Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 907 - The 90s (17)

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Chapter 907: The 90s (17)

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Father Jian talked with Father Ye for a little longer, then left with Ming Shu.

After getting into the car, Father Jian lectured Ming Shu again for some time.

“Give your brother a call later.”

Jian Shu was the first to receive the news, but wasn’t in the city; Father Jian happened to stay in the city, so he came in the first place.


Ming Shu answered very obediently. “Dad, are you hungry?”

“Yeah, a little bit. Why?” He didn’t have time for a meal as he came here from a meeting.

The girl showed a beaming smile with bright and expectant eyes. “Why don’t we go get something to eat.”

Father Jian thought of the fact that he rarely had meals with his daughter, so his daughter… should look forward to that very much.

Thinking like this, Father Jian told the driver to go to a restaurant nearby.

Watching his daughter eating food with great satisfaction, Father Jian began to reflect upon himself deeply. Was he too ignorant of his family?

He provided them with quality living conditions, but children still needed a father’s guidance.

Wanyu was frequently absent from home, too. This child must have been very lonely in those days…

He also remembered that he had listened to the doctor and sent his daughter to the countryside for recuperation.

Father Jian really wanted to slap himself right then. He was filled with regret and anger.

So Father Jian decided that he would leave Jian Shu in charge of the company affairs.

He was going to retire.

Jian Shu: ???

Jian Shu originally intended to quit his job because he was too busy to look after his sister, but his father also wanted to shirk his responsibilities?

If both of them quit from their positions, who would come to take responsibility for such a large family fortune?

Finally it was proven that the older, the wiser.

Father Jian won his retirement.

Jian Shu’s depression was shown on his face clearly.

The girl in the pink dress had woken up and escaped from danger.

The police found a kind of hallucinogenic drug in her body, and the wound on her wrist was also done by herself.

But why did she choose to commit suicide? Even the girl herself couldn’t explain it clearly. She also didn’t remember what happened during that time.

Discussion about the girl in the pink dress spread through the school.

Some people who were present at the feast that day may have spread the news that the girl in the pink dress b.u.mped into Ming Shu and Ming Shu was suspected afterward. So Ming Shu became the suspect in rumors.


Ye West Wind hit the desk hard, and the cla.s.sroom quieted down immediately.

He swept a gaze over the students. “Whoever dares to discuss this nonsense, don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

“These are all groundless rumors, don’t you talk nonsense!”

“Whoever the h.e.l.l dares to talk about it should be careful after school!”

His errand boys also stood and backed him up.

The students in the cla.s.sroom were startled and lowered their heads one after another. They fell into silence.

“We didn’t create the rumors. Nevertheless, if she didn’t do it, then there’s nothing to be scared of.”

A “brave” student murmured with discontent.

Ming Shu leaned her chin on her palm and chewed on the straw, not looking angry at all.

Hearing this, she looked up slightly at the girl who murmured.

It was none other than the girl who was run into by Ming Shu blocking Li Le.

Ming Shu released the straw and said lightly, “You’re at least a senior student, but why are your common sense and logic no match for even kindergarten kids?”

Compared to Ye West Wind’s errand boys, Ming Shu’s tone was rather tender.

But for no reason, everyone felt it was gloomy.

“What do you mean?”

The girl’s face flushed.

She insulted me saying I’m not even as good as kindergarten kids?

“I was insulting you.”

Ming Shu had basically become a master of provoking others.

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She would just diss anyone who came to her with no gifts.

But Ming Shu was certain that she never signed up for a race.

She heard about the sports meet when Ye West Wind’s errand boys discussed it, but she didn’t pay much attention.

“The list was submitted by each small group’s group leader. You’re already recorded and can’t cancel it.” The monitor was afraid that Ming Shu would regret it. Actually, not many people would sign up for the women’s 1500-meter long-distance running.

Group leader?

Who was their small group’s group leader?

Ming Shu glanced ahead. A girl with short hair was looking this way, and as Ming Shu looked over, she turned her head immediately.

Ming Shu’s mouth twitched. “Fine then, I’m okay with it if you want to take responsibility for my death. You can watch me die.”

The monitor was horrified.

It was just a 1500-meter long-distance running, and it may be tiring, but was it serious enough to cause death?

The monitor clenched the list. “Jian Xi, since you don’t want to partic.i.p.ate in the race, why did you sign up? I’ve submitted the names to the teacher, are you just playing me?”

Ming Shu c.o.c.ked one of her legs. “I didn’t sign up. Go find the one who signed up for me.”

The monitor: “But if you didn’t sign up, why is your name on here?”

Ming Shu: “You should ask the person who is in charge of this.”

The monitor frowned and was a little suspicious. “You really didn’t sign up for the race?”

Ming Shu smiled. “I have heart disease. Do you think I’d do that? Do you think I want to die so soon?”

The monitor: ???

Heart disease?

No one knew about that…

But thinking again, she thought that if she had heart disease she wouldn’t want others to know, either.

The monitor then left with an odd expression on her face, as well as the application form.

She didn’t dare to joke about a student’s life.

Although it may not be true, what if it was true? Who would take responsibility then?

The monitor looked at the group leader and felt even stranger.

After school at noon, Ming Shu stopped the short-haired girl before she sneaked away.

“Little girl, shall we talk?”

The short-haired girl’s hands froze, clenching on her backpack.

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