Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 887 - The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (29)

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Chapter 887: The Sword That Breaks Through The Sky (29)



The birds in the forest were frightened by the noise and flew away. Ming Shu looked in the direction of the noise. She could see light on the other side of the forest and sensed the demonic aura over there.

“Hurry up.”

Ming Shu patted Lian Jing.

Lian Jing resisted the urge to throw her off his back.

Seems like you are really used to ordering me around.

Lian Jing hastened his pace. Wind blew at them as they moved. The light grew brighter as they got nearer.

When they were close to their destination, Ming Shu jumped down from Lian Jing’s back and looked up at the three people fighting above the forest.

The sect leaders of the Wuji Sword Sect and the Qian Yuan Sect were here.

They were fighting against the big man that Ming Shu met in the inn.

He was carrying a small baby and the demonic aura came from the baby.

The two sect leaders couldn’t gain any advantage against the man.

Ming Shu couldn’t tell how high the person’s cultivation was.

Lian Jing said, “Demonic cultivator, Mahayana level.”

Mahayana level? That is just one level away from becoming an immortal. Impressive. The Host is really far away from the Mahayana level…

Ming Shu placed her hand on her chin and the other hand over her chest. She was thinking about how she could kill the demon king.

She would die if she fought face to face with the man.

She glanced at Lian Jing. Forget it, let’s not go with this option.

Ming Shu took Little Beastie out.

Go and fight him!

Little Beastie: ???


Ming Shu rubbed Little Beastie’s head. This is the time to show your worth. One complete Manchu-Han banquet.

Little Beastie: Pfft! Don’t try to make me do anything with just one set!

Ming Shu: Two sets then. That is the maximum.

Little Beastie: “…” Lying to me again.

Little Beastie was not willing to do it.

However, Ming Shu didn’t give it any chance to reject her. She grabbed Little Beastie and threw it into the air.

Little Beastie roared angrily.

“What are you all floating around for? Go up and s.n.a.t.c.h the demon king from them!” Ming Shu turned her head and looked at the black shadows around her.

The devils flew around Ming Shu. They didn’t want to go up. They didn’t know why they needed to s.n.a.t.c.h the demon king.

Ming Shu shook her fist and the black shadows immediately flew up. So fierce.

Devils suddenly appeared in front of the man and his attacks weakened. He fell down but managed to stabilize himself on a tree.

The devils had a simple way of attacking. They made use of their numbers and attacked together.

This is how a gang fight should be like!

The man scanned the ground with his sharp eyes.

Ming Shu waved her hand at him. He could feel how happy she was even in the dark.

The man: “…”

He looked at the two sect leaders who were still confused. His expression turned cold and he waved his sleeve to push away the devils in front of him. Then, he turned and ran away.

“Chase him!”

The sect leader of the Wuji Sword Sect shouted angrily and left in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, numerous demons rushed in front of him. They formed a defensive wall and bought more time for the man to escape.

“Isn’t he only a demonic cultivator? Why can he control the demons?” This is not logical!

Look at how the devils treated the demons. Those bunch of idiots… proved that the two races cannot live peacefully together.

“The demon race is different from the devil race. The devil race listens to the strongest person but the demon race listens to the person holding the demon pa.s.s. That man must have the pa.s.s on him,” Lian Jing explained.

The Host was born at a time where the devil race got sealed and the demon race was not active. Hence, the Host was not clear about all this.

Ming Shu clicked her tongue. This world is so complicated.

Let’s kill the demon king first.

The man flew through the forest. He constantly looked back. The devils were still chasing him relentlessly. He almost vomited blood.

They were a ball of black shadow so when the demons attacked them, they dispersed and dodged the attacks. Then, they would gather together again to form a ball of ghostfire and continued chasing him.

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“Urgh, urgh…”

The man picked himself up from the ground with some effort and made to take the demon king back.

Ming Shu picked up the demon king and walked toward the man. Lian Jing pulled at her.

Ming Shu turned. She wanted to know why he pulled her back.

Lian Jing panicked and slowly released his hand. “Be careful.”

Ming Shu was stunned for a moment. She nodded slightly.

The man gritted his teeth. “You are a devilish cultivator too. Why are you helping them and fighting against me?”

“Don’t misunderstand me.” Ming Shu smiled. “I am not interested in you. I want him.”

She pointed at the demon king.

The man narrowed his eyes.

The man moved his fingers slightly. The smiling face appeared in a flash before his eyes.

The man instinctively hastened his pace. He grabbed the thing and shoved it in Ming Shu’s face. “All demons… Ahh…”

The sound of bones breaking was exceptionally clear. He dropped the thing in his hand.

“I am sorry. I used too much force.” Ming Shu apologized without any sincerity.

The man’s face had turned hideous due to the pain. He looked at her in disbelief.

Ming Shu lowered her eyes and looked at the thing on the floor. It was a piece of red-colored bone. It seemed to be stained with blood.

“This is the demon pa.s.s? A piece of broken bone?”

The man: “…”

What do you know! That is the demon bone! Do you know what the demon bone is?

It is the demon bone from the first demon king!

Ming Shu stepped on the demon bone as she squatted in front of the man. “Sigh, why are you taking this away from the demon king? You are a devilish cultivator.”

The man’s eyes were filled with anger. He didn’t reply to her and asked her instead, “What do you want to do with the demon king?”

Ming Shu replied naturally, “Kill him.”

She saw the demon king’s eyes become more vicious and cruel when she said that.

The man seemed to have done something to the demon king. The demon king couldn’t do anything besides glare at her.

The man was puzzled. “You just want to kill him?

“What else?” Ming Shu said seriously, “The demon race is taking all the attention away from the devil race. Everyone has a part to play in making the devil race great again!”

“Pu…” The man vomited a few mouthfuls of blood.

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