Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 891 - The 90s (1)

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Chapter 891: The 90s (1)

#90s Headline: Jian Xi Falls Sick Whenever She Wants To#

“Is this how you take care of someone? Why does she have such a high fever?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

“What is the use of apologizing? If anything happens to my dear baby, you will be in trouble.”

“I’m sorry…”

Ming Shu’s head was in pain. There was no strength in her body. People were talking beside her and a woman was crying. The sounds made her head hurt more.


The door opened and footsteps came nearer.

A plainly-dressed lady walked over. She looked at Ming Shu with concern. “Young Miss, are you awake?”

The lady seemed to be around 40 years old. Her hair was tied up beside her neck . Although her clothing was plain, she looked neat and clean.

“Is there anything to eat?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Please wait for a while. Aunt Gui will get some food for you.” The lady nodded immediately.

Aunt Gui returned with a bowl of porridge soon after. It was a little cold.

Aunt Gui didn’t seem to notice it and asked Ming Shu to finish the porridge quickly.

Ming Shu felt that this body must have not eaten for a long time. She gulped the porridge down in one mouthful.

“You are sick so you can’t eat any other things. Poor child. Take care of yourself. Once you recover, I will make delicious food for you.” Aunt Gui comforted her.

Ming Shu didn’t reply to her. She just asked for another bowl of porridge.

Once she finished all the porridge, Ming Shu asked Aunt Gui to leave the room.

Aunt Gui didn’t want to stay in the room either so she left the moment Ming Shu asked her to. She told Ming Shu to take care of her body and call her if she needed help.

Once Aunt Gui left, Ming Shu started scanning her surroundings.

The house was a little old and the furniture was ancient. However, the room was clean and s.p.a.cious and the lighting was good. There was a bamboo garden outside. The entire room gave off a comfortable and refreshing vibe.

Ming Shu decided to download the storyline first.

The fake female protagonist was called Li Meng, reborn.

Before she was reborn, she was an arrogant person.

Li Meng’s father was the manager of the town’s factory. If anyone wanted their child to work in the factory, they would have to go through Li Meng’s father.

Hence, everyone was jealous of Li Meng.

However, after some time, Li Meng’s father was laid off. Her father was used to idling around so he was unable to find a suitable job after he got laid off. He would either find the new job too tiring or the pay too little.

In the end, her father got addicted to gambling. He kept asking for money from his brother, Li Meng’s uncle.

Her uncle had a daughter called Li Le.

Li Le was not a smart child. She was always bullied by the people in the village. When Li Le’s father left for work, he would ask Li Meng’s father to take care of her.

Li Meng didn’t like this younger sister. She would always. .h.i.t her.

One day, Li Meng realized that Li Le knew how to refute her. She became good and started talking, and no one called her stupid anymore.

Li Le’s father stopped helping Li Meng’s family too.

Li Meng’s family went to create trouble a few times. However, since they were in the wrong, they didn’t get anything out of it and their reputation started going bad.

A while later, Li Le and her family moved to town.

Li Le went to school in town. Li Meng stopped studying after her second year in middle high. They heard that Li Le’s family bought a house in town so Li Meng’s father brought her to find his brother.

Li Le’s father let them stay in the house. After all, Li Meng’s father was still his brother.

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But, when Li Le came back, she threw a tantrum and chased them out of the house.

Jian Xi never went out so Li Meng didn’t have any opportunities.

Until one day, Li Meng saw Jian Xi standing on the bridge in the village. She was looking afar.

It was a simple bridge. There were no railings and it was raining at the time. Jian Xi turned and slipped. She fell down.

She grabbed the edge of the bridge and tried to pull herself up.

Li Meng knew that her chance was here.

She pretended to rush toward Jian Xi and tried to pull Jian Xi up.

Jian Xi trusted her since she was her friend.

Li Meng pretended to slip while pulling her up and both of them fell into the river.

Li Meng swam in the river for a while and sc.r.a.ped her leg in the process. Then, she went to rescue Jian Xi. Someone came by at this moment and saw her efforts.

Jian Xi fainted in the river so Li Meng pretended to be unconscious after she saved Jian Xi.

This happened during autumn. It was already very cold. Although Jian Xi didn’t die, she was unable to walk anymore.

Everyone in the Jian family was grateful toward Li Meng.

However, Jian Xi became weird. She would glare at Li Meng with cold eyes.

She complained to her older brother that Li Meng purposely pushed her into the river. She even saw her injuring her own leg and pushing back the time to save her.

Li Meng was an obedient child. Hence, Jian Xi’s parents thought that she was depressed since she couldn’t walk anymore and didn’t believe her.

Jian Xi’s temper got worse. She would throw a tantrum every time she saw Li Meng and even tried to hurt her.

Li Meng, on the other hand, continued taking care of her.

In the end, no one in her family believed Jian Xi.

Li Meng took over Jian Xi’s position in the family. She wore Jian Xi’s clothes, slept in Jian Xi’s bed, and managed to win her older brother’s heart.

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