Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 904 - The 90s (14)

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Chapter 904: The 90s (14)

Besides Ming Shu, Han Qian and Li Meng were also told to bring their parents.

Han Qian’s mother was dressed properly too. When Ming Shu and Mother Jian walked over, Mother Han gave them a look of contempt. “I was wondering who else was coming.”

Mother Jian placed her index finger on her and pulled them down a little. Then, she pushed them back. “Hoh, Lady Han, you should maintain yourself better. If not, your husband might go out and start enjoying himself.”

Mother Han widened her eyes. “Du Wanyu, what do you mean?


A fight seemed to be on the verge of breaking out. The teacher instantly interrupted them. “Mothers, please put down your personal problems for the time being first. We are here to talk about your children today. Ye West Wind, where is your parent?”

Ye West Wind, who was just being an extra at the back, quickly said, “This is my aunt. You can talk to her.”

Du Wanyu nodded her head. “Yes, you can talk to me if you have any problems.”

The teacher: “…”

After a while, the teacher regained her composure and asked Ming Shu and the others to leave.

Ming Shu and Ye West Wind stood on the left while Han Qian and Li Meng stood on the right. However, there was a huge gap between Han Qian and Li Meng.

“So embarra.s.sing,” Han Qian muttered unhappily. “I wonder what Father was thinking when he pulled you into the family.

Li Meng looked at Han Qian without saying anything.

“What are you looking at!” Han Qian got angry. “I feel disgusted every time I see your face.”

Li Meng continued keeping quiet so Han Qian couldn’t start a fight with her.

She glanced at Ming Shu. Suddenly, she opened her mouth. “Are you Jian Shu’s younger sister?”

Ming Shu was leaning against the wall. She tilted her head and looked over. Her eyes were gentle as she smiled. “Is there any problem with that?”

Han Qian looked around before walking to Ming Shu.

Ye West Wind stopped her.

The young man raised his eyebrows. “Don’t go too near to her. You can say what you want over there.”

The boy was taller and bigger than her so Han Qian didn’t step forward even though she was unhappy.

“Let me ask you, does your brother have a girlfriend?”

Han Qian lowered her voice.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “Your brother and my brother are enemies. I even hit your brother before. Why are you asking me this? Understanding your enemy?”

Han Qian gasped in surprise. “You hit my brother? That’s good. He lacks a beating.”

“…” Is this a real younger sister?

Han Qian looked at Li Meng’s direction. “He knew that this hair clip is mine but he still give it to Li Meng. He wants me to argue with her. He thinks that I’m an idiot and will not know his intention.”

Han Qian and Han Ying didn’t seem to have a good relationship. Ming Shu could hear that Han Qian’s tone was full of contempt.

A wealthy family is really messy.

Let me eat two hawthorn sticks to calm myself down.

Han Qian didn’t give up. “So does your brother have a girlfriend?”

“I don’t know.”

“Aren’t you his sister? Why don’t you know?”

Ming Shu replied, “My brother is out of the city most of the time. How would I know if he has a girlfriend or not?”

By right, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. His official girlfriend is the female protagonist.

Hence, this lady here has no chance.

After a while, Mother Jian and Mother Han came out. Mother Han glared at Li Meng before pulling Han Qian away. Li Meng gritted her teeth and followed them.

Mother Jian placed her arm around Ming Shu’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, baby, I’ve settled everything for you. If something like this happens again, you must call me. I’ll help you.”

Ye West Wind was speechless. “Aunt, are you not worried that she will go on the wrong path?”

“Why would she. My baby is so obedient. She will not turn bad.” Mother Jian had blind faith in her daughter. “Little West Wind, you must protect my baby well. If not, I will ask Jian Shu to hit you.”

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Ye West Wind: “…”

“…” It will be better if you have one. Then, you will not care so much about what I eat!

“In my heart, Xixi is the most important.”

Ming Shu looked away. Jian Shu gave her a smile.

Ming Shu pulled her mouth corners up and looked outside the car.

The checkup was long and complicated. Ming Shu was put through a lot of procedures.

The expert called Jian Shu away and had a long conversation with him. When Jian Shu came out, he said that her body was recovering well, but she couldn’t eat a lot of junk food.

Ming Shu knew that the lousy doctor would say that.

During the long holiday for National Day…

Ye West Wind invited Ming Shu to attend his father’s birthday banquet.

Ming Shu didn’t want to go, but Ye West Wind said that his father had invited a famous pastry chef for his birthday. He also said that there would be many interesting and rare dishes during the banquet. Ming Shu decided to go for the banquet.

The banquet was held in one of the Ye family’s villas. The people that came were all wealthy and powerful.

Ye West Wind brought the gift that he bought before. Ming Shu also brought a gift that Mother Jian prepared for her.

“Uncle Ye, happy birthday.”

Ming Shu pa.s.sed the gift to Father Ye.

“Little Xi is so big now.” Father Ye smiled as he took the gift. He placed his hand near his waist. “When I last saw you, you were just this tall…”

He might have noticed that this conversation was a little awkward so he changed the topic. “Did my little b.a.s.t.a.r.d give you any trouble?”

Ming Shu smiled and shook her head.

Her snacks ATM was very obedient.

Of course, it might be because Jian Shu was too scary.

“Then you all can go and play. Take good care of Little Xi.” Father Ye pat Ye West Wind’s head forcefully. “The young people are all upstairs. You can bring Little Xi up to meet all of them.”

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