Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 897 - The 90s (7)

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Chapter 897: The 90s (7)

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The woman stared with wide eyes. “Did I hit her wrongly? Look at what she did to my son. She doesn’t have a mother to educate her. What is wrong with me educating her? I’m her elder.”

“Sister-in-law, we have broken up the family already. This is my daughter.”


“Father, it hurts.”

Father Li ignored the woman and brought Li Le to the doctor in the village.

When they left, they b.u.mped into Ming Shu and Ye West Wind. Everyone was stunned when they saw them. These two people were dressed differently. They looked even better than the people in town.

“Who is this?”

“I have never seen them before. Are they from the city?”

“…She looks like someone from the Jian family. I saw the Jian family’s car outside a few days ago. This young man came out of their car.”

The Host never left the Jian family’s house, but everyone knew that someone was living inside.

Of course, a lot of people went to ask Little Li, but she didn’t tell them much. The villagers only knew that a little girl with poor health was living in the house.

Aunt Gui?

Aunt Gui dared to steal Ming Shu’s food, but that didn’t mean that she dared to leak out any news. If Mother and Father Jian Jian found out about it, she would be in trouble.

After this incident, Li Le’s family and Li Meng’s family cut ties. Father Li didn’t want to create a huge fuss because they were still his family, but Li Meng’s mother was too harsh on Li Le.

She went too far this time.

Li Le’s father stopped helping Li Meng’s family.

When Li Meng’s father came back, he scolded Li Meng’s mother and they even had a fight.

According to the original storyline, after Li Meng was reborn, the Host helped Li Meng during this period so her family still managed to live quite well.

However, now this didn’t happen and Li Meng had a hard life.


Ming Shu walked past the kitchen and saw Mother Jian holding her head. She walked over. “What happened?”

Mother Jian put down her hand. There was blood all over her hand. She leaned into Ming Shu. “Baby, am I going to die?”

Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu held onto Mother Jian and moved her hair away.

“What happened?’ Ye West Wind whistled and walked over. He saw Ming Shu and Mother Jian over here so he came to take a look too.

Mother Jian was feeling dizzy. She couldn’t say anything. She whispered with some difficulty, “Am I going to die? I feel so dizzy. I’m seeing stars…”

Ye West Wind looked at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu paused for a few seconds. “She probably… has hemophobia.”

Ye West Wind: “…”

The two of them called Little Li and carried Mother Jian to her room. Then, they treated the wound on her forehead.

“What happened to Lady?” Little Li asked curiously.

How did she hit her head?

Ming Shu asked Little Li to take care of Mother Jian and went to the place where her mother got injured. She found a stone that was stained with blood.

“Sister, what are you looking at?”

Ming Shu showed him the stone.

Ye West Wind was a smart person. He immediately understood what happened. “Someone did it on purpose.”

Mother Jian woke up after a while. She only remembered a sharp pain in her head.

She didn’t know who did it.

Mother Jian went to the village head’s house to make a call after she recovered a little. From what she said, Ming Shu predicted that she was asking Father Jian to send a few men over.

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Father Jian was extremely busy, but he worried about his wife and daughter too. He agreed readily.

Ming Shu ignored the boy’s scream and ordered the bodyguards, “Go and call the village head and the Li family.”

The bodyguards nodded and went off.

The village head and the Li family came together. Li Meng’s mother saw someone stepping on her son and pounced on her son. “What are you all doing? Let go of my son! Let go!”

The bodyguards were tall and bulky. They pushed the woman away easily.

The village head quickly went over to take control of the situation. “There is no need to fight. We can talk nicely.”

The woman shouted like a lunatic, “Village head, they attacked first. Look at what they did to my son.”

The village head wanted to gag her.

Did she not see the situation in the courtyard?

How dare she still scream like this was her territory.

Even he felt small and inferior in front of these big men.

“Xu Fang, calm down. We don’t know the situation yet.” The village head knew more about the people that lived in this house.

This family had been here for nearly half a year, but they didn’t create any trouble. They were polite people.

The village head didn’t even need to think much to figure out that this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d did something bad again. He probably offended the people in this family.

“Village head, why are you shouting at me? My son is like this, why are you shouting at me?”

Xu Fang’s voice attracted the attention of the villagers living around them. The news spread quickly and very soon, a huge crowd was in the courtyard.

Li Le came too. She stood in the crowd.

Li Meng came last. The moment she arrived, she was pulled to the front by Xu Fang. “Mengmeng, isn’t this your friend? Ask her to release your brother. He just took some things from them. Why did they beat him up like this?”

“Hey, is it a glorious thing to steal from other people?” Ye West Wind shone the flashlight on Xu Fang.

“Your family doesn’t lack food. Why are you all making such a huge fuss!” Xu Fang still thought that she was in the right.

Ye West Wind almost laughed in anger.

His grandfather lived in a village too, but the villagers there were more honest and reasonable.

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