Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 896 - The 90s (6)

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Chapter 896: The 90s (6)

Ming Shu stayed one more day at the hospital before she got discharged. Jian Shu had been with her for many days so he needed to leave for work the moment he sent Ming Shu back.

However, Mother Jian stayed behind to take care of Ming Shu personally.

Ye West Wind stayed too.

Li Meng saw them coming back. She didn’t recognize the young man, but from his attire and aura, he was not a normal person, either.

“Brother Jian Shu.”

Li Meng was curious why Jian Xi beat her up but she didn’t dare to approach her.

She waited for Jian Shu to come out and called him.

Ming Shu had said that she was not her friend so Jian Shu’s att.i.tude toward her changed. He became cold and distant. “Miss Li, what is the matter?”

Li Meng looked worried. “How is Little Xi?”

Jian Shu replied, “She’s fine.”

Li Meng was even more puzzled. “Brother Jian Shu, was Jian Xi in a bad mood that day? I… did I say something that provoked her?”

“Miss Li, if you have nothing else, I will leave first.”

Jian Shu nodded to her and walked around her.

The man walked with an upright posture. Even from the back, you could be enchanted by him.

This man belonged to Li Le last time. This time…

Li Meng looked at the house. She wanted to knock on the door but decided against it. She didn’t know what was happening now so it was better to observe first.

Maybe she was just throwing a tantrum.

“Sister, come, let me bring you to catch some birds.”

Ye West Wind took out the catapult that he just made and invited Ming Shu to come to the window.

“Can I eat them?”


The air in the village was good. All kinds of animals lived in the mountain. As more people walked up the mountain, a path was formed.

Ye West Wind didn’t dare to take Ming Shu into the depths of the mountain. He could only bring her to the foot of the mountain.

When Jian Shu left, he warned him that if anything happened to his sister, he would kill him.

Ye West Wind was a rowdy person, but he knew when to behave.

“Sister, look, there are fish here.” Ye West Wind looked at the stream flowing down the mountain. He took off his shoes and went into the stream to catch some fish.

Ming Shu found a place to sit down.

Ye West Wind was good at catching fish. After a while, he managed to catch two.

After he caught them, the two people stared at each other. Ye West Wind knew how to catch fish but he didn’t know how to cook them.

Ming Shu was disappointed at this cook. She thought that she would be able to eat something, but he didn’t know how to cook! Why did you catch fish when you don’t know how to cook them!

“Little Xi.”

Li Meng popped out from somewhere. She was smiling gently.

“Is this your friend?” Ye West Wind sat on the ground comfortably. He pulled up his sleeve and pant legs, revealing his fair elbows and legs. His face was attractive too.

Last time, Li Meng just saw this young man from afar. She didn’t expect him to be so handsome.

She felt envy toward Ming Shu. She had everything. Even the people around her were good-looking.

“No.” Ming Shu shook her head. Li Meng’s smile froze. Ming Shu continued, “I don’t have this kind of friend.’

Ye West Wind sized up Li Meng. Li Meng knew what this look meant.

This was how the people in the city looked at the people from villages.

They were not looking down on them. It was just a natural sense of superiority.

“That’s true.”

Ye West Wind misunderstood what Ming Shu meant.

“Little Xi… what happened to you?” Little Xi walked forward. “Are you still angry at me because of what I did that time? I really didn’t do it on purpose. I just wanted to make you happy…”

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She spoke so sincerely.

Ye West Wind hit a few birds but since he didn’t know how to cook them, they could only take the animals back and ask Little Li to cook.

They needed to pa.s.s by a portion of the village when they came down the mountain.

In this portion was Li Meng’s house.

There were many people gathered outside the Li family’s house.

“Li Le, you little b.i.t.c.h, how dare you hit my son. You useless and unlucky person. How dare you hit my son. I will beat you to death.”

There were no walls surrounding the houses so anyone could see what was happening inside.

A woman was taking a broom and hitting a little girl. The little girl moved around nimbly. The woman couldn’t even hit her clothes.

However, the little girl screamed and ran around like she was in pain.

“Kill her! Kill her!”

A 14-year-old boy was standing at the side and clapping his hands happily.

Li Meng was also standing under the shelter. She had changed to a clean set of clothes. She just watched and didn’t do anything.

The woman was so angry she wielded her broom even harder. Li Le suddenly tripped and everyone gasped. The woman’s broom landed on Li Le’s back.

Li Le fell to the ground.


A big man pushed through the crowd and held Li Le up.

“Father.” Li Le’s voice was choked. Her face was pale. She looked totally different from just now.

“You came back at the right time. Look at what you daughter did to my son.” The woman saw Father Li and got even fiercer. She grabbed the boy that was clapping and lifted his clothes. The boy’s back was revealed. “Look, this is what your daughter did.”

Father Li looked at the boy’s back, There was only a faint red mark on the back. Even if his daughter did hit him, she just slapped his back lightly.

However, he saw the woman hitting his daughter with the broom forcefully.

Even just looking at it, he could feel the pain.

“Miss, even if Lele did something wrong, you should not have hit her.” Father Li helped Li Le up. “I’m not dead yet. I know how to educate her. I don’t need you to educate her for me.”

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