Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 906 - The 90s (16)

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Chapter 906: The 90s (16)

“Are you Miss Jian Xi?”

Two policemen suddenly walked in front of Ming Shu. From their stance, they were intending to question her.

“She has nothing to do with this. If you have anything to ask, you can ask me.” Ye West Wind stood in front of Ming Shu. “I was always with her tonight.”

Ye West Wind left for a while, but he felt that Ming Shu had nothing to do with this.

“Mister Ye West Wind, we are just doing a routine questioning. Please do not hinder our work.”

The policemen were firm.

Ye West Wind frowned. The policemen’s att.i.tudes were weird. He thought of something. “Did someone say anything against her?”

“Mister Ye West Wind, we will know the truth after we investigate this issue.”

Ming Shu raised her hand to signal Ye West Wind to stop talking.

“What do you all want to ask me?”

The policemen saw that Ming Shu was willing to cooperate with them and softened their att.i.tude. “May I ask you where you were during the time of the crime?”

“On the second floor eating. Many people saw it.”

The policeman glanced at Ming Shu. “Did you leave the second floor during this time?”

“I went to the washroom once.”

“Is there any witness for that?”

“Will you hold hands with people to go to the toilet?”

The policemen were caught off guard by her sudden mocking. “Don’t… don’t you girls like to go to the washroom together? Is there anyone that can prove that you went to the washroom?”

Ming Shu crossed her arms in front of her chest. “I stayed in the washroom for only a few minutes. I didn’t have the time to commit the crime.”

“However, someone said that you left for almost half an hour. How can you explain this?”

Ming Shu looked past the policeman and saw Han Ying who was not far away. Han Ying looked back at her.

Ming Shu smiled. “After I left the washroom, I followed the servants to the kitchen. The servants could prove it.”

“What were you doing in the kitchen?”

Ming Shu pulled up her mouth corners. “I went there to eat. What else would I do? Cook there?”

The policemen: “…”

The servants proved that Ming Shu was in the kitchen. She hung around the pastry chef and watched him make a few desserts before leaving.

After she returned to the second floor, many people saw her and she never left after that. She didn’t go to the third floor, either.

There were no surveillance cameras now and fingerprint technology was not perfected yet.

There was no way to form a conclusion as to whether the girl committed suicide or was murdered.

However, Ming Shu was not suspicious at all.

The guests here all had powerful backgrounds so they could leave after the questioning was done.

Ye West Wind sent Ming Shu back hurriedly.

The rest also started leaving once their families came to fetch them.

Han Ying and Han Qian prepared to leave too. Han Qian seemed to be in shock. She was lifted up the car by the people beside her. This whole time, she was in a daze.

Li Meng followed behind Han Ying.

“Little sister Jian Xi, do you need me to send you off?”

Han Ying stood in front of his car door and waved his car keys at Ming Shu.

“No thanks.” Ye West Wind rejected him firmly.

“Your brother is not here today,” Han Ying said. “Are you sure you don’t want me to send you back? You had a huge scare today, right?”

Han Ying’s gaze was always on Ming Shu. Does she really have heart disease? Why does she seem fine even after experiencing such a situation? Normal people are in shock too.

“You want to scare me?”

Ming Shu tilted her head and exchanged glances with Han Ying.

She found it weird that she got dragged into the issue just now.

And Han Ying’s reaction…

Is he trying to scare me so that he can inherit my snacks?

Han Ying placed his finger on the side of his lips. “Little sister Jian Xi, why would I do that? I have no reason to do it. You can’t just accuse me like this.”

Ming Shu replied sincerely, “Maybe you have something wrong with your brain?”

Han Ying: “…”

Why was Jian Shu’s younger sister so irritating too?

They made people want to kill them.

“Urgh…” Ming Shu suddenly clutched her chest and groaned.

Ye West Wind’s face changed immediately. He held onto her.

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Another person rushed over quickly and pushed Ye West Wind away. He grabbed Ming Shu and shouted, “Xixi! Xixi, medicine, where is her medicine?”

Once she arrived at an empty place, Ming Shu patted her clothes as though nothing had happened.

Ye West Wind widened his eyes. “You…”


“You didn’t have an attack?”

“Do you wish that I had an attack?”

Ye West Wind shouted angrily, “You scare me!”

He really thought that she had an attack.

“Han Ying wanted to scare me so I fulfilled his wish.” I am such a kind and thoughtful person. When I can’t hit him, I have to think of another way to anger him, right? I’m not stupid.

Ye West Wind recalled Father Jian’s reaction and knew that he was playing along with her.


Just as he was thinking about it, Father Jian came in with Father Ye.


This was the first time Ming Shu saw the Host’s father.

Father Jian looked similar to Jian Shu. She had to admit that the whole family was handsome and beautiful. Even as a middle-aged man, Father Jian was good-looking.

“You little rascal. You gave me a fright just now.”

Father Jian sounded a little stern but he had no intention of scolding Ming Shu.

Father Ye managed to get hold of the situation. “Little Xi, why are you provoking Han Ying?”

“He wanted to scare me so I fulfilled his wish,” Ming Shu said naturally.

“…” Father Ye was speechless.

“Why does that guy want to scare you?” Father Jian was angered.

“There might be something wrong with his brain.” Ever since the first time they met, Han Ying had bad intentions toward her.

Father Jian: “…”

He heard from his wife that his daughter become more lively and talkative. His wife mentioned that she was willing to talk to them and didn’t immerse herself in her own world anymore. At first, he didn’t believe her.

Now, he believed it.

His daughter was different now.

She had the energy that children her age should have.

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