Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 90 - Gorgeous Doctor (37)

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Chapter 90: Gorgeous Doctor (37)

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I’ve met all kinds of crazy people, but I never met someone like this psychopath. She exposed herself to the enemy so thoroughly!

Qing Chen couldn’t understand what she was thinking. But now he understood why she left Hui Xue and Liu Feng down below—so that no one would stop her from going crazy.

Ming Shu’s smile was getting stranger and stranger. She lifted her foot elegantly and moved toward the dragon-snake. “What, you’re afraid now? Didn’t you say that you haven’t regretted anything? Now you start regretting?”

“What are you thinking?!” Qing Chen rushed to Ming Shu, blocking her forward pace, and frowned.

I still need you to cure my illness!

You have to cure me first, then you can do whatever you want, including ask for death.

But Ming Shu only glanced at him for a second, then ignored him and continued to approach the dragon-snake. “You have only one chance. If you miss this opportunity, you will not experience what is regrettable. Don’t miss it when it you by. Come on, past this village, there will be no such store.”

The dragon-snake was forced to retreat a few steps by Ming Shu. He clenched his fist secretly and asked, “Do you really think I can’t kill you?”

“Come on, you can.”

Ming Shu was wearing a smile and continued to provoke the dragon-snake.

The little beastie was holding its colorful egg and rested on a stone not far away. His black gemlike eyes were half-closed, seemingly uninterested in the situation at this time. Just when Ming Shu provoked the dragon-snake and asked him to stab her, the little beastie moved its hairy paw a little.

But because the colorful egg was going to roll down, it took the claw back again to catch it.

Then it casually flicked its eyes on the direction of Ming Shu.

“Zhi Po!”

Before the dragon-snake could take any action, Xiao Rufeng rushed out. She was holding a sharp weapon that came from nowhere and stabbed at Ming Shu with a loud cry.

Ming Shu really didn’t move. She calmly stood in place, staring at Xiao Rufeng rushing over.

The little beastie suddenly stood up. But Ming Shu gave it a serious look, so the little beastie had to lie down again after letting out an unhappy grunt.

Almost at the same time, Xiao Rufeng’s weapon pierced Ming Shu’s chest.

Xiao Rufeng was shocked by her own success.

Qing Chen originally thought Ming Shu was just joking with them. Although he stopped her just now, to be honest, he didn’t expect she would let herself be hurt.

But now, when Ming Shu was actually struck by Xiao Rufeng, he was completely stunned.

By the time he figured out Ming Shu really wasn’t defending herself, Xiao Rufeng’s weapon was already a millimeter away from Ming Shu’s chest. He responded quickly, but only grabbed the middle of the weapon, failing in stopping the blade from piercing into Ming Shu’s body.

Qing Chen threw Xiao Rufeng away with a palm full of Qi, then turned around to hold Ming Shu in arms. He almost lost his ability to speak. “You, you… are you okay?”

Is this woman really crazy?

Why didn’t she avoid the attack?

Ming Shu’s face gradually lost color, but the corner of her mouth tilted up and she raised her hand to hold the weapon. She moved Qing Chen’s hand away with her other hand and looked directly at Xiao Rufeng. “I said to let your owner kill me, not you, okay?”

Xiao Rufeng watched Ming Shu pull the weapon out of her body.


The b.l.o.o.d.y weapon fell to the ground, and blood rushed forth in its absence, splashing onto the gra.s.s. The white coat covering Ming Shu’s chest was soaked in blood, turning to dark red.

Ming Shu stared at the weapon and smiled lightly. “But it doesn’t matter, the result is the same anyway.”

The air was filled with the smell of blood as well as other strange things.

Xiao Rufeng had a very bad feeling now, which drove her subconsciously to move closer to the dragon-snake. When she thrust the weapon into Ming Shu’s chest, she felt the other woman had changed into another person. Boundless darkness and blood rushed over her. The light on the horizon was seemingly disappearing.

But she knew that there was no change in the environment, it was something deep inside her… Fear.

Ming Shu revealed a bright smile and blinked her clear eyes. Then, with her red lips slightly parted, she said to Qing Chen, “Stand a little further from me, I’m not responsible for any accidental injuries.”

In fact, this sentence was not responsible at all. Because as soon she finished this sentence, she already took action. Qing Chen was swept away by a strong Qi gathering around Ming Shu, hitting the tree near the little beastie, and he fell before it, looking right into its big eyes.

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The little beastie still held the colorful egg, rolling it in the gra.s.s, only staring.

But at this time, the face was very pale, and there was still blood at the corner of his mouth. His pupils radiated a kind of horrified emotion.

He recalled the moment just past, the horror of which could only be felt by someone who experienced it, and he was totally shocked now.

The dragon=snake shook his head. “You are not human.”

“If I’m not a person, are you?” Ming Shu touched the blood on her chest, then reached out to the dragon-snake. “Check this clearly, is this human blood? Do not mistake my species, okay?”

The blood of human beings is different from that of other species. It’s easy to distinguish for people like them.

What flowed in Ming Shu’s body was absolutely authentic human blood.


“No… impossible.” How could she raise her strength to this level in an instant? He hated to admit it, but he felt that just now she was able to kill him in just one move.

He was the powerful dragon…

The dragon family should be the most powerful!

Even if it was now restrained into a golden snake’s body, there should only be a handful of people on the continent who can beat him.

“You are definitely not human!” Humans would never have that powerful strength. The dragon-snake shouted disbelievingly, “What the h.e.l.l are you?! Don’t pretend to be mysterious!”

“Consider me a divine G.o.d.”

The dragon-snake’s pupils contracted sharply, and he refuted, “The divine family has long disappeared from this world. How could you be a divine G.o.d?”

Hey! This little goblin wants to cause trouble here.

I told you I’m a human and you didn’t believe it, now I say I’m a G.o.d and you still don’t believe it. What, you wanna fight?

In the end, the unconvinced dragon-snake was again beaten for a little while by Ming Shu. During the process he found that, amazingly, Ming Shu’s fighting ability recovered to a normal level, despite the deep wound on her chest. The dragon-snake tried to fight back. But when he intended to gather strength, he felt that the vessels in his body seemed to be blocked by something. The pain almost bent his back, leaving no additional s.p.a.ce for him to fight back.

Ming Shu crossed her arms over her chest and stared at the dragon-snake commandingly. “So, just so you know, the strength you absorbed into your body before has a side effect. You may not be able to use your Qi in the future. Well, you can choose to use it if you can endure the pain…”

I said that I’d make you regret coming to this world. And I was not speaking idly.

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