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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 890 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (Complete)

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Chapter 890: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (Complete)

“Lian Jing, why did you seal the devil race?”

Ming Shu was bored so she asked a serious question.

Everyone said that he was selfless and did it for the country.

Lian Jing stopped moving for a moment. He pa.s.sed the food to Ming Shu before continuing. “I lost a bet.”

This was not his dark history so he didn’t mind talking about it.

The devil race was not as frightening as people thought they were. This was referring to the devils in later periods.

The devils in the early days were quite cruel.

Humans would die easily. However, a devil would not die unless it got killed.

Devils could fight with the descendants of a human forever.

Hence, toward the later ages, devils lost interest in fighting with humans. They viewed humans as idiots who would die soon.

On the other hand, the humans thought that the devils were still eyeing them.

The devil race got tired of the human race and made a bet with the prince of the dragon race. The prince of the dragon race was a little crazy at that time. He didn’t want to achieve immortality. He wanted to die.

What they bet on was not important.

The result was the prince of the dragon race lost. He sealed the devil race and himself too.

“Why did you want to die?”

Did he want to die? He didn’t want to die at all.

Lian Jing pursed his lips. “There is no meaning in my life. My race placed all their hopes on me. The only thing I could do all day was cultivating. I lost myself. I was just a puppet for them.”

Lian Jing fed the last piece of fruit to Ming Shu. He then stared right into her eyes and said, “I’d rather die than live like that. However, for you, I am willing to live one more time.”

He was willing to be her puppet and be controlled by her.

Ming Shu didn’t say anything. She looked at him quietly.

The pure, clean aura on Lian Jing seemed exceptionally bright now.

Lian Jing used his hand to wipe off the fruit juice on Ming Shu’s mouth. He placed the finger in his mouth and then leaned over to her. “Will you allow me to do that?”

The man was smiling with his eyes. He looked at her gently. His eyes were enchanting. They made people want to sink into them.

Ming Shu slowly raised her hand.

Her finger touched his forehead.

Lian Jing felt the smooth touch on his forehead and his body tensed up. He stared at her closely.

The cold finger moved down to his nose.

The girl smiled brightly as she knocked his nose lightly with her finger. Then, she lifted her hand and took the things beside Liang Jing. She turned and left.

Lian Jing touched his nose. Her warmth and smell still lingered.

What does she mean?

Is that a yes or a no?

Give me a direct answer!

Lian Jing got up and chased after Ming Shu.

“Wife, let me help you carry it.”


“You will get tired. Let me help you. I will not steal your food. I promise.”



The young lord that was still outside the door leaned against it and knocked on it occasionally. He looked really pitiful.

Let me in!

“Young lord, long time no see.”

The young lord raised his head. The evening glow filled up the sky. The man smiled gently and politely. His smile could make people drop their guard.

“Brother Chang Sheng.” The young lord brushed off his clothes and sat up. “Why are you here? Are you here to see Sister?”

“Shh!” Chang Sheng raised his finger and signaled the young lord to keep quiet. “I am just pa.s.sing by. How is Miss July?”

“Sister is not good. She is being bullied by a bad person.” The young lord pouted.

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“Bad person?”

Ming Shu stayed in this world for quite a long time. Even though Chang Sheng said that she would not live for long, she was a cultivator so her life was longer than a normal person’s.

After going through so much, Ming Shu already knew when her death was coming. She could feel it these past few days. She just didn’t know the exact time.

“Wife, are you tired?”

Ming Shu felt that she could die normally this time. She felt her body losing energy and strength.

“Lian Jing.”

“Yes?” Lian Jing looked down. “Are you hungry? I will get some food for you…”

Ming Shu grabbed his wrist. “Hug me while I sleep.”

Lian Jing was quiet for a while. He lay down beside her and hugged her. He kissed her forehead and said, “Don’t be scared. I will always be here.”

Death was not scary. He was scared that he would not be able to find her anymore.

His world was huge. He was afraid that the moment he turned around, she would be gone.


Lian Jing kissed Ming Shu’s lips intensely.

Ming Shu raised her hand and felt the dampness on his cheeks. “Why are you crying?”

“I don’t cry,” Lian Jing replied angrily and then continued kissing her. Ming Shu didn’t have the chance to see his face.

By the time Lian Jing released her, his expression was normal. He even seemed a little happy.

Ming Shu touched the corner of his eyes. She looked at Lian Jing longingly. Lian Jing felt her happiness though her eyes.

Ming Shu looked down and hugged him. She placed her head on his chest.

Lian Jing stayed in that position for a long time. The person in his arms turned cold slowly. He looked up.

There was no emotion on his face.

Tears slid silently down.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 710000

Additional Task: Failed Time-Limit Task: Complete Hidden Task: Gained 160000 Hatred Points P.S.: Failure of the main mission will result in a deduction of 50000 Hatred Points. No complaints or questions will be accepted. [Guest, congratulations, you have pa.s.sed the 700000 mark. There will be changes to the upcoming tasks. Please read the rules carefully.] The Harmony System’s voice woke the person lying on the white cloud. She raised her head and scanned the information on the white cloud screen. The rules were written at the bottom of the screen. Rule: Besides the task a.s.signed, Guest needs to complete the wishes that the Host left behind. If Guest fails, your Hatred Points will be deducted by half. Ming Shu: “…” *Did you add this rule?* [This rule is automatically activated once you pa.s.s the 700000 mark. Don’t worry, Guest. I will not add rules on my own. Please continue looking at the rules.] Rule: …If Guest manages to complete the wish, your Hatred Points will multiply by 1.5. Ming Shu: “…” *Giving me good news after the bad news?* *Fine!* *This is the Harmony System’s territory. It has the final say.*

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