Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 910 - The 90s (20)

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Chapter 910: The 90s (20)

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After quite a long time, Han Qian still didn’t come out. Ye West Wind became a little impatient.

“Xixi, should I send you home first?”

Father Jian had been staying at home recently. It was already late, and he was afraid that sister-loving Jian Shu would scold him again if he didn’t send her back now.

“You should go inside and take a look.”

Ye West Wind frowned. “You’ll stay here alone?” Is that okay?


Ye West Wind recalled the scenes of her beating others and said quickly, “Then you wait for me here, and don’t go anywhere.”

Ye West Wind went inside to find Han Qian.

The night club seemed to become lively all of a sudden. Many people kicked up a fuss and the noise spilled out.

Ming Shu was wondering what happened and suddenly felt someone approaching her from behind.

She bent down and avoided quickly, left her original spot, then stopped two meters away before turning around.

Two men stood where she was just now, looking at her with some surprise.

They didn’t seem to expect that a small girl would move so quickly.

Ming Shu gave two looks to the two men. “Are you…”

The two didn’t seem to want to speak, though. They rushed at Ming Shu at the same time and from two sides.

Ming Shu looked at them calmly. Just as one of the men was going to approach her, she took out Little Beastie and threw it at him.

The man was. .h.i.t straight off and fell onto a car which was parked by the roadside. He directly fainted without even making a sound.

The surrounding crowd backed away quickly for fear of trouble.

This was still a chaotic era.

Occasionally, fights between underworld forces might occur and it was rather normal.

Little Beastie rolled down to the ground after finishing its sacred mission, and it lay on the ground for a long time without moving.

Under the colorful lights, no one noticed its strange fur.

So sleepy.

My p.o.o.p-picker threw me away again.

But I don’t want to move.

p.o.o.p-picker, pick me up.

The other big man seemed to be frightened and his expression was ugly as if he’d swallowed a fly.


What did she throw?

Why did it make him fly straight out?

Ming Shu closed her lips and smiled, very tenderly.

She asked lightly, “Did Han Ying send you?”

Han Ying’s name seemed to pluck up the big man’s courage. He waved his hands and the muscle on his arms bulged, then he walked toward Ming Shu. “Little girl, come with me if you’re sensible.”

“What if I’m not?”

The big man revealed a ferocious look. “Then don’t blame me for showing no mercy to a pretty little girl.”

“Do you know what tenderness toward women is?”

The big man: ???

Ming Shu dusted off her clothes and said slowly. “That’s why you need to read books.”

The big man: ??? Why should he know that?

The man roared and rushed at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu knew that her weak body wouldn’t allow her to fight head-on, so she chose to use a weapon.

The man watched the weapon that was pointing against his forehead and cold sweat began to stream down his cheeks. “Wow, take it easy… take it easy.”

They hadn’t been told that this small girl had such dangerous weapons before they came!

The girl who was holding a gun tilted her head slowly and met with the man’s eyes. “Still gonna fight?”

The big man: “…” Fight what!

No matter how hard their fists were, it was impossible to fight against a gun!

“Don’t move, man. If the people behind me see me holding such a dangerous weapon and they call the police, I’ll probably be agitated; once I’m agitated, I don’t know if my hand will shake, and some accident might happen, peng…”

At this time, Ming Shu was almost completely blocked by the man, and the light was not bright around her. Ming Shu was hidden in the shadows, so the crowd standing at a distance couldn’t see what she was holding.

But if the man moved aside, they would definitely see it.

“Okay okay, I won’t move.”

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The man’s legs began to tremble.

“Xixi.” Ye West Wind helped Han Qian come over. “Are you all right? Who’s this… s.h.i.t!”

Ye West Wind almost screamed.

Little ancestor, where did you get this weapon!

Ming Shu put away her gun and went to pick up Little Beastie, then came to the door and blocked a car. “Get in.”

Ye West Wind knew it was not a proper time to talk now, so he threw Han Qian into the car quickly.

The car then drove away fast.

The man fell to the ground, soft all over.

He was scared straight to h.e.l.l…

Ming Shu sent Han Qian to the Han family, then went to the address the man told her.

“Why are we coming here? Little ancestor, we’d better go home now.” Ye West Wind was very worried. “Do you still feel uncomfortable?”

“Wait for me here, I’ll come down soon.”


Ming Shu looked at him, and Ye West Wind didn’t dare to move then.

He watched Ming Shu disappear into the unit building’s door.

Gritting his teeth, Ye West Wind followed her up.

It was very dark in the pa.s.sageway and no sound could be heard. Which floor did Xixi go?

Ye West Wind was a little regretful. He should have followed immediately just now.

Ye West Wind didn’t know which floor Ming Shu was on, so he had to look for her on one floor after another.

There were not many residences on each floor. Ye West Wind checked carefully and delayed some time, but fortunately he found it.

The residence’s door was open and the scene inside could be seen very clearly.

Ye West Wind’s eyes narrowed sharply.


Ye West Wind rushed straight in without thinking and stood in front of Ming Shu. The sharp knife pierced into his shoulder.


The knife’s owner was a little confused and murmured a moment later, “Ye West Wind, you’re really annoying.”

Ye West Wind’s face paled and lost all blood, but his eyes glittered with ferocious light like an irritated beast. “Han Ying, don’t you dare touch her!”

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