Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 902 - The 90s (12)

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Chapter 902: The 90s (12)

After Ye West Wind finished buying his things, he realized that Ming Shu was gone. He panicked. He turned around and looked at Jian Shu who was behind him.

“Where is Xixi?”

Jian Shu’s voice sounded.

Ye West Wind: “…”

How would he know where that little ancestor was?

She was still here just now.

Ye West Wind froze on the spot. Jian Xi realized that something was wrong and strode forward in big steps. “Where is Xixi?”

The latter wanted to cry. He covered his head to protect himself from a beating. “She… seems to be gone.”


Jian Shu was just about to explode when Ming Shu called him. She was standing among the crowd and smiling at them with a baked bun in her hand.

Jian Shu couldn’t be bothered with Ye West Wind anymore. “Didn’t I tell you to not walk away by yourself? I also said that you can’t eat all this dirty food…”

Ming Shu sighed as she lowered her head. My dear brother, if I don’t eat now, I will die!

“Did you hear me!” Jian Shu was really serious.

Ming Shu chewed her baked bun. She couldn’t remember what Jian Shu said but she nodded her head obediently. It was better to just listen to Jian Shu now. “I heard you.”

Jian Shu: “…”

Jian Shu knew that Ming Shu was just answering him for the sake of answering.

However, she was his dear little sister. He couldn’t bear to scold or hit her. What could he do about her.

Jian Shu felt helpless. He took the two of them out of the antique market.

Ye West Wind took the chance to walk closer to Ming Shu. “Where did you go just now?”

“To buy the bun.”

“You have no money with you.” Ye West Wind exposed her mercilessly. In order to prevent Ming Shu from buying unnecessary things, Jian Shu took away all the cash on her. Jian Shu even thought that he was the one who gave Ming Shu money this time.

“…” That is true. Ming Shu changed her words calmly. “I helped a little girl just now so she treated me to some buns.”

Ye West Wind didn’t believe her. It could be seen on his face.

He knew that this rich little ancestor was not someone who would help other people.

In the past, when she saw people getting bullied, she would walk past apathetically.

“You talk so much nonsense.” Ming Shu hastened her pace and caught up with Jian Shu. “Brother, what are we eating later?”

Jian Shu rubbed her head lovingly. “You are only interested in food.”

“Food is the paramount necessity of the people. ”

Jian Shu shook his head helplessly.

“Wait for me!”

Ye West Wind caught up with them, carrying his things.

At this moment, Li Meng and Han Ying lay on the floor at a deserted corner of the antique street.

Han Ying’s were broken, but he still picked them up from the floor and put them on his face. He looked at Li Meng who was beside him. “Do you know her?”

Li Meng was trembling in pain. She replied in a soft voice, “She stayed in the village where I came from for a period of time.”

Han Ying asked her again, “Do you two have grudges against each other?”

Grudges? Li Meng didn’t know why she suddenly targeted her. She was fine all along.

“I don’t.”

Li Meng denied it.

That was the truth. Jian Xi was the one who targeted her first.


Han Ying got up and brushed the dirt off his clothes. When he realized that the dirt had stained his clothes, his expression turned dark. “That was unexpected.”

He thought that Jian Xi was just a pure and innocent white lily. However, she was actually a rose filled with thorns.

“Let’s go, my dear little sister.”

Han Ying looked at Li Meng mysteriously before leaving with huge strides. He had no intention of waiting for her.

Li Meng struggled to get up and limped after Han Ying.

During cla.s.s, Ming Shu would either be in a daze or eating something. She had a bunch of sidekicks to cover for her so the teacher didn’t managed to get any evidence even though she was caught a few times.

The teacher looked at her helplessly. Why couldn’t she turn this iron into steel?

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“Teacher Zhang, sorry to bother you for a while.”

Are there any items that can lower the intelligence of the fake female protagonist?

[Guest, work harder. Once you activate the system store, there will be many items you can get.]

Ming Shu: “…”

Harmony System, that was some good marketing.

Do you think that I’m stupid!

There will definitely be something needed in exchange for the items. You will not let me use them so easily.

[…] Guest, you know too much.

You want to kill me to shut me up?

[I don’t dare to do that. All the best, Guest!] The Harmony System went silent after encouraging Ming Shu.

“Li Meng, come out.”

It was lunchtime now. Ming Shu and Ye West Wind came back earlier so there were not many people in the cla.s.sroom. Li Meng and her friends were in the cla.s.sroom too.

A few girls stood outside their cla.s.sroom. The leader was a cute little girl with permed hair.

The girls in this school all had straight balck hair so this little girl stood out with her permed hair.

She was the one who spoke just now.

The students in the cla.s.sroom started a furious discussion.

“Isn’t this Han Qian from second year?”

“She knows Han Limeng?”

“They both have the surname Han…”

“Han Qian is the First Young Lady of the Han family… is Han Limeng from the Han family too?”

Han Qian replied sweetly, “She is just a little girl from the villages. She doesn’t have the right to become a young miss of the Han family. Don’t think that she is the young miss just because she changed her surname.”

The students’ curiosity peaked. There seems to be some huge gossip opportunity here.

Li Meng got up and walked to Han Limeng. She reached out and made to pull her. “Qian Qian, let’s talk at the side.”

Han Qian took a step back in disgust. “What right do you have to call me Qian Qian? Han Limeng, let me ask you. Did you take my hair clip?”

“What hair clip?” Li Meng gave an innocent face.

Han Limeng saw the hair clip on Li Meng’s hair and pulled it off. The hair clip came off with a few strands of Li Meng’s hair. Li Meng gasped in pain.

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