Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 899 - The 90s (9)

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Chapter 899: The 90s (9)

They beat up the boy before returning him to Xu Fang.

He hurt Mother Jian first so Xu Fang didn’t dare to stop them.

She was afraid that they would really take her son away.

After this incident, Xu Fang and her son stopped creating trouble. The village was peaceful for some time.

Li Le asked Ming Shu to come for a meal the next day during lunch.

The meal was not bad, but it was not good either. Ming Shu was disappointed.

This female protagonist didn’t have the master-chef cooking skills.

Thumbs down!

Very soon, summer break was over. Ming Shu heard that after that incident, Li Meng went to the city and no one saw her after that.

Li Le was still in the village, but she didn’t do anything special anymore. She was just like a normal little girl.

After summer break ended, school would start.

Ye West Wind needed to go back to the city to study too.

Ming Shu told Mother Jian that she wanted to go to school. Mother Jian agreed happily.

However, on the same night, Jian Shu and Father Jian combined forces and rejected this suggestion.

Jian Shu even made a trip back personally.

“Mother, even if Xixi doesn’t know what she’s saying, how can you agree with her?”

Mother Jian felt wronged. “But I will feel sad if she always stays at home and doesn’t enjoy the things that she should be enjoying at this age.”

“School is a messy place. She can’t go.” Jian Shu was firm.

Ming Shu raised her hand. “Brother, I am better now. I think that I can go to school.”


“Brother… Jian Shu. I think that your sister is not as weak as you think.” Ye West Wind persuaded him too. “School is not a battleground. Don’t worry, I will protect her. I will make sure that not a strand of hair goes missing.”

Jian Shu sneered. “It would be a miracle if you don’t get beaten up. How can you protect Xixi?”

“How long ago was that?” Ye West Wind fumed. “Why do you still remember this kind of dark history? I was growing a new set of teeth then!”

“If you don’t let me go to school, I will secretly sneak out.” The Host’s dream was to go to school. For the sake of Hatred Points and snacks, I must go.


Jian Shu gave a stern face.

Ming Shu closed her lips and smiled.

The two of them stared at each other in silence.

Jian Shu realized that his sister got better recently, but that didn’t mean that she could go to school.

Jian Shu was so angry he didn’t sleep the entire night.

The next day, he lost to the two precious ladies in the family and agreed to let Ming Shu go to school to try out for a period of time. He set many rules for her too.

His intention was clear. Once something happened, she would not be allowed to go to school again.

The Host didn’t go to school before, but she still studied.

The Jian family hired a private teacher for her so the Host’s results were not bad. According to her age, she should be in senior high now.

Coincidentally, this was the same level as Ye West Wind.

For convenience’s sake, Jian Shu put Ming Shu and Ye West Wind in the same cla.s.s.

Ye West Wind was told that he would be killed if Ming Shu lost a single strand of hair.

“Boss Ye, who is this?”

“Woah, Boss Ye, are you in a relationship!”

“School just started. Boss Ye, are you progressing a bit too fast?”

“Get out of my way.” Ye West Wind chased away his sidekicks from middle high again. “Sister, you must tell me where you go. If not, your brother will kill me.”

“Will you not get irritated?” I just want to experience school life. I am not here to fight. Are you trying to get some of my snacks by following me?

“Why would I? You’re so cute. I must protect you.” Ye West Wind complimented her.

Jian Shu finished filling up the registration form for Ming Shu and saw Ye West Wind closing in on Ming Shu. He immediately walked over and pushed him away. “Don’t lean so close to my sister.”

Ye West Wind: “…”

Stupid brother.

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“I will send you to school if I am at home. If not, the driver will send you. Come back home with Ye West Wind. Don’t listen to his nonsense and go out with him. You must come back on time everyday. If not, you will not be allowed to come to school again. Do you understand?”

Among the senior high schools in the city, this was the best one.

“Boss, you haven’t introduced your sister to us.”

“Introduce us, please.”

They were in the same cla.s.s and they were his sidekicks.

Ye West Wind had no choice but to introduce Ming Shu to them. “Jian Xi, the younger sister of Jian Shu. You all better be careful of what you say around her. You all have seen how Jian Shu hits people.”

The sidekicks all took a step back.

After a few seconds, they bowed simultaneously. “h.e.l.lo, Sister.”

Ming Shu twitched her mouth corners. “What did my brother do?”

“Your brother… I can talk to you three days and three nights about it. In conclusion, when he was being a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, we were still little children. He was fierce. However, after he started helping Uncle Jian, he changed from being fierce to looking fierce. Everyone in our circle is afraid of him.”

“…” Sounds like a good brother.

There was no lesson on the first day. They just took their study materials and their school uniform.

Because of her status as Jian Shu’s sister, Ye West Wind’s sidekicks treated her really well. They seemed to have forgotten that their real boss was Ye West Wind.

“Sister, do you want to race cars?”

Ye West Wind slapped the person who suggested the idea on the head. “Are you looking for death?”

The sidekick grabbed his head. “Why did you hit me?”

“You are not allowed to take her to do dangerous things,” Ye West Wind warned them.

“I never said that I would take her for a car race. We can still go to a barbecue, right? I just want to bring Little Sister around to have fun and get to know her…”

“No. I have to send her back. That devil Jian Shu will call the house to confirm that she is home.”

“Brother Jian Shu is so strict?

“If he wasn’t, why do you think you’ve never seen her before?”


Ming Shu raised her hand weakly. “I can go for a barbecue.”

Ye West Wind liked to play so since Ming Shu agreed to go, he brought her along. He had forgotten everything that Jian Shu told him.

However, when he got back, he was beaten up badly by Jian Shu. Father Ye was there too, but he couldn’t stop Jian Shu at all.

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