Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 894 - The 90s (4)

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Chapter 894: The 90s (4)

If Father Jian was here, Aunt Gui might still be able to plead with him. She had been with the Jian family for so many years so Father Jian might show her some mercy.

However, the person that came was Jian Shu.

Jian Shu was not a kind person.

Every time Jian Shu came, she would work harder. She was afraid that he would find out about her wrongdoings.

She dared to abuse her power because she knew what Young Miss’s personality was like.


Why did her personality suddenly change?

“Aunt Gui, the Jian family treated you well,” Jian Shu’s said harshly. “Is this how you repay us?!”

“Why are you shouting bright and early in the morning?”

A beautiful woman walked in with two people. She wore a smile on her face as she reached out and touched Jian Shu’s head. “My dear son, it is not good to flare up in the morning.”

The beautiful woman turned and saw Ming Shu. She rushed over immediately. “Baby, let me hug you.”

Ming Shu sprung up in fright and tripped over the chair behind her. She fell backward.

Jian Shu reached out and caught Ming Shu. He said irritatedly, “Mother, what are you doing! You scared Xixi.”

The beautiful woman felt wronged. “I just want to hug my baby. I have not seen her in 23 days and eight hours.”

“Don’t act so suddenly. What if Xixi falls down?”

The beautiful woman got depressed. “I’m sorry.”

Ming Shu felt that she was bullying the woman. This woman looked so young… If she didn’t have the Host’s memory, she would think that this was her sister.

“Baby, let’s hug. I brought a lot of nice food for you.” Mother Jian’s expression changed within a second. She was enticing Ming Shu now.

Ming Shu stretched out her hand immediately.

A hug for some snacks. Worth it!

Mother Jian got her hug and pulled Ming Shu to look at the food that she brought for her. There were also some clothes and accessories.

Jian Shu was speechless. “Didn’t you say that you don’t have any time these days? Why did you come so quickly?”

“My baby is sick. I will push away anything to come and see her,” Mother Jian replied naturally. “You got here faster than me.”

“I was nearer.”

“Bulls.h.i.t. Your father said that you were in S City.”

“Mother!” Jian Shu felt his head hurt. “Why are you cursing in front of Xixi?”

Mother Jian covered her mouth. “Did I say something wrong? Baby, did Mother say something wrong?”

Ming Shu took her snacks and agreed to her inaudibly.

Mother Jian was elated. “My baby is so cute.”

Jian Shu: “…”

Jian Shu asked Little Li to take Ming Shu out. He still needed to settle some things here.

Ming Shu sat on the steps outside. The room was quiet at first but then she heard Jian Shu’s helpless voice and Mother Jian’s furious scoldings.

Aunt Gui was removed on the spot. She tried to explain herself but Mother Jian didn’t give her any chance to.

Mother Jian married into the Jian family so she was not very close with this old servant, either.

Her daughter was more important to her.

Aunt Gui knew that it was useless to beg them so she packed her things and went to the city to look for Mister Jian.

Once Aunt Gui left, the pretty woman came out and hugged Ming Shu. She sobbed. “I told them that you should stay in the city, but that lousy doctor said that you must recuperate in the wilderness. Look at how thin you are now. You didn’t have enough food and clothing here. Sob…”

“…” Not having enough food and clothing is a little exaggerated.

Jian Shu pulled the woman away and saved Ming Shu.

The woman’s emotions came and went quickly. In the blink of an eye, she was smiling again and hustling around Ming Shu.

Ming Shu was afraid of this beautiful woman, but she would give her food all the time… I shall bear with her.

Anyone that has food is a good person.

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Jian Shu wanted to bring Ming Shu to town so Mother Jian decided to follow them.

“h.e.l.lo. It is rare for my baby to have a friend. You speak well,” Mother Jian said and smiled.

Ming Shu wanted to tell them that she was not her friend, but Mother Jian had already pulled Li Meng into the car.

Ming Shu: “…”

Mother Jian looked at Ming Shu with antic.i.p.ation. She was really happy that her daughter had a friend and treated Li Meng nicely.

Her daughter was always lonely. She had no friends in the city, either.

She didn’t expect her daughter to meet a friend in the village. As a mother, she definitely wished that her daughter would be happy.

Hence, she was all smiles when she saw Li Meng.

“Xixi, I want to go to town too. Aunt says that I can go with you…” Li Meng said shyly.

Ming Shu smiled at her. “Mother, sit beside me.”

Mother Jian went into the car happily and sat beside Ming Shu.

Li Meng felt that there was something amiss with Ming Shu, but she smiled at her just now so she just took it that Ming Shu was in a bad mood because she was sick.

Jian Shu drove the car at the front. Li Meng kept talking to Ming Shu, but Ming Shu just ate her food and ignored Li Meng.

Most people would keep quiet in such an awkward situation, but Li Meng just continued talking as though she didn’t notice anything. She tried her best to show how lively she was.

Jian Xi was a dull and quiet person so she needed someone outgoing to be her friend.

Mother Jian’s smile slowly disappeared when she noticed Ming Shu’s att.i.tude.

“Brother, stop the car.”

“What’s the problem?”

“I want to pee.”


Jian Shu stopped the car. Li Meng volunteered herself. “I will go with Little Xi.”

Ming Shu smiled at her brightly.

Li Meng felt a chill down her spine. She rubbed her arms in confusion. Why did that smile look so… sinister?

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