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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 9 - Gossip Queen (9)

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Chapter 9: Gossip Queen (9)

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In the dining room…

Except for the occasional clatter of chopsticks, those seated at the table were silent. Ming Shu was 100% immersed in her food, and the measuring gazes coming from opposite her didn’t affect her at all.

“Ahem…” Father Jiang made a coughing sound and asked with a rigid face, “Jiang Nian, what’d you come home for?”

“To have dinner,” Ming Shu answered, the words distorted as she chewed.


Mother Jiang kicked her husband under the table, then put more food on Ming Shu’s plate with a satisfied smile. “The child rarely comes home for a meal, save your words for later. Come, Niannian, try some of your favorite crucian carp.”

Before, she’d always drop in just to shout at them. When had she ever had dinner quietly like this?

Jiang Xun was sitting next to Ming Shu, his chopsticks unmoving. He barely ate anything and was thinking about something with a cold expression.

Ming Shu finished almost every dish on the table, making Mother Jiang feel both relieved and worried. She couldn’t help wondering how her treasured daughter was living and eating outside.

“Niannian, come home to Mom, all right? Look how skinny you are. It worries me every time I think of you living all alone away from home.” Mother Jiang was choking up again. She gazed at her beloved daughter with tears in her eyes.

Ming Shu put down her chopsticks and spoke while wiping her mouth with a handkerchief. “I weigh over forty-five kilograms, I’m not skinny.”

This sentence thoroughly ruined the atmosphere.

Father Jiang clapped a hand on the table, asking the question that had consistently come to mind. “What happened with all that news online?”

“Li Shaonan was bullying me and throwing his weight around!” Ming Shu answered, meeting Father Jiang’s eyes.

“…” Jiang Xun thought, Why do I feel that my sister’s a bit odd?

Father Jiang also felt perturbed. How could his rebellious daughter act like a tender lamb? In the past, she would’ve flipped the table by now.

“Bullying you?” Mother Jiang didn’t overthink it; all she paid attention to was the fact that her little girl was being bullied. “What’s the matter? Tell me, Niannian, I will not allow the pearl of my family to be toyed with!”

Leaning back in her chair, Ming Shu said, “Li Shaonan took away my role in the film; he intends to knock me out of the industry.”

“What?” Hearing this, Mother Jiang finally could not bear her anger.

Meanwhile, Father Jiang calmly responded, “Just take the chance to come back home, don’t stay in that business anymore. Being the young miss of the Jiang family, you will want for nothing.”

Saying this, Father Jiang expected a reb.u.t.tal. But Ming Shu only widened her smile and answered, “Dad, I’m the Jiang family’s young miss. If I just swallow my pride, people will laugh not only at me, but at our family! Shouldn’t I retaliate against him? What do you say, Dad?”

“… Well, yes.” Father Jiang nodded. Then he suddenly realized he’d been led by the nose.

He was about to take it back, but Ming Shu spoke again. “So, Dad, I want Starlight Entertainment under our family’s name.”

Jiang Xun choked a little, coughing.

Now both Mother and Father Jiang were looking at their daughter like she was a stranger.

Ming Shu didn’t talk back to Father Jiang, and it turned out Father Jiang was an easygoing parent. Because Ming Shu played a few tricks, in the end, she successfully acquired Starlight Entertainment.

Before, the Host and her father were very opposed to each other due to their stubborn natures. Neither of them were willing to concede.

If the Host had come back home and spent time with her family, Father Jiang would absolutely agree with her. He probably would have supported her; after all, she was the only young miss of the Jiang family.

Starlight was handed over to Jiang Xun. Father Jiang was concerned over Ming Shu’s inexperience, so he let Jiang Xun help her.

Mother Jiang asked Ming Shu to stay for the night. Thinking of the tasty food, Ming Shu happily agreed.

It was all for the food.


I have a tough life too!

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Zero 222: She deserves it! This woman is a b*tch who’ll sleep with any actor. She should be evicted and stop polluting our eyes.

Moon Breeze: Niannian, I offer you my heart. No matter what happens we’ll be on your side, so cheer up.

Online, the haters and the fans had erupted into war. Ming Shu was amused by the influx of comments as she ate breakfast.

It’s getting funny, a lot funnier than earlier.

Her whole body seemed to reflect sunshine, a slight, sweet smile on her face. She looked like a glittering star, full of vitality. Jiang Xun couldn’t tear his eyes off her.

“What are you going to do?”

Jiang Xun was sitting across from Ming Shu. At this time, Mother and Father Jiang had both gone out, leaving the two alone in the villa.

Glancing at her cheap brother, Ming Shu put down the phone and busied herself with drinking her porridge.

The sweet, soft taste made her expression turn gentler.

After drinking up her bowl of porridge, Ming Shu stood and looked at Jiang Xun, leaned in, and smilingly said, “An eye for an eye.”

She was not a softhearted person.

If someone dared to pull her hair, she would tear all of their hair from their scalp.

That smile made Jiang Xun feel a bit lost.

His nose was overwhelmed by a delicate fragrance. It was her scent, as light as that of bamboo—faint yet long-lasting.

Jiang Xun returned to himself when Ming Xi walked toward the door with her bag in hand. He stood up and followed her, saying in a low, deep voice, “Li Shaonan is a tough guy.”

Although the Jiang and Lu families had their own separate main businesses, not often running across each other, they had met on some occasions.

Li Shaonan didn’t leave a sound impression on Jiang Xun.

Ming Shu pushed aside a strand of hair that fell in her face. “Well, I look forward to finding out exactly how tough this guy is.”

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