Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 909 - The 90s (19)

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Chapter 909: The 90s (19)

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Li Meng didn’t get a prize in the 1500-meter long-distance race. After her rebirth, Li Meng was only thinking about how to make her life better. She never thought about how to improve her own strength.

This was probably the difference between the female protagonist and fake female protagonist.

The female protagonist would think about how to make herself strong, rather than rely on others.

Han Ying was beaten up by Ming Shu. but didn’t lower his head. He kept looking for trouble instead.

He often took the opportunity of picking up Li Meng to cause trouble for Ming Shu.

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Han Ying.]

The Harmony System seemed to be irritated itself and released the task to Ming Shu.

Facing such a person seeking death, even the readers wouldn’t agree not to gain his Hatred Points.

But Han Ying’s Hatred Points were not easy to collect. During the following days, Ming Shu didn’t find any chance to beat him again. He fled quickly every time.

“Jian Xi, do you have a moment?”

Li Meng stood before Ming Shu and looked calm.

“Are you going to invite me to a meal?”

“…” Just keep dreaming!

Li Meng almost couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

She thought more and more that this woman was shameless.


She changed a lot…

It was very strange.

“Let’s meet here after school this afternoon. I have something to tell you.” Li Meng put a folded note in front of Ming Shu. “You’ll regret it if you don’t come.”

Then Li Meng turned back to her seat.

“I’m afraid I’ll regret it if I do.” I know the fake female protagonist doesn’t have any good intention at a glance, and I won’t go. Ye West Wind said he’ll invite me to have lobster.

When school was over, Ming Shu stood at the gate waiting for Ye West Wind, who was lecturing his errand boys.

“I’ll wait for you, come alone, or you’ll regret it.”

Li Meng pa.s.sed by Ming Shu.

Ming Shu bit into the hawthorn stick and pulled on a smile. Just wait if you like, but I’m not going. I’m going to have lobsters.

Then she turned to Ye West Wind and was about to urge him.

“What will that b.u.mpkin Li Meng wait for you for?”

Han Qian’s face suddenly appeared before Ming Shu. Her curly hair had already been returned to straight black hair, with glittering crystal hair ornaments on her head and colorful snacks in her arms, which ought to have been gifted by her pursuers.

She happened to pa.s.s here and heard Li Meng’s words to Ming Shu, so she asked out of courtesy.

After all, she was Jian Shu’s sister.

That Li Meng… She just didn’t look like a law-abiding person.

Seeing Ye West Wind was still talking to his boys, Ming Shu was bored of waiting and decided to have a small talk with Han Qian.

[…] If she didn’t have those snacks, the Guest wouldn’t even give her a second glance.

Guest is sn.o.bbish!

“Where does she want to meet you?” Han Qian was curious.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

Ming Shu gave Han Qian a look. “I don’t intend to go, so why should I bother figuring out the address?”

Han Qian thumbed up for Ming Shu silently in her heart.

She asked you for a meeting, yet you didn’t even want to know the address.

Do you have any respect?!

“Xixi, is this yours?”

Ye West Wind put away his belongings and also took Ming Shu’s stuff from her desk.

They were several extracurricular books. When he pa.s.sed them to Ming Shu, a note slid down.

The note happened to fall at Han Qian’s feet and Han Qian bent over to pick it up. It read the address written by Li Meng.

“Isn’t this my brother’s place?” Han Qian frowned. “Why did she want to meet you there?”

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“Your brother’s place?” Ming Shu raised her eyebrows.

She wasn’t willing to suffer just because she ought not to lose face.

“Okay, fine.” Han Qian gave an OK with her hand.

Ye West Wind took Ming Shu out of the nightclub and bought her some water. “I told you not to come to such places, your weak body won’t handle this.”

“Have you finished?” Ming Shu drank the water. “Are you brainwashed by Jian Shu now?”

“I’m worrying about you,” Ye West Wind murmured.

“Ye West Wind.”

The boy stood under the colorful light board and looked over with confusion.

“Do you like me?”

He heard the girl who was sitting beside him ask this lightly.

The confused sounds around him seemed to suddenly disappear.

The only thing left was the girl’s delicate face, with her lips slightly upturned and her entire person covered with tenderness.

Her eyes were so clear and she seemed to be in a pure world of her own. The surrounding lights were automatically screened out of that world.

“What nonsense are you saying?” Ye West Wind returned to himself. “I promised Brother Jian Shu that I would look after you. If anything bad happens to you, it’ll be my responsibility.”

No one noticed that the boy’s ears under the cover of his hair turned red.

“Don’t like me.”

The girl’s voice carried through the chaotic noises.

Ye West Wind was stunned on the spot.


He wanted to ask, but didn’t make any sound for a long time.

He saw the girl smile lightly. She seemed to think of something and the atmosphere around her became even more tender.

Ye West Wind swallowed. He was a little angry. “Who would like you.”


Ming Shu continued drinking her water.

Ye West Wind stood in place and didn’t know why, but he felt his surroundings became distorted. He didn’t know where he was standing and his mind became a mess.

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