Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 903 - The 90s (13)

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Chapter 903: The 90s (13)

Han Qian heard her gasp and grabbed the hair clip even tighter.

A few strands of Han Limeng’s hair got pulled out.

“Who says that you can take it? This is my favorite hair clip.” Han Qian actually didn’t like this hair clip much.

“Your older brother gave it to me…” Han Limeng’s eyes turned red. “I didn’t know that it was yours.”

“Bulls.h.i.t. Why would my older brother take my things to give you? You must have stolen it!” Han Qian’s voice was loud so everyone in the cla.s.sroom heard it.

“Your brother really gave it to me.” Han Limeng felt the gazes from the other people in the cla.s.sroom. “Qian Qian, let’s go and talk outside.”

“Don’t. If you all talk outside, we will not be able to watch a good show.”

The clear voice of a girl echoed in the room.

Han Qian looked over at the source of the voice. A little girl was sitting on a table with her leg on the chair. The other leg was hanging down from the table. Her sitting posture was really casual.

However, the girl was beautiful. She was like a doll, exquisitely dressed up in the display window of a shop. She had a harmless smile on her face. It formed a stark contrast with her sitting position.

The students in the cla.s.sroom were speechless.

They wanted to watch the show too, but they would not dare to say it like so blatantly like she did.

Han Qian felt that Ming Shu looked familiar, but she didn’t think that she had seen her before.

Han Qian retracted her gaze and poked Han Limeng with her finger. “If you are not guilty, why must we talk outside? Are you feeling guilty now? You stay at my house but you steal my things. As expected of a villager.”

“I didn’t take your things.”

Han Limeng emphasized her words.

Han Ying gave her the hair clip.

“How dare you still deny it.”

Han Qian raised her hand and slapped Li Meng.

Han Limeng’s body went slanted due to the force from the slap. She knocked against the doorframe and a huge red appeared on her forehead.

Han Qian didn’t want to let her off. She grabbed her and continued hitting her. “How dare you steal my things.”

Han Limeng didn’t retaliate at all so she could only be beaten up.

Han Qian brought some helpers along too. Han Limeng had some friends, but they didn’t dare to step out now. Han Limeng was beaten up badly.

Li Le couldn’t stand it anymore.

“What are you doing?” Ming Shu stopped her.

“I’m going to call the teacher,” Li Le said.

“Have you forgotten how she bullied you last time?” Ming Shu said, “If you feel pity for her, you might as well go brush up your cooking skills.”

Li Le: “…”

Did those two things have a relationship with one another?

Ming Shu pushed Li Le back to her seat. “Study hard and learn cooking.”

Li Le: ???

Li Le didn’t call the teacher, but she still came in the end. After all, such a huge commotion was made. Even the students from the other floors came over to take a look.

The teacher took Han Limeng and Han Qian’s gang away.

After a while, the teacher came back.

“Ye West Wind, Jian Xi, you two come over too.”

Ye West Wind, who just woke up: ???

Ming Shu, who was eating her snacks while shaking her legs: ???

Ye West Wind looked at Ming Shu curiously. What did you do this time?

Ming Shu shrugged innocently. She just watched a show and prevented help from coming. She was innocent.

In the office…

Han Qian’s homeroom teacher and their homeroom teacher were both there. Han Qian looked up with a straight back. Her face was arrogant and she didn’t think that she was in the wrong. All she needed to do was look down on Han Limeng, who was still weeping, and her image as an arrogant young miss would be perfectly displayed.

Han Limeng knew that these people here sympathized with the weak.

Han Qian had a good background. She didn’t. She could only gain sympathy from her teachers.

“Ye West Wind, Jian Xi, did you all aggravate the situation just now?”

The moment Ming Shu and Ye West Wind came in, their teacher pulled a stern face and questioned them.

Ye West Wind had always been a problematic child ever since junior high. All the teachers had heard about him.

However, Jian Xi was a pretty and obedient-looking girl. She always had a smile on her face and she looked demure and gentle. She didn’t give the impression that she was a bad student.

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But, in this half-month, she either daydreamed in cla.s.s or ate her snacks during the lesson.

“Get your parents here. You too, Ye West Wind!” I must talk to Ye West Wind’s parents and prevent him from leading other students on the wrong path!

Ye West Wind: “…” Why is it me again?

Ming Shu and Ye West Wind were chased out of the office. Ming Shu took out a sweet and popped it into her mouth.

“I’m going to die soon.”

Ye West Wind hugged his head. “You know that you’re going to die now? Why did you do that then!”

“My sweets are finished. What are you thinking?”


Ye West Wind touched his pocket instinctively and took out the hawthorn sticks that he bought in the morning. “Here you go. This is all that I am left with. Who are you going to bring to see the teacher?”

“My mother.”

As long as Jian Shu doesn’t know about it, everything is fine.

Mother Jian is easy to talk too.

She just needed to coax her and she would not tell Jian Shu anything.

Ye West Wind pointed at himself. “What about me?”

What should I do!

“You…” Ming Shu thought for a while. Ye West Wind had a stepmother. This stepmother always talked bad about him to his father so his father found him useless and didn’t like him anymore. “Why don’t we say that you were found by my parents on the streets?”

Ye West Wind: “…” Get away from me!

Ming Shu told Mother Jian about visiting the school when Jian Shu was not around.

As expected, Mother Jian was not angry at all. She went to dress herself up.

Jian Shu was a naughty child too, but he was smart. The teachers couldn’t find any evidence against he so she was never called to meet the teachers.

As for her daughter, she didn’t expect her to go to school.

She thought that she would not have a chance to be called by the teachers anymore, but she managed to get this opportunity.

A life was not complete if you never got called to meet the teacher.

Mother Jian’s thinking was a little different from a normal person’s. Ming Shu felt helpless too.

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