Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 901 - The 90s (11)

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Chapter 901: The 90s (11)

Ming Shu didn’t have the time to grab Ye West Wind.

Jian Shu found them.

Jian Shu scolded Ye West Wind with a black face and took them into the car.

Ming Shu ate her snacks calmly and indifferently while Ye West Wind sat in the pa.s.sengers’ seat, frightened.

Jian Shu brought them out for a meal.

The location was a famous restaurant in the city.

Ye West Wind was rich, but he was still in school so his family didn’t give him a lot of pocket money.

“Xixi, how do you feel?”

“Not bad.” The food in the school didn’t taste good but the food outside wasn’t bad.

“Is your body fine?”

“Yes.” I am a little hungry.

“If you feel uncomfortable, you must tell me. Don’t make us worry about you.”

Ye West Wind flipped through the menu noisily. How can she be uncomfortable? She eats more than I do every day.

“Order the food properly.” Jian Shu looked over.

“…” Why are you so fierce? Why don’t you be fierce toward your sister!

When Jian Shu finished his questions, Ye West Wind had ordered all the dishes.

“Brother Jian Shu, how long will you stay here for?”

Jian Shu glanced at him. “Why?”

Ye West Wind rubbed his head. “That old man in my family is having his birthday soon. I want you to help me find a suitable present from the antique market.”

“Half a month.”

“So long?” Ye West Wind was shocked.

“There are specialists in heart diseases coming from overseas to have an academic exchange in our city’s hospital. I will bring Xixi for a regular checkup at the same time. I should be free this Come over to our house this”

Ming Shu: “…”

Ye West Wind: “…”

On, Ye West Wind came over early in the morning.

Mother Jian was at home too so she made a whole table of breakfast. Ye West Wind was so bloated, but Ming Shu just drank her milk slowly at the side.

“Xixi, you should eat more. You’re too skinny.”

“Aunt, don’t you think that she is eating too much?” Ye West Wind pointed at the empty plates on the table.

She ate so much.

This is just breakfast!

Who can afford to marry her in the future.

Mother Jian looked at the empty plates and said lovingly, “I will make more food for you tomorrow.”

Ming Shu put her palms together. “Thank you, Mother.”

Ye West Wind: “…” This whole family is filled with lunatics.

Mother Jian was really happy that Jian Xi ate so much. “You can go change after you finish your milk. I added some new clothes to your wardrobe so you can make yourself look prettier when you go out.”

In the past, her baby didn’t eat anything. She was so worried then.

“Mother, Xixi really ate too much today.”

Jian Shu tied his tie as he walked down.

Ye West Wind nodded profusely. Finally, someone normal.

“Xixi is still growing. What is wrong with eating a lot? Your father can afford to raise her.” Although she ate a lot now, her body was getting better.

“I don’t mean it that way…” Jian Shu saw Ming Shu’s threatening eyes and didn’t dare to continue. “Cough. Are you done? If you’re done, you can go and change your clothes.”

Ye West Wind: “…”

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Their faces were so similar, Han Ying knew that this was the Jian family’s princess that they always kept away.

Jian Shu pulled Ming Shu behind him. “What is the matter?”

“Why are you so nervous. I am trying to get to know her. Little girl, what do you think?” Han Ying tilted his head and looked at Ming Shu.

Han Ying narrowed his eyes. This little girl was really pretty.

The man’s gaze was blatant. He didn’t have any s.e.xual desire in his eyes, but there was a strange evil intention in it.

Maybe it was because she was Jian Shu’s younger sister.

Or maybe this person was a psychopath…

Whatever the reason was, Ming Shu just knew that he had evil intentions toward her. The reason was not important.

Ming Shu replied with a bright smile. “I am not interested in making friends with the inhumane.”

Han Ying’s expression turned dark. However, it disappeared in an instant.

“Han Ying!” Jian Shu grabbed his collar and pulled him in front of him. He warned Han Ying, “If you dare to do anything to her, I will not let you off easy.”

Han Ying pulled himself away from Jian Shu. He smiled. “Your little sister is so pretty. If I was Young Master Jian, I would probably keep her at home too.”

Jian Shu punched him.

Han Ying flew back and slammed into the counter behind him. The owner let out a gasp and hurriedly hugged the blue and white porcelain vase on the counter.

Li Meng went up and held onto Han Ying. “Are you okay?”

Han Ying retracted his hand.

Li Meng stood awkwardly. She didn’t know where she should place her arms and legs.

Han Ying didn’t seem to find anything amiss. He wiped the blood off his mouth corners and took off the gold-rimmed to wipe them. “This is rare. I have not seen Young Master Jian flare up in such a long time. Seems like… this little sister is very important to you.”

Jian Shu looked at him coldly.

Han Ying put on his “I am in a rush today so I will not talk to your little sister. We will chat another day.”

He turned and looked at the owner. “I will take the two items.”

Ming Shu ate the meatball in her hand slowly as she waited for them to pay their bill. She watched Han Ying and Li Meng as they left.

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