Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 914 - The 90s (24)

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Chapter 914: The 90s (24)

After Han Qian returned home that day, she reported on her brother to Father Han soberly.

Now Han Ying sill lay in the hospital and lived an even more miserable life.

“Are you and your brother biological brother and sister?”

“How do you think our appearances compare, am I like him?” Han Qian pointed to her own face.

Ming Shu recalled Han Ying’s face in her mind. It was indeed very different from Han Qian’s, but normally biological brothers and sisters would share some similarities in appearance.

“Han Ying is the son of my father’s brother. After my mother gave birth to me, she couldn’t have children anymore, so they took in Han Ying and raised him with me in our family.”

People in this era thought that the family ought not to let their belongings fall into outsiders’ hands.

Han Ying was not their biological son, but his last name was also Han.

“Doesn’t your father…” Have many b.a.s.t.a.r.d children out of the family?

Han Qian knew what Ming Shu was trying to say. She looked very calm as if she had long been used to it.

“My father doesn’t seem to have any sons, and all the other children outside of the family… are girls.” This was probably his punishment.

“Han Ying is too ambitious and I dislike him.” Han Qian didn’t hide her real feelings. “I should thank you for this time. I’ve always wanted to contend with him, but he hurt me several times.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this, I think he’ll need quite some time to recover.” Han Qian waved her hands in the air like she wanted to wave away all unhappy things. “Jian Xi, about your brother…”

Han Qian’s face flushed when she mentioned Jian Shu.

She tried many different ways to get information on him.

Ming Shu wouldn’t interfere with Jian Shu’s private life and didn’t want to cause trouble for him. Therefore, Ming Shu was very aware of what she should say and what she should not say.

Li Meng stayed low recently. She was so quiet that Ming Shu couldn’t even feel her existence if she didn’t take the initiative to find her.

The semester was going to end and the final exam was coming.

Ming Shu stared at test papers all day long and worried.

Why is there such a thing as exams?

Do I need an exam?

I only need snacks!

“Little Xi, do you know what Boss Ye has been doing recently? He appeared and disappeared so mysteriously, we can’t find him at all.”

Ming Shu pinched an exam paper while turning her head to look at the empty seat.

Ye West Wind seemed to avoid her on purpose.

“What’s strange about him skipping” Ming Shu asked the errand boy back.

The errand boy scratched his head. “Good point.”

Before Ye West Wind came everyday, which may have made them forget that he was actually a student addicted to skipping

After the final exam, Ming Shu thought she could finally have a good rest and didn’t have to deal with those difficult marks everyday.

The Jian family didn’t have strict requirements for her grades, so she didn’t have to worry about receiving a bad score.

But she heard that Ye West Wind had to spend the winter holiday studying at home because he got very poor grades.

Throughout the whole winter holiday, Ming Shu didn’t see him other than meeting him at the Ye family’s yearly feast.

Snacks ATM… She could change to another!

Like Han Qian.

Han Qian had used all kinds of excuses to come to her during the holiday, covering the hidden intention of meeting her brother.

Jian Shu also spent most of his winter holiday at home and talked with Han Qian several times. But Ming Shu didn’t think they would end up together.

Instead, she thought the female protagonist Li Le might have a chance. Jian Shu and the female protagonist contacted each other several times.

Yet she wasn’t sure how far they had gone.

After the winter holiday, school started again.

Ming Shu watched the seat behind her which was still empty and breathed a sigh of relief; or perhaps it was just a long sigh.

Ye West Wind transferred to another cla.s.s.

His errand boys stayed, though. They still bought snacks for Ming Shu and carried her schoolbag for her, which was apparently ordered by Ye West Wind.

In another cla.s.s, Ye West Wind seemed to have changed into another person. He suddenly became interested in studying and wouldn’t go against the teacher, nor would he skip

His grades improved, taking him from the bottom all the way to the top twenty. In the mid-term examination, he even ranked top ten on the list.

During all this time, Ming Shu only met him once.

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It was a quick meeting by chance and Ye West Wind walked away in a rush.

Ming Shu looked up slightly at her and sounded light and casual. “So?”

“…” So? Are you not worried? Won’t you ask me where they are?

Li Meng thought her hair would turn gray when she tried to communicate with her.

So angry.

Li Meng took a deep breath. “They’re up here, won’t you come up and see?”

“Won’t I die if I go up? I’m not a fool!”

Ming Shu stepped back.

In the face of Ming Shu’s unconventional behavior, Li Meng was very confounded. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to call the police.”

Li Meng: “…”

Li Meng looked up, then came down very quickly. “Stop, Jian Xi, stop where you are! If you call the police, your brother will die immediately.”

Ming Shu paused. Li Meng thought her threat worked.

She rushed in front of Ming Shu quickly and stood in her way. Her hatred showed itself in the set of her eyebrows. “Jian Xi, don’t blame me, blame yourself.”

“Blame myself for what? I didn’t take you to the Jian family? I didn’t treat you like the Jian family’s real young miss?” Ming Shu looked at her with a faint smile. “Li Meng, tell me, why?”

The Host devoted herself to her just because of her fake kindness, but then what end was the Host given?

“Shut up!”

Li Meng scolded her.

“If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have become like this. Do you know how hard I’ve worked? Why were you born to be rich, why…”

Li Meng looked as if she was going to eat Ming Shu alive.

“You were just born into a good family, weren’t you? Why…”

“I earned myself a good family before birth, are you not convinced?” Ming Shu interrupted her without mercy.


Li Meng almost choked on air.

“Humph, Jian Xi, it’s no use arguing with me here. You’ll know the consequence later.” Li Meng took out a knife. “Go up.”

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