Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 89 - Gorgeous Doctor (36)

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Chapter 89: Gorgeous Doctor (36)

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“Maybe it’s because you are too unsightly?” Ming Shu smiled at Xiao Rufeng through half-closed eyes. “Is this excuse acceptable? If not I can make up another one for you.”

Qing Chen covered his hand on forehead, sighed. He didn’t want to stand with this psychopath. People will send him to a mental hospital together with her!

Xiao Rufeng: “…”

Ming Shu’s words somehow angered the dragon-snake. He sneered, then leaned over to Xiao Rufeng’s ear and whispered something. Ming Shu couldn’t hear what they said, but from the expression on Xiao Rufeng’s face, she guessed it was nothing good.

Ming Shu broke off a branch on the road side conveniently, waving it about in the air. The leaves rubbed against each other and rustled constantly.

The two opposite turned to this way at the same time.

The green leaves suddenly flew to them like sharp blades, blocking their sight in an instant.

The dragon-snake pushed Xiao Rufeng aside and quickly raised his hand. Then, suddenly, all the leaves were shattered by an invisible power and dropped to the ground.

The opposite woman heaved a regretful sigh.

“You sneak attacked!” Xiao Rufeng stabilized her body and shouted.

The branch in Ming Shu’s hand had become bare. She gently waved the branch like a cantor. “What is a sneak attack? I am standing in front of you. You ignored me, now you blame me for sneak attacking? Shame on you.”

“What is the difference between your behavior and a sneak attack?”

Ming Shu’s lips curled in a light smile, her eyes sparkling with flickers of light. It looked like a calm lake surface being broken, ripples spreading out. Ming Shu looked even gentler in this way.

Xiao Rufeng became a little vigilant.

She had seen many “smiling tigers,” who were the most difficult to deal with. Because you never know what kind of dangers and traps are hidden under their smiles.



The branch swept through the air, making a murderous sound.

Xiao Rufeng felt a black shadow flash past her front. The wind seemed to carry blades, slicing her skin. In the next moment, her body was pulled on by some hand, and her whole person twirled in a circle. After losing her sense of direction, her back hit the cold stone.

Ming Shu’s smiling voice sounded out from above her head. “This is called a sneak attack.”

Ming Shu flung away Xiao Rufeng’s hand, pointing to her chest with the branch. The branch was hanging softly, and it seemed to possess no lethality whatsoever.

But Xiao Rufeng had a premonition. She felt it only required a little effort, and then the woman before her would be able to kill her with this soft, non-destructive branch, piercing her throat.

Xiao Rufeng held her breath subconsciously.


A few leaves suddenly shot from off to the side toward Ming Shu, and Ming Shu moved sideways to avoid them. She raised her hand to sweep aside several pieces with the branch. But the remaining ones, after having missed the target once, circled back around in midair and continued to fly toward Ming Shu.

“…” Were they equipped with a positioning system?

As Ming Shu was avoiding the leaves, the dragon-snake quickly rescued Xiao Rufeng on the ground, moving her aside.

“Are you all right?” The dragon-snake asked in a caring tone.

Xiao Rufeng took a breath. “I’m fine, she…”

“I will kill her for you.” The dragon-snake seemed to know what Xiao Rufeng was thinking, and he also added, “Don’t worry, her last breath, I will leave it for you to end.”

“Well well, interesting. You haven’t asked my opinion, how can you decide this on your own?” Are you sure you’ll have that opportunity?

The dragon-snake raised his head sharply. Ming Shu was holding the branch as if holding a big knife, and she stepped on the raised stones. Her red robe clung to her legs, and the posture made her look slightly unrestrained.

The dragon-snake put his hand out, waving it in the air, and clenched his fingers into claws. The leaves around him began to twitch wildly. In the next moment, countless leaves detached from branches and flooded toward Ming Shu.

Each leaf was infused with strength, sharp as a knife.

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Ming Shu immediately used the branch to knock down a cloud of leaves, seemingly very easily. But it was not so easy in actuality, she just put on a very relaxed expression.

Ming Shu quickly stabilized her body in midair. She leaped up again after touching down on the nearest trunk, and then rushed toward Qing Chen with the branch.

“Miss Zhi Po, it’s coming.” Qing Chen floated back a distance and pointed behind Ming Shu, pasting on a scared face.

The two dragons were approaching Ming Shu one after another.

Ming Shu’s smile widened. She waved the branch, hitting the dragons’ heads. Then, grasping the opportunity provided by the dragons’ evasions, she turned over and stepped directly on the back of one of them. With two hands gripping the branch, Ming Shu stabbed it into the middle of the dragon’s back at full tilt.

The dragon twisted about for a while, then the structure of leaves collapsed, scattering and raining down the sky.

Ming Shu efficiently dealt with the second dragon and landed on the ground.

She exhaled a breath. Fortunately the Host worked hard to cultivate, and her strength was enough for her to fight. Otherwise, if the Host was a weak chicken, she must have been killed here in minutes.

Good software must be equipped with excellent hardware to take effect.

“I underestimated you.” The dragon-snake stood among the green leaves of the sky, continuing, “But, pitifully…”

“You will die here today… Am I right?” Ming Shu continued the dragon-snake’s sentence.

The dragon-snake was a little surprised, but then he sneered, “It’s good you know it.”

Ming Shu revealed a bright smile. “If I die, you will regret and wish you had never come to this world.”

“I haven’t regretted anything yet.”

“Then I will make you regret once.” Ming Shu unexpectedly threw away the branch and pointed to a point on her chest. “Come, stab here.”

Let me help you kill me.

The dragon-snake: “…”

Qing Chen: “…”

WTF? What are you doing, you crazy woman? Are you killing yourself?!

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