Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 912 - The 90s (22)

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Chapter 912: The 90s (22)

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Du Wanyu was actually not young, but you couldn’t find any sign of ageing on her young face, so she was still very popular.

It took Ming Shu and the other two family members quite a long time to squeeze into the crowd.

Du Wanyu happened to finish a section, and seeing her husband came to visit the set with their son and daughter, she immediately asked for the afternoon off.

“Is that Li Le?” Ming Shu asked while pointing to someone on the set.

“Ah, right, do you know her, baby?” Du Wanyu was curious.

Du Wanyu wasn’t very familiar with some others in the s...o...b..z and didn’t meet Li Le before, so she didn’t know her.

“Right, she’s my cla.s.smate.”

“Oh, your cla.s.smate, she’s a little powerful, baby. See, she came with that man who was a big brother in the business community, and he was very powerful.”

Du Wanyu pointed at a man who was a similar age to Father Jian.

“Humph.” Father Jian snorted at one side.

Du Wanyu glanced at Father Jian but didn’t intend to coax him. She hugged her daughter and called baby, baby, and baby again and again.

When it was lunch time, Ming Shu and Li Le met.

Li Le nodded and took it as enough of a greeting, but the man stopped.

“Boss Jian.” The man reached out his hand toward Father Jian and greeted him with enthusiasm. “It’s been years since we last met. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Father Jian also reached out his hand and held the man’s hand, but then took it back quickly.

Probably he was still angry because Du Wanyu praised the man just now.

The man didn’t feel awkward, though. He proposed an invitation naturally. “Since we met here, how about… having lunch together?”

Father Jian couldn’t just refuse as they were both kind of popular in the circle.

So the group of people changed to another, bigger box.

“This is Li Le, she’s an interesting little friend I’ve met.”

The man took the initiative to introduce Li Le, so Father Jian had to look at Li Le seriously now.

For people like them…

It could be put in this way, that if the person was not someone presentable or important, normally they wouldn’t take the initiative to make introductions.

Father Jian also introduced Ming Shu as the man knew Jian Shu and Du Wanyu.

“Li Le and Jian Xi should come from the same school, right?”

“We’re cla.s.smates,” Li Le answered.

“What a coincidence, haha, it’s fate.”

Father Jian and the man chatted, accompanied by Jian Shu.

Li Le spoke occasionally and expressed unique perspectives, which impressed the three men a little.

Ming Shu and Du Wanyu only focused on eating.

Ming Shu wasn’t interested in business. She was not here to make money.

Du Wanyu couldn’t understand a lot about their discussion; she was an actress.

“My suggestion is to buy it first, but it’s only my suggestion. I think the place will grow in value in the future.”

“I don’t think it’s a good place.” The man frowned. “What do you say, Boss Jian?”

Father Jian didn’t seem to care much and acted like an old man beyond the noisy world. “I’m out of business now.”

The man gave a look to Jian Shu and sighed. “Your son is really young and promising, but my son is not so reliable.”

But he admired Father Jian more as he could actually leave the entire company to his son at this time.

So many people wouldn’t be willing to let go once they reached the highest position.

If it were him…

Probably he couldn’t do it, either.

“The terrain was indeed a problem.” Jian Shu picked up the topic. “Miss Li Le, why do you think it’ll grow in value?”

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Li Le explained her a.n.a.lysis to Jian Shu briefly. The place they were talking about didn’t seem ideal now, and many people just went to see it and then left.

Ming Shu went to visit Ye West Wind in the hospital. He had almost healed and could leave the hospital.

Probably because they had been honest with each other, Ye West Wind showed his affection even more obviously than before.

Jian Shu sensed something.

He said to his sister, “Xixi, you know that early love is not allowed.”

It was not that he distrusted Ye West Wind. Actually, Ye West Wind grew up under his nose and he knew him well; if it really comes to marriage, he would be willing to marry his sister to Ye West Wind.

But at present, his sister was still too young, and Ye West Wind also hadn’t become a mature and reliable man…

The emotional fluctuations due to early love might be bad for her health condition.

“Early love? Is it edible?”

“You only know to eat.” Jian Shu formed a doting smile. “Right, did Han Ying cause trouble for you recently?”

“Him?” Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. If he didn’t die, he would probably be lying in the hospital.

Jian Shu also heard that the Han family met some troubles recently, so Han Ying shouldn’t have time to cause trouble for his sister.

“If you encounter him, remember to avoid him and come tell me, I’ll teach him a lesson for you.”

Ming Shu nodded her head. “Okay.”

“Xixi… It’s time for cla.s.s.” Ye West Wind waved his hand outside the door.

Ming Shu took her schoolbag from Jian Shu. “Bye bye, Brother.”

“You really don’t want me to send you off?”

“No, I’m feeling quite well now.”

“Be careful on the way.” He then roared to Ye West Wind worriedly, “Ye West Wind, be patient and careful!”

Ye West Wind replied with a salute. “Even if I get injured, I won’t let Xixi get injured.”

Jian Shu watched the two leave side by side and his expression became a little complicated. He slowly clenched his fist. What could he do… to save his sister.

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