - : The 90s (25)

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Chapter 915: The 90s (25)

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So what if you have a knife?

I have one… huh? Where is my knife?

Forget it. A rod works fine too.

Li Meng watched as Ming Shu took out a rod from thin air. Before she could figure out where this rod came from, Ming Shu had already attacked her with it.

She dodged the attack in a flurry. The rod sc.r.a.ped past her arm.

In that instant, a chill ran down Li Meng’s spine.

Her entire body turned cold as though she was standing in the snow.

The girl opposite her seemed dissatisfied. It could be seen from her smile.

What was she dissatisfied about?


The rod struck at her again. Li Meng’s thoughts scattered and her mind turned empty.

She was not her match.

This was Li Meng’s only thought.

Li Meng avoided the rod among the ruins. The rod hit her a few times and it was extremely painful. It didn’t feel like a blunt object hit her. It felt like something smashed her soul.

Shua shua shua—

“Little baby, don’t dodge. Didn’t you want to fight with me just now?”

Li Meng clutched her numbed elbow. Her face turned hideous. Who wanted to fight with you!

She couldn’t get close to her at all. Even if she had a knife, there was nothing she could do.


The rod hit her stomach and she dropped her knife. Her back slammed onto the ground. The small rocks on the ground pierced her skin and stung her with pain.

She wanted to get up but the rod was placed against her neck.

[Hatred Points for Li Meng are full.]


Ming Shu tilted her head in bewilderment. Why is it full? I haven’t even started caressing her.

“Where is my brother?” Ming Shu bent down and said, “Tell me honestly. If not, I will kill you.”

“You dare to kill me?” Li Meng’s eyes were blood red. If a gaze could kill someone, Ming Shu would be torn into pieces by now.

Ming Shu smiled gently. “Why not? I’m going to die soon anyway. If I can bring you along, it seems like a good deal.”

“You won’t dare…” Li Meng was uncertain of herself. She’s going to die? Her heart disease… in her past life, she heard that Jian Xi didn’t live for long.

But death…

How can she talk about death so casually?

Even though I died once, I am still afraid of death.

I don’t want to die.

Ming Shu picked up Li Meng’s knife and placed it on her neck. She said nonchalantly, “There is nothing I don’t dare to do.”

The knife cut her skin.

Warm, fresh blood oozed out.

Li Meng’s face turned pale instantly.

Hatred filled her eyes. A tinge of fear appeared within.

Now, she believed that this girl might really kill her.

“Your… your brother, your brother is at… at.” Li Meng pointed in a certain direction.

Ming Shu followed her finger and looked in that direction. It was not the building that Li Meng was going to go up just now. She was pointing at the building behind it.

Li Meng took the opportunity when Ming Shu was looking away and attacked Ming Shu. Then, she quickly rolled to the side. The knife sc.r.a.pped her neck and formed a thin wound on it. Droplets of blood could be seen coming out.

Li Meng didn’t have the time to care about her wound. She hurriedly got up on all fours.

She wanted to leave this place.

This woman…

Is a devil.


Li Meng felt a sudden pang of pain in the back of her head and she fell onto the ground with her face down. She fainted.

The last thing she saw was the sweet smile on the girl’s face.

She heard a faint voice: “I don’t kill humans.”

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A good actress needs to believe what she says.

He would not allow anyone to hurt his little sister.

“Hahaha… I am talking nonsense…”

Han Ying laughed.

He told Jian Shu what happened that day. He even told him that she beat him up before too.

“This is the little sister that you are protecting. When she decides to be vicious, she does it much better than you…” Han Ying clicked his tongue. “I should really let you see her stance at that time. Honestly, I found her quite interesting then.”

Jian Shu didn’t believe what Han Ying said.

However, Han Ying didn’t care. He just wanted Jian Shu to pay back for what his sister did.

“Jian Shu, you have a good life.” Han Ying grabbed Li Le who was still unconscious. “You have someone to go to h.e.l.l with you.”

“You dare to kill me?” Jian Shu looked at Han Ying calmly. “Do you think that you will be able to get away after you kill me?”

“Hahaha, who will know that I killed you?” Han Ying let go of Li Le’s chin. “I have been preparing for a long time. I will not let anyone catch me.”

Jian Shu’s heart dropped.

He understood Han Ying very well.

If he dared to say this, it meant that he made ample preparations.

“That might not be the case.”

Han Ying turned around immediately.

The little girl had appeared at the entrance with a rod in her hand. She was smiling down at him.


Jian Shu couldn’t maintain his composure anymore.

“Why are you here? Hurry up and run away!”

Jian Shu shouted at Ming Shu. He was so agitated his body moved and he fell onto the floor.

Han Ying was crazy. There was nothing he couldn’t do.

Han Ying regained his senses and smiled coldly as he said, “Just as well, I don’t have to waste my effort to look for you…”

Ming Shu lifted the rod off her shoulder and placed the tip of the rod on the ground. She spoke softly, “I called the police.”

Han Ying: “…”

Jian Shu: “…”

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